dolan twins imagines by Xxlucid-dreamerxX
dolan twins imaginesby kayla white
Imagines to make you laugh, swoon, cry, or become extremely horny. Enjoy ?
  • sweet
  • ethan
  • gizmo
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Teen Titans Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios by WiltedRoses228
Teen Titans Boyfriend/Girlfriend Alex
"You're a superhero?" "Having car troubles?" "So you guys protect the city and stuff?" "Call me sometime or whatever." "The...
  • slowupdates
  • robin
  • terra
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gadgets and gizmos (art book 3) by thehypergodofdeath
gadgets and gizmos (art book 3)by hyper
oh hey the 3rd installation of my art... (if you count all the deleted books this is the 6th frick) but Welcome! the cover art is by me! of my child gizmo! I hope you al...
  • dinosaurs
  • monsters
  • creature
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Gremlins x Reader by Stephanie_Pluto26
Gremlins x Readerby Robots
If you like gremlins then you'll love this book. This book will contain gremlins x reader and drawings/art of gremlins. Gremlins doesn't belong to me Characters names ve...
  • stripe
  • gremlins
  • gizmo
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Teen titans imagines (X reader)  by MarveLosver2005
Teen titans imagines (X reader) by SuperheroG◆◆k
A bunch of teen titans characters X reader You can request anyone you like and I can make em This is an X reader book so yeah
  • seemore
  • raven
  • robin
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Crankgameplays imagines 《#Wattys2018 》 by Loveable_Fangirl
Crankgameplays imagines 《 Anti
It's exactly what the title says!! Here you will find imagines of Ethan Nestor a.k.a Crankgameplays Hope you enjoy!! Highest rank #57 out of 857 in imagination Other ran...
  • ethan
  • games
  • gizmo
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Gremlins vs Critters by SkylarKeeney
Gremlins vs Crittersby Skylar Keeney
Gremlins characters belong to Steven Spielberg , Chris Columbus , and Joe Dante Critters belong to Stephen Herek , Dominic Muir and. Don Kieth Opper Ocs' belong to me T...
  • stevenspielberg
  • gremlins
  • george
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Los Jovenes Sustentables En Accion! by -White_Starfire
Los Jovenes Sustentables En Accion!by ♥Nightwing is mine♥
≼❀≽: Hola! Soy Mxd con una nueva historia- Esta vez es un poco mas una parodia- Pero es con mi Grupo de drogados/Sustentable! ≼❀≽ Papeles ≼❀≽ Mxd - Starfire Gryffin - Te...
  • starfire
  • parodia
  • gizmo
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The Last Dogs: The Revolution by AnimalLover1299
The Last Dogs: The Revolutionby Book-a-Cola
Max, Gizmo, and Rocky have settled down at their new home, ready to relax after their adventures. But when Gizmo and Rocky's pups mysteriously disappear, the trio sets o...
  • charlie
  • rocky
  • therevolution
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The Rose of Shadows by 2phasedlyre
The Rose of Shadowsby 2phasedlyre
Kage is a vampire destined to walk a long and lonely path with no hope of ever finding love. Burdened by this fact, Kage has decided to live life for herself and nobody...
  • torn
  • killer
  • protagonist
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Crossing The Line by The_Huntress_17
Crossing The Lineby Talia Hamilton
"Even the brightest heart holds darkness." (bases off the original Teen Titans) Cora is Starfire's younger sister who crashed on Earth while the Titans are fi...
  • cyborg
  • teentitans
  • rose
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