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Drowning In Blue | Sal Fisher by NotesToTheMoon
Drowning In Blue | Sal Fisherby l u n a r i s
A boy moves into the apartments and while he may seem normal to (Name), he's anything but normal to others. After many adventures about the paranormal activities in th...
  • redeyeddemon
  • fanfiction
  • salfisher
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dolan twins imagines by Xxlucid-dreamerxX
dolan twins imaginesby kayla white
Imagines to make you laugh, swoon, cry, or become extremely horny. Enjoy ?
  • sad
  • gizmo
  • camerondolan
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Prosthetic Feelings (Sally Face x Reader) by TrashyFandomWriterr
Prosthetic Feelings (Sally Face moonxklutz
Your only friend was Larry. Not many kids wanted to socialize at the apartments. You lived in room 401. 402 was always empty, until one day, someone moved in, and that p...
  • gore
  • sallyxreader
  • sallyface
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Teen Titans Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios by WiltedRoses228
Teen Titans Boyfriend/Girlfriend Alex
"You're a superhero?" "Having car troubles?" "So you guys protect the city and stuff?" "Call me sometime or whatever." "The...
  • cyborg
  • xreader
  • gizmo
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❏ Memes de... ¡Sally Face! by h-hitorinboenvy
❏ Memes de... ¡Sally Face!by ❛ 日向 創 ❜
Un juego que tiene traducción hasta en italiano, pero no en Español. Why.
  • ashley
  • gatos
  • todd
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Sally Face X Reader oneshots by wish42
Sally Face X Reader oneshotsby SatansLittlePrincess
X Reader Oneshots ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Requests are open
  • meganholmes
  • sallyfaceonshots
  • gizmo
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The Buzz Blog (Teen Titans/Go!) by PepperRavenBat
The Buzz Blog (Teen Titans/Go!)by World’s Biggest HIVE Fan
Welp, looks like I'm TOO obsessed over the HIVE... Enjoy anyways! :D (Credit for art goes to original artist)
  • blog
  • teentitans
  • hivefive
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Teen titans imagines (X reader)  by ImDirtyMinded11
Teen titans imagines (X reader) by C H E Z ~
A bunch of teen titans characters X reader You can request anyone you like and I can make em This is an X reader book so yeah
  • seemore
  • beastboy
  • raven
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gremlins x L wolf cat by lillyann2008
gremlins x L wolf catby L wolf cat
my own story about gremlins
  • gizmo
  • gremlins
Larryxsal oneshots by our_bitter_wasteland
Larryxsal oneshotsby Rae_Dami
Just some one shots of everyone's favorite bois ~ Larry and sal! ENJOY!
  • larry
  • ghosts
  • sallyface
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Sally face headcanons by fanofaot2
Sally face headcanonsby Victoria Griffin
my headcanons for the game sally face
  • maple
  • neil
  • triggerwarning
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||Limeremce|| Sally Face x Reader by Alex-Is-Unstable
||Limeremce|| Sally Face x Readerby Yellow Leader
You had lived in the apartments your whole life. It wasn't much but it was your home. For a while it was just you and your parents as you didn't really leave your apartm...
  • larry
  • ashley
  • sallyface
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Fire by Girsgirly
Fireby Girsgirly
There's a fire in the Addison Apartments, but Sal won't go without Gizmo and Megan.
  • larryxsal
  • gizmo
  • sallyface
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•Tell me• (Sally Face X mute Child reader) by BAY-BOO-UWU
•Tell me• (Sally Face X mute OwO-Boo-Face-OwO
⚠️TRIGGER WARNINGS⚠️ ⚠️THIS BOOK CONTAINS ABUSE, BULLIES,PROSTHETIC MASKS (just incase some who has a prosthetic is sensitive to the topic) AND SELF HARM SCARS⚠️ ⚠️IF YO...
  • ashley
  • sallyfisher
  • sallyface
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gadgets and gizmos (art book 3) by thehypergodofdeath
gadgets and gizmos (art book 3)by hyper
oh hey the 3rd installation of my art... (if you count all the deleted books this is the 6th frick) but Welcome! the cover art is by me! of my child gizmo! I hope you al...
  • dinosaurs
  • furry
  • cats
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Sally Face x Reader Oneshots by SidonOfHyrule
Sally Face x Reader Oneshotsby Detective Strawberry
I've never done oneshots nor XReader fanfics before so if I mess up I apologize! Most of these will probably be Sal X Reader, but there will be other characters as well...
  • oneshot
  • ashley
  • sallyface
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The Hive 5 by GumiChan15
The Hive 5by Gumichan
Jinx is an unlucky girl who dreams big. One of those dreams is to become an all-time villain with an outstanding team. Unfortunately; it's harder than she thought. A flu...
  • teentitans
  • jinx
  • kyd
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Gremlins x Reader by BeeBee_Pluto26
Gremlins x Readerby Robots
If you like gremlins then you'll love this book. This book will contain gremlins x reader and drawings/art of gremlins. Gremlins doesn't belong to me Characters names ve...
  • gizmo
  • stripe
  • reader
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Lucky to be Unlucky Me by becauseyourbeautiful
Lucky to be Unlucky Meby Comet Knight
This is most likely going to be a Flinx fanfic, well that's what I first thought it was going to be, but now I'm not so sure, let's just see where the story leads us lol...
  • madamerouge
  • hahavingalittletoomuchtagfun
  • brotherblood
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Sal Fisher X reader by ilikeoxygenatedair
Sal Fisher X readerby ilikeoxygenatedair
Bro I love this game. (Y/N) moves into Addison Apartments as a high school freshman with her family, unaware of the horrors that lie behind the building's old mask. Meet...
  • gizmo
  • fanfiction
  • ghosts
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