Gisborne Stories

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Deception by LoveYourTalent
Deceptionby R. Walden
BASED ON BBC ROBIN HOOD SERIES - When Robin of Locksley returns from fighting in the Holy Lands, along side with King Richard, things begin to change. Lady Esme, Robin's...
The Forgotten Keepsake by siwaa33
The Forgotten Keepsakeby siwaa33
The story of what happened to Guy of Gisborne after being jilted at the Altar... and a long time before....
1 | master of arms [gisborne] by thorinstoned
1 | master of arms [gisborne]by -`natalia´-
STILL UNDER EDITING BECAUSE I AM TRASH Linda of Nottingham has a problem: she's living in hell. Her father has over looked her ever since his failed mission in the Holy...
"Sir Guy's Atonement" (Book 3) by Gratiana Lovelace, 2015 (a Wattys2015 Nominee) by GratianaLovelace
"Sir Guy's Atonement" (Book 3) Gratiana Lovelace
If we could go back and change one thing in our lives--a careless thought, a hurtful remark, a devastating action--who would not wish to undo a wrong, or a mistake, or a...
Outlaw Guy by jadey36
Outlaw Guyby jadey36
Guy of Gisborne joins the outlaws and finds happiness. But that happiness is cut short when things go terribly wrong.
A Tale of Love and Woe (Fanfic) by Yohoho178
A Tale of Love and Woe (Fanfic)by Yohoho178
This is a fanfic that follows Princess Melody, a rebellious princess who encounters Robin Hood and his men. She soon feels drawn to one of them. They must fight to overc...
Shackles (A Guy of Gisborne X Reader) by IAmDawnDagger
Shackles (A Guy of Gisborne X Dawn Dagger
#356 in Guy June/1/2018 Thrown into jail for trying to steal from the Sheriff of Nottingham herself, Isabella Thornton, you find yourself in an unlikely predicament wit...
Dawn (BBC Robin Hood Fanfic) by limegreengummiebears
Dawn (BBC Robin Hood Fanfic)by Jamie Patrick ✌️
When Julia Montgomery mysteriously appears in the Sherwood Forest, her world changes. When she meets Famed Robin Hood and his men she falls in love with Much. With the b...
An Orphan Worth Fighting For by smallnat
An Orphan Worth Fighting Forby Natasha Rivera
Being in Nottingham was never easy, nor even being in a small group of other orphans like me was ever easy. Now I have to transition into living in Sherwood with a group...
swords and shields | robin hood by megsliterature
swords and shields | robin hoodby meg✨
Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never wound me. Thats what Genevieve thought before her world went down in flames. She was the Sheriffs daughter and...
The Unpayable Debt by siwaa33
The Unpayable Debtby siwaa33
Endgame. The outlaws find themselves up against formidable odds. Nothing new there then... but now they have Guy of Gisborne... and a certain somebody from Guy's past...
The Eternal Shadow by siwaa33
The Eternal Shadowby siwaa33
Sir Guy had hoped for better things from a trip to the court of Prince John but with Vaisey it was always business... He could not know the price he would come to pay...
It's Not Over by jadey36
It's Not Overby jadey36
Robin has returned from the Crusades to find that Guy of Gisborne has taken his place as Lord of Locksley. And that's not all he finds.
A World That Will Not Turn to Ash (English)(From Ashes Vol.1) by IlariaTomasini3
A World That Will Not Turn to Ilaria Tomasini
Nottingham wasn't destroyed by Prince John's soldiers and Marian noticed the better side of Guy.
Nottingham Apples by IlariaTomasini3
Nottingham Applesby Ilaria Tomasini
A collection of my BBC Robin Hood One Shots and Drabbles
ChaRActer poems by Redrosewitch
ChaRActer poemsby Redrosewitch
Poetry inspired by characters portrayed by Richard Armitage.
The Storyteller by Moriko
The Storytellerby Moriko
(A Robin Hood BBC fanfic) After suffering the loss of Marian, Robin Hood has fallen into despair and Sir Guy is rapidly spiraling into madness. The imprisonment of a Loc...
nerds a what?? by krisyunstopable
nerds a what??by krisyunstopable
She's a nerd he's a bad boy she have a secret he have secret too She lock up her life he lock up is soul can he get true to her Can she bring down her walls Secret co...