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Wings by DizzyHurricane
Wingsby Dani Paige ♥☯
Firstly, it was just the prisoners that were used. Then it became orphans, and even some of the elderly. Now it is everyone in a society where people are struggling to...
  • calox
  • science
  • fight
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Éhcilc by balooba
Éhcilcby sexiibaybexxandsomenumbers
I get it. You're sad with your daily life so you've come onto Wattpad hoping to find your fairytale ending in some fictional way. How pathetic, you know, but it still wo...
  • abusedbydadathomeofcourse
  • theresadrunkardinthefamily
  • prettydresses
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That One UnderWater Clan by Aqua_SaveW
That One UnderWater Clanby I’m back!
Nobody believed UnderWater cats lived. Not even StarClan knew! Only those of LakeClan who rested in StarClan knew, up Above the stars that danced in the moonlight as rip...
  • waterfall
  • gills
  • lake
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CANVAS by AkankshaGuptaa5
CANVASby Akanksha Gupta
This is about to imagination of our mind,which only wants happiness in our life.our mind always try to avoid situation which harm our perceptions to core concept of worl...
  • jing
  • necropolis
  • r843911
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My best Friend-short story by amydaaligator
My best Friend-short storyby Amy Wright
yup, crappy title, anyways this is about dumb fishermen, blue snakes and a very eco friendly strong headed girl who won't back down (much)!
  • dragon
  • fishermen
  • seadragon
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Swimming With The Current (Wattys2015) by PixeliciousCCC
Swimming With The Current ( Gwyneth
I've been swimming with the current my whole life, just going with things. Moving away from the town I was born in? Okay. Moving to downward spiral seeming Chicago? Okay...
  • tail
  • nadamos
  • york
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Shadows of summer by ShadoeYelvington
Shadows of summerby Shadoe Yelvington
When summer break finally came for Justin he wished that for once he could spend it some place fun and awesome, but like always he dreams were crushed. He was going to s...
  • fireflies
  • school
  • tumble
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The Glassbottomed House by Lee_Rudolph
The Glassbottomed Houseby Lee Rudolph
  • alexandria
  • asphalt
  • glassbottomedhouses
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 잘못 ((غلطه )) by noni97
잘못 ((غلطه ))by noni
  • kpop
  • gills
  • كوريا
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Gills by tyronic
Gillsby tyronic
I remember how it happened, and try so hard to forget. But it was already engraved in the back of my mind, like bad memory's usually are. Pressed so firm against the wal...
  • water
  • dolphins
  • gills
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The girl with gills by annieevergreen
The girl with gillsby Peggy Schuyler
a government experiment that when rogue , escaped to North Carolina, learned she had powers, and then found her Learned how to survive as well And to love
  • action
  • adventure
  • gills
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Alone at last by Spirtsleepsatlast
Alone at lastby Autumn
I am autumn. One day I woke up and everyone was gone. I don't know what to do. Who is alive?
  • dystopian
  • romantic
  • apocalyptic
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Mermaid Story by smoer1
Mermaid Storyby Smore
A girl who almost dies by drowning ends up growing a tail and getting gills and becomes one of the last living mermaids in the ocean.
  • slime
  • cool
  • fantasy
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Two Is Better Than One by Aria_163
Two Is Better Than Oneby Aria_163
  • brittanyleigh8
  • aruba
  • lilycolins
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Healing, Gills, Xeon, Just Normal Life. by Haley1421
Healing, Gills, Xeon, Just Haley1421
A Group Of highly devolved kids, who live on their own and try to find answers about their past.
  • evil
  • teens
  • fish
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To Be Normal by BooksMakeMyHeartBeat
To Be Normalby BooksMakeMyHeartBeat
She longs, dreams, aches... For one single thing. To be normal. Human, peachy, soft and smiling; no scales, no gills. Normal.
  • wishing
  • supernatural
  • normal
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Lotus by siriusquestion
Lotusby Bridget
Eden was very different compared to other girls her age. She grew up in a lab, hates her birthday, and has gills. She had always thought that she would spend the rest of...
  • fiction
  • mermaid
  • eden
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Gills by x_WickedLovely_x
Gillsby x_WickedLovely_x
Annie is different. Sometimes, just rarely, it's a good kind of different. But most times, like today, it's a bad different. Annie saves a drowning boy in the local swim...
  • breathe
  • beach
  • katie
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The War of the Waters (c) by 22shawm
The War of the Waters (c)by A demon courting insanity
The year is 3199 that's the year the war began. The polar caps had melted 200 years earlier, resulting in all but the cities tallest buildings to be sunk under the wate...
  • war
  • gills
  • future
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The Prophets. by ERRORTrash
Things get very interesting when you throw around visions of the future.
  • theprophets
  • puppeteer
  • ocs
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