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Zodiac One-shots(Request open)#butterflyflyawayawards by Kay_Yuno
Zodiac One-shots(Request open) Yuno H.
Just tell me your ship and I will make the story. Please read the introduction!!!
I Fuck With The Bad Girl by EricaGonzalez8
I Fuck With The Bad Girlby Baby❤Pwincess
An all girls school nothing bad could happen right? wrong. Girls making out with each other in the hallways, fights in the bathrooms, and worst of all Princess the badde...
Our Love by KhusheeTaneja
Our Loveby Khushee Taneja
It doesn't matters who you love, if that person reciprocates your feeling. Sometimes being, or getting things to be legal, doesn't help with the problem. It's the accept...
Lesbian Book Recommendations  by WannaBeMyselfNow
Lesbian Book Recommendations by WannaBeMyselfNow
All lesbian books that are worth a read.
Road Trip by parrillas_gang
Road Tripby parrillas_gang
Regina is a successful woman who has a very handsome husband and four gorgous children. She has a perfect life and couldn't ask for anything more. One week she goes on a...
CAN'T WE BE FOR REAL? [MICHAENG] by amdlockwheresmykey
CAN'T WE BE FOR REAL? [MICHAENG]by amdlockwheresmykey
#Michaeng #Reallife struggle A true life story of two beautiful celebrity girls who fall in love with each other. An impossible love story. Their journey in-between the...
WHAT ARE WE?•Tk• by _friends_10
WHAT ARE WE?•Tk•by chu chu
Jeon Jungkook hates Kim Taehyung to the core and maybe vice versa. • • • •So what will he do when he startes having wet dreams about his nemesis. Follow Jeon Jungkook i...
The best lover ever by c_h_o_c_o_
The best lover everby Armie hammer
Arunita, an Indian girl, works as an intern in a telecommunication company. She is a romantic at heart and loves to read love stories. She is the kind of girl that likes...
i'm just your problem | bubbline ✓ by EYDEL_
i'm just your problem | bubbline ✓by EYDEL
marceline abadeer, a thousand-year-old vampire who loves her battle-axe bass guitar, remeniscised about her times with bonnibel bubblegum - a prim and proper princess wh...
Refuge by Uni1718
Refugeby Uni1718
When everyone turns their backs on Harry and his friends after the war because they befriended Draco and Snape they make their escape from their world into another's.
Why! ongoing/ zawgyi (GL) by fullmoon-11
Why! ongoing/ zawgyi (GL)by Full-Moon
Haikyuu!! Oneshots~☆ by baldSangYEET
Haikyuu!! Oneshots~☆by I-
So this are just some ideas from scenarios I make up in my head at 2 AM so yeah~ Mostly fluff btw😗✨ Cringe,,, probably 🙃🙃🙃🤕🤕😟
Clarktavia in Pills  [ITA] by ReadWatchEat
Clarktavia in Pills [ITA]by ReadWatchEat
Pensavate di esservi liberati di me? Ed invece sono tornata con altre pills! Non sono tutte mie.
The Popular Girls In love With A Nerd (G×G) by Duchess_xoxo
The Popular Girls In love With A Duchess_xoxo
Alyssa Loren, Cheerleader Captain isn't your ordinary popular chick. after being cheated on by the Captain of the football team with her best friend {also on the cheer t...
Till The End by wannabewriter1027
Till The Endby CC
This is the Sequel to: I'm in love with my BFF. I Recommend reading ^ first. But it's completely up I you! In order to save her parents' marriage Emmy broke up with Be...
Sparia in Pills [ITA] by ReadWatchEat
Sparia in Pills [ITA]by ReadWatchEat
Non c'è bisogno di una descrizione. Non sono tutte mie.
Unbelievably Inlove with You by Code27xxx
Unbelievably Inlove with Youby Unknown
Im inlove with a woman who has a Blue Eyes
Instagram ~ D. L. × S. G. (Demi Lovato × Selena Gomez) by CaDeDe
Instagram ~ D. L. × S. G. (Demi CaDeDe
ddlovato liked your photo ddlovato commented on your photo ddlovato started following you Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are famous singers but there's a little difference...