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Whodunnit? Murder On Mystery Mountain by Ethan6107
Whodunnit? Murder On Mystery Ethansworld
"Blood dripped down from the wall. Giles watched the dark liquid cover the wood of the cabin like a blanket. Stunned into silence, Giles could only stare at the hor...
Slayer's Daughter  by cheryls_tears
Slayer's Daughter by Limp Noodle
Sarah, the new English teacher at Sunnydale High, stays late to finish her weekly schedule, when she meets the Librarian. Note: I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTERS Also, don't wo...
Buffy The Vampire Slayer One Shots And Imagines by -Clint_Barton-
Buffy The Vampire Slayer One Charlotte
Hello so this is a book filled with Buffy The Vampire Slayer One Shots and Imagines. You may request any ideas you would like us to write. This is filled with one shots...
touchable - Buffy the Vampire Slayer S2 (on hold) by pipesrichardson
touchable - Buffy the Vampire Piper Richardson
Camila had been Buffy's best friend for as long as she could remember, and that wasn't about to change anytime soon. After the death of her parents, Camila found a note...
Death Won't Stop My Love For You by officialkateparkes
Death Won't Stop My Love For Youby Kate
This is some Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction! A lot of the story is just about Spike and Buffy being cute together. It takes place after Sunnydale exploded and the s...
Dawn of the Shaun: A Buffy The Vampire Slayer FanFiction by buffvamporigfan
Dawn of the Shaun: A Buffy The Buffvamporigfan
Matthew, a 16 Year Old teen from Chennai, India dies and finds himself reborn as Shaun Summers. He tries to navigate the mystery of his rebirth and memory retention in s...
Bad Blood |BTVS| Book Two by BrunetteMarionette
Bad Blood |BTVS| Book Twoby 𝕹𝖞𝖝
❝ 'Cause baby now we got bad blood.❞ Nikki was left to pick up the pieces when Buffy left her behind, broken. Her friends had established themselves as a Scooby Gang as...
Buffy and Spike by officialkateparkes
Buffy and Spikeby Kate
Another Fanfiction. Not set in a particular season. Spike and Buffy live in Sunnydale at Buffy's house (no Joyce no Dawn) Xander and Anya are together and Willow and Ta...
Giles x Reader by hellmouth98
Giles x Readerby Effy Cage
(This was requested by BloodyAngelJay ) The reader and Giles have been dating since the "Band Candy" incident and the reader decides to go with Buffy on a miss...
Energy (A Buffy fanfic) by Willow_Summers
Energy (A Buffy fanfic)by Willow_Summers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer... with a brand new character! Season 1 rewrite. The Powers that Be have sent help to Sunnydale for the Slayer and her gang, a new romance is bu...
The Water's Daughter by CariLeerhoff
The Water's Daughterby Cari Leerhoff
Elizabeth Giles, Liz to her friends and family, daughter of Rupert Giles, was taken to America when her father was ordered by the Watcher's council to find and prepare B...
Two Worlds Collide by whodunnitfan2013
Two Worlds Collideby whodunnitfan2013
I wrote this fanfic because I'm still mad almost a decade later that Whodunnit lasted only one season. I'm desperately trying to revive the long-dead Whodunnit fandom. ...
Multifandom Imagines by oncemorewithfeelingg
Multifandom Imaginesby 🌻
Whooo, first book! This will be me writing a whole load of one shots, please request some! I'll write X Reader or use the actual characters, I don't mind 😊 This was ori...
Ghoul Slayer  by DarkOneTAS
Ghoul Slayer by Dixon_FanZ
The eyepatch ghoul wakes up in a different world. He arrives at Sunnydale drawn by a strange force. what happens when he meets a slayer. Will he help the gang out or bec...
Mini Giles by officialkateparkes
Mini Gilesby Kate
My name is Katerina Giles, I am a good witch and demon expert. A perfect edition to the Scooby gang, but am I ready for what the gang holds? Am I ready for the crazy stu...
I'm In Love With A Hunter ~ Dean Winchester x Buffy summers  by RamsayxSalvchester
I'm In Love With A Hunter ~ Dean RamsayxSalvchester
Bobby singer gets a call from Giles about the apocalypse, that Buffy will die if he doesn't help. So Bobby calls the Winchester's go down to sunnydale with him
Discovery by LeahBlue62
Discoveryby LeahBlue62
Bones and buffy crossover What happens when Willow finds out that she's adopted and her real father is Seeley Booth. Read and find out. COMPLETED!!!
WhoDunnit? S1 E1 - Hungry Hungry Head by TanaTheIcon
WhoDunnit? S1 E1 - Hungry Hungry Tana, Plush Entertainment
This was a fun little project between myself and my friends
When Worlds Collide by ThaliaGraves
When Worlds Collideby Ophelia
crossover fanfiction of Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. takes place after season seven of Buffy, but does not coincide with the comics (so Dawn and Xander do...
Buffy Summers - The Hybrids Daughter by crazyKate92
Buffy Summers - The Hybrids Kate
After her mother Joyce passes away Buffy finds out that her dad is someone else and leaves Sunnydale to find him. Spike follows her from a distance, out of curiosity an...