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Forever Loving You (Hayden/You) ✔️ by trueloveneverdies42
Forever Loving You (Hayden/You) ✔️by H
Hayden Panetierre grew up on the upper westside of town. She is the school 'it girl," and head cheerleader for the football team. Her father owns his own car dealer...
Make Me Yours (GP) by etherealpinks
Make Me Yours (GP)by Yeojin
Jenlisa FF Lisa GP
for the best...? by puta0623
for the best...?by
y/n y/ln is a rapper and singer who is currently blowing up y/n gp
One Night To Forever (G!P) by etherealpinks
One Night To Forever (G!P)by Yeojin
Kim Jennie is a snob and has no time for a serious relationship. What she really wanted was to find the right fling and learn the sensual arts with him. Her friends are...
gotta love blind spots  by tobinpress
gotta love blind spots by tobinpress
Christen and Tobin have sex in the pool
baby girl, hold your breath ━KAYLOR by NightWolfsTales
baby girl, hold your breath ━KAYLORby 🦋
❝ Let's come to some terms here. I'm married. I want to stay married. But I really like you, a lot. So until your Mr. Right comes along, I think we can have a lot of fun...
Clexa - Belts & Buckles by HedaGriffenWoods
Clexa - Belts & Bucklesby h.g.woods
-Warning Lexa has a sex addiction -Lexa means well. -Clarke just wants to help. -(You can't help who you fall for) Lexa kept quiet back in Highschool, for reasons t...
1+1 by ijustdontfeellikeit
1+1by Because I said so
Studentxteacher love story. May be cheesy for many readers or too extravagant. 😁😁 What happens when getting extra help turns into much more?? (swanqueen)
Aftersome (Book Three) by angelsswirl
Aftersome (Book Three)by J
The third installment of the Petrichor series. Chasing Maya down the street had only been entertaining a few blocks in. But. She had to keep going. It was the principle...
Daddy~....BeanxDagmar by swanqueen4Ler
Daddy~....BeanxDagmarby swanqueen4Ler
If you don't like this ship don't read ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pure smut warning;-) Bean is gonna be g!p Oneshot
Rediscovery by jessicaawesome1
Rediscoveryby TobyAmazingSauce
6 years ago Christen left her growing family- a pregnant 18 year Tobin in pursuit of being an amazing lawyer. Now they meet again 6 years later, will they figure things...
College Teacher Crush by MyMajestyParrilla
College Teacher Crushby Lana Parrilla
Emma swan is a 18 year old girl who was born with a males part , when she starts at her new school things start to get out of hand when she start to fall for her new pro...
Oh Daddy [Kaylor] g!p by MrsSwiftKloss
Oh Daddy [Kaylor] g!pby MrsSwiftKloss
Where a world famous singer/songwriter Taylor Swift is going to awaken the kink of her inner goddess when she meets the mysterious girl with mesmerizing green eyes. #6 i...
(You Don't) Know Me {Hiatus} by TamiaNichelle
(You Don't) Know Me {Hiatus}by TamiaNichelle
Trouble. Misfit. Unruly. Badgirl. These are all words that have been used to describe Skylar Hampton. She'll be the first to admit that she certainly gives of that vibe...
Cockblocked Bechloe by USWNTONCRACK
Cockblocked Bechloeby m
Beca and Chloe have to take Chloe's little sister trick or treating. (thats just the beginning) Not entirely sure where this is going. but it stems of that. probably jus...
Asami's Jealousy  by GayAddy
Asami's Jealousy by Addy Rabern
Korrasami of course. Asami and Korra have been dating since book 2 its book 3 in this story. G!P Korra and Asami meet Opal and her family. Opal is a little to friendly t...