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Gintoki Sakata is known as a man that can't be tied down. You had somehow managed it.
Sweet as Honey 「Sakata Gintoki x Reader」 by Culpeos
Sweet as Honey 「Sakata Gintoki x JINSEI
「Sakata Gintoki x F!Reader」Gintoki always had his cravings, of course. Strawberry milk, chocolate parfait, you name it. And yet, none of the cravings were quite as stron...
My idiot |Gintama x oc| by That_1_friend
My idiot |Gintama x oc|by ~Eustass Wifey~
^⌒★ Kiko is a new shop owner in Edo, she specializes in making sweets. But she needs help building it and requests the help of the odd jobs. ━☆・*。 Not...
New Dimension? New Boyfriend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )  [ Hijikata Toshiro x Reader ] Gintama by Shrdd2
New Dimension? New Boyfriend ( ͡° SurelyHolmes
You've just awakened to a new atmosphere... An anime one! Thanks to you watching several Gintama episodes. Or... Was it all just a hallucination in your mind and you wer...
Kagura in the Pleasure District (Gintama Fanfiction) by maydawn-chan
Kagura in the Pleasure District ( •-~Kagura-chan~-•
Kagura won a contest in the TV and the reward was a 1 person trip for one month in a famous big islands in east Japan. What she doesn't know, nor Gintoki or Shinpachi, i...
Crimson tangles. by tamagito-aru
Crimson tamagito-aru
(...) ¿No se puede detener el tiempo? ¿O volver a aquellos días sin preocupaciones? Dios, ¿por qué permites que esas personas hagan esto? Como deseo ayudarlo a que sean...
It Has To Start Somewhere by ivydgreat
It Has To Start Somewhereby ivydgreat
"She missed his smug, handsome face... the smile she saw only once...and all the smiles she hasn't seen yet..." Sougo and Kagura after the latest (and last) Gi...
Matsu. by tamagito-aru
#8 tamagito-aru
Ella se había ido para siempre. Sin embargo, él la seguía esperando en aquel parque viendo la vida continuar. [okikagu] [reto 28: muerte]
DRAWINGS (animated to realistic) by Ace8055
DRAWINGS (animated to realistic)by kookies w/ tae
Some of my drawings that I think are okay✌ (The pic of the light bulb in the cover is not mine. Credits to the owner.)
Ocasión plateada by melgamonster
Ocasión plateadaby melgamonster
Muchos conocen su presente, pero nadie, incluyéndolo a él, conoce su procedencia. Le dieron varios nombres a través de su infancia y adolescencia, pero sólo uno lo marcó...
A sadistic monster needs another sadistic monster to survive- Gintama Fanfiction by Johanna_Whatever
A sadistic monster needs another Johanna
Fanfiction about Gintama, Okikagu. It does'nt have an actual story line, just as Gintama itself lol. But if you want one, here you go: Love is just an illusion, oh well...
Dar un chocolate en el día de San Valentín puede convertirse en una guerra. by tamagito-aru
Dar un chocolate en el día de tamagito-aru
Era el día de san valentín en Edo, como todos los años Gintoki pedía chocolates. Sin saber que dos mujeres bastante peligrosa pelearían para ser las primeras en dárselo...
The Way of A Ninja by Mcxynth
The Way of A Ninjaby Jyllian T.
Sarutobi Ayame enjoyed hate. She revelled in insults. What else did someone like her deserve? The only way for her to live was to live being hated - as an assassin raise...
Si sales con alguien, asegúrate que sea de tu edad by tamagito-aru
Si sales con alguien, asegúrate tamagito-aru
Ella sabia de su existencia y no le interesaba lo que le pasara a aquel peculiar profesor. Hasta que conversaron por primera vez. [ginnobu] [mención de okikagu] [estudia...
Las cartas de amor no necesariamente son lindas. by musumeanon
Las cartas de amor no Musume Anon
¿Es extraño que Okita reciba cartas llenas de piropos cutres? Sí, es extraño [Oneshot]
The Forgetton Bonds by hanenens
The Forgetton Bondsby ria
Hello! This is a story about if everybody met Gintoki's family, please keep in mind that this is just an idea I made up some time ago- Also many characters who are made...
Silver Smoke by ChantjeG
Silver Smokeby Channa G
In this story, the Odd Jobs, the Shinsengumi and other Gintama characters are teleported. Until they find a way back, they have to make a living and not kill each other...