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Girls und Panzer x Reader Scenarios [DISCONTINUED]  by Curseblood17
Girls und Panzer x Reader Curseblood17
I haven't found any of these and this is one of my favorite animes so I thought I should make one then. The reader is whatever gender and age you want them to be. Reques...
Girls UND Panzer And the legend of the roaming tanker by DanteChavez696
Girls UND Panzer And the legend Dante Chavez
(this is a girls und panzer harem x male reader) when y/n was a 7 Year old kid he always wanted to do tankery because he liked tanks but people told him that he was to...
Mostly Girls, und Panzer (OC x Girls und Panzer) by Warthunderrager
Mostly Girls, und Panzer (OC x A random military nerd
Ōarai Girls academy is in a precarious situation, the Ministry of Education has faced alleged "budget cuts" and Ōarai is set to be closed at the end of the fir...
Girl Und Modern Warfare by ch1tt4
Girl Und Modern Warfareby Chittatos
When Miho Nishizumi's life changed place into another universe of the modern year of 2016 where there's no such thing as Sensha-Do in that universe. What past have Miho...
The Devil Dogs of Senshado by White_Tiger_1987
The Devil Dogs of Senshadoby zubu smither
The American Military Schools Board (AMSB) was a unique opportunity for young boys like Kenji Itsumi. After being forced out of the Itsumi family when he was a young boy...
Girls und Panzer : The demon of the woods by War_Historian45
Girls und Panzer : The demon of Weird flex but okay
On the morning of April 17 a veteran tank commander named Ryker von Schmitz is sent with his crew are waiting for the enemy by a small canal but was called back to the R...
Yukari's Greatest Battle (Yukari, Girls und Panzer) by PanzerAce
Yukari's Greatest Battle ( Porco
This is a story about a new student coming to Ooarai. Causing our fluffy haired heroine to develop feelings she's never felt before... FYI this is a Yukari and reader st...
The New Crew by WillisAw
The New Crewby General Kestrel
The Nevadean crew were on the special mission to stop the terrorist. But, when the mission is still on progress, something went wrong. They tried to escape, but unfortun...
Girls und Panzer: Revolution (Miho X Male reader) by rg808guy
Girls und Panzer: Revolution ( Clayton Kuhlmann
Note that this is a (Miho Nishizumi X Male Reader) Description: You are a 16 year old are a sophomore in high school. You and your tank crew have been best friends for a...
Girls und Panzer (Forgotten Brother) by Ogoysss
Girls und Panzer (Forgotten USS Enterprise CVN-65
As a child Jiro Nishizumi has been close to his family and his love with tanks, at age 7 he already knows how to shoot and drive one that's why he was chosen to go to Eu...
senshadou was a game played with live ammo, it was a game that schools transformed into armed forces and youthful understudies into fight worn warriors, it was particula...
Cold Cold Heart (Nonna, Girls und Panzer) by PanzerAce
Cold Cold Heart (Nonna, Girls Porco
Nonna is forced to confront painful memories as a new student comes to Pravda with the intent of trying Tankery... FYI this is a Nonna and reader story.
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Sky Hawks (Male Reader X Girls Und Panzer) by Maybe_an_author
Sky Hawks (Male Reader X Girls Maybe_an_Author
Tankery. The age old sport that sees girls from all over the world compete to become the best tankers. However, when a board meeting is held, the decision to include a n...
Our Own Style by Pashico5
Our Own Styleby Pashico
Maximus Belus and his friends have made a portal-type machine that will grant them a one way trip to the universe of the anime "Girls und Panzer". Unsatisfied...
The Nishizumi Chronicles by Krishna132453
The Nishizumi Chroniclesby Krishna Karan
Oc(Takagi Nishizumi) and Miho are twins who were in both Kuromorimine and Ooarai where Oc is one of the few male participants due to rule changes. It follows the anime f...
The 64th National High School Sensha-Dō Tournament is just around the corner, and every tankery schools in Japan are in hard training until a tragedy happened on Pravda...
A Marine and His Experience with Tankery by MilitaryPro1
A Marine and His Experience with MilitaryPro1
Lance Corporal Dương Văn "Frost" An is just one of the many boys who are participating in the American version of Sensha Do, Tankery as it's known, under the o...
Love in the Bed of a GAZ-66 by Reading_In_Solitude
Love in the Bed of a GAZ-66by ReadingInSolitude
A follow up to my story, Cozy With Katyusha: "In our final year of school together, Katyusha, Nonna, Klara, and I have gone out on a camping trip with none more tha...
Red Heart (Male Reader X Marie) by Jax_Blue
Red Heart (Male Reader X Marie)by Joshua Balingit
Y/N, a young ordinary student who always dreamed of participating in the tank warfare sport called Sensha-dō. Although Sensha-dō sport was only meant for girls, hence hi...
Invincible & Legendary: On the Roads of Victory by Yesho-chan
Invincible & Legendary: On the Jelena Bulatovic
[This story is completed] • Dmitri Kolobanov is an ordinary student of Krasnaya Zvezda High School, who is coming from famous Academy in Moscow - the Komsomolskaya Pravd...