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jonas and the giver jerk off together by urbanbuckets
jonas and the giver jerk off urbanbuckets
You've read the book the Giver before in like seventh grade...My friends and i wrote these scrumptious add ons during science with them as you want. Every p...
Beautiful Names of Allah (s.w.t) by i_am_moodie
Beautiful Names of Allah (s.w.t)by justacuriousteen
As a Muslim, it's my duty to spread the words of Allah. So I decided to share the Magnificent Names of Allah. I hope we all can learn and spread as much as we can. Remem...
¡ ECLECTIC ! || little space kpop imagines by -bangtansbaby
¡ ECLECTIC ! || little space 𝐒𝐎𝐏𝐇𝐘⋆。˙𐐪*༄ؘ
for any littles or caregivers who like kpop 💕 sfw ! generally neutral when it comes to regression vs ddlg spectrum, some mentions/implications of either/or may appear i...
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The World Was Never Dull To Me [The Giver - Jonas Fanfic][DISCONTINUED] by -PerksOfWallflower-
The World Was Never Dull To Me [ -PerksOfWallflower-
I, Aurora, was different from everyone I knew. I felt and saw things that nobody could even fathom. But I had to hide it. Our society strictly suppressed such things and...
HuiLan : A tale of an orchid. by bLank-sama
HuiLan : A tale of an [ M I Z U ]
[MPreg] A servant to his master. Xi HuiLan definitely serves his title right with his sturdy physical, callused hands, dark skin, also taller than average bearer. Orchid...
Pieces of broken glass(ဖန်ကွဲစများ) by WuitYee5
Pieces of broken glass(ဖန်ကွဲစများ)by Wuit Yee
'အချစ်ဆိုတာက တခါတလေမှာ စိတ်ကြည်နူးမှုတွေ ပျော်ရွှင်မှုတွေကို ယူဆောင်လာပေးသော angel တစ်ယောက်လို့ဆိုလို့ရသလိုဘဲ.... အချစ်ကြောင့် ဝမ်းနည်း ပူဆွေး အလွမ်းနာ ကျနေသူတွေကိုမြင်ရ...
Little Boy! by BabyJohnathan321
Little Boy!by Baby John
Joseph is a typical Teenager in high school. One day as he was studding for finals He met the girl of his dreams! "Hey there little one!" She says with a littl...
Guns And Roses by blaze-bangtan
Guns And Rosesby |B|L|A|Z|E
"A sinner turned protector." - In a world where sinners and takers merge, the lust for blood prevails as the serum proves to be the only liquid that keeps the...
Book 2 - Into the Light by OtsanaStories
Book 2 - Into the Lightby Otsana
Book 2 - Will reconnecting prove too difficult
The giver: Epilogue by Picklejuiceeee
The giver: Epilogueby Flo
epilogue to the giver
Jasher - rewritten - the Giver - Jonas x Asher {SLOW UPDATES} by thou_is_now_shooketh
Jasher - rewritten - the Giver - thou_is_now_shooketh
This is a rewrite of the original that I did. When reviewing the old one I realized that it was rushed and didn't make a lot of sense. So with this book I wanted it to s...
KPOP Icons (On-Going) by lysxiao
KPOP Icons (On-Going)by iris
KPOP ICONS HERE FOR FREEE!! STILL OPEN!! You can take all of them!
Jasher one-shots! by seacrystal_dreams
Jasher one-shots!by Working on my ocs!
[ cover found by my adorable internet friend owo] This is a book about the characters from the giver, specifically jonas and asher. There isn't much content for them, so...
Ms Unbreakable by SlimSwag
Ms Unbreakableby ŁaÿKãśh
Life has been great for the New Directions, it's senior year for some of them and they had just won sectionals. I'm not saying they're all nice to one another(Santana) b...
The Giver Continued by Aurora97533
The Giver Continuedby White Chocolate
It's after the giver. What happens to Jonas and the Gang
this is for you Foother- we miss you- I miss you- I hope you are having a good time up there fatty- :) -
Better Kept Than Told | The Elements of the Eternal Book 1 by DexForLife
Better Kept Than Told | The DexForLife
~Formerly known as The Elements of the Eternal~ When the people closest to Celeste disappear, her parents make a choice that changes her life forever. Celeste thought no...
love it's a beautiful thing (the giver fan fiction) by FrodoBaggins_05
love it's a beautiful thing (the queenofNarnia
About Asher seeing a new girl and falling in love
Aesthetics/Moodboards by _demiurge
Aesthetics/Moodboardsby detective vanilla
Includes: Maze Runner Giver Quartet The Book Thief Teen Wolf Merlin Beyond Marvel Magisterium The ones in the beginning aren't very good but they get better eventuall...