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Reboot: A New Guardian (ON HOLD) by 7_cha0tic_m3ss3s
Reboot: A New Guardian (ON HOLD)by VerTheVex_13/7
What if there were a fifth guardian? Someone new to the group yet familiar. Someone who's not as they seem. Someone who will change their lives forever. ~~~ Meet the lon...
Utaite Oneshots (Open for Requests) by Misa_Manjushage
Utaite Oneshots (Open for Requests)by はるか
Cover art doesn't belong to me
"Thinking About You Day and Night" Okiku x Female Reader by Misa_Manjushage
"Thinking About You Day and Night" はるか
You and Okiku have been lifelong best friends, you two were inseparable. Recently, you started developing special feelings for your dear friend. Will you both part ways...
Vocaloid Song Meanings! by Rx_Reiki
Vocaloid Song Meanings!by Reiki
A book where I put interpretations of vocaloid songs! Requests are open (NONE OF THOSE CREEPY STUFF BECAUSE I WANNA SLEEP PEACEFULLY AT NIGHT)
Random Utaite Scenarios I Made Up by Misa_Manjushage
Random Utaite Scenarios I Made Upby はるか
Soooo the some Utaites were hanging out with each other when the MAGICAL MIKA-CHAN TELEPORTS THEM TO AN EMPTY ROOM WITH NO ESCAPE!! Well, there is *one* way to escape...
Together Forever... (Reol x Female Reader) by Misa_Manjushage
Together Forever... (Reol x はるか
It was a rainy day. I was trying to get home from school as soon as possible when I accidentally ran into a petite blonde that went to the same school I did. She was the...
The Banana by GigaFanfics
The Bananaby GigaFanfics™
this fanfic is about the Gigas sloppy adventures at alabama
Broken Promises (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.- new version_2021) by nutsagorgadze
Broken Promises (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.- Yeon Kimin
ბიჭის და გოგო მეგობრობის გჯერათ? პ.ს. მე კი<3. "მეგობრობა - ოჯახი და ადამინები რომელთაც ჩვენი ნებით ვირჩევთ!" პ.ს.ადამიანს რომელიც ერთ დროს ჩემთვის მნიშ...
The Blood Of a Scratch by Starthorn
The Blood Of a Scratchby Starthorn shadowclancat
And adventure story of Scratch Cat and Giga. Minor fights and battles, maybe a little blood latter on. Thanks! (Terrible summary, good story. I hope.) Can I call it 'Cod...
Giga's adventure!  by Astral_OX
Giga's adventure! by Astral_OX
Giga, the Giganotosaurus lives in the uk. This year we took a visit in the Czech Republic! The heart of Europe! 🧡💚
~Glad To Be With You~ Reol x Okiku by Misa_Manjushage
~Glad To Be With You~ Reol x Okikuby はるか
I don't know about you but I ship this pretty hard. They may not be in a group anymore but they are still close friends. I support the way of Reoliku :3 Reol, Giga and O...
Fight of Fire 2 by Ultimadum
Fight of Fire 2by Gareth Krauter
A new enemy emerges and Gareth once again has to go on a quest to find the Ultimanium gems and face foes old and new to obtain them.
Salt and Pepper by TymorTheTrickster
Salt and Pepperby TymorTheTrickster
Salt-Uplifting and Valuable And-Everything Life and the World contains Pepper-Dark but Enhancing
Song Bird (Akatsuki no Yona x Fem!Reader) by SoulRaider116
Song Bird (Akatsuki no Yona x SoulRaider116
{Featuring: Interactive Development of Future Storylines} That night, as chaos ruled the Hiryuu palace, a [Y/N] considered herself lucky to survive. All she knew was Kin...
Gts Electronics & Appliances by DarkMatter1234
Gts Electronics & Appliancesby Michael Collins
[GTS] It all started on the Emerald dawn. On that day the world changed forever, on that day all electronics and appliances became the enemy of humanity. The war between...