REAL GHOST STORIES by mirzigizelle
RANKED #3 for GHOSTSTORY!!! Welcome to Real Ghost Stories! Stories are added here every day. The ghost stories and paranormal articles on this book have been submitted b...
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Psycho Pass: Until Death...Do Us Part? by SoelleKhiss
Psycho Pass: Until Death...Do Us SoelleKhiss
"Death is inevitable. Every rose withers, then dies, and fades away like dust, but never true love." A gruesome death and a series of alarming mishaps and misf...
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Ghosts. by hirasun ur main hoe
The paranormal isn't even the scariest part.
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BURY MY LOVE | pjm by moonguck
BURY MY LOVE | pjmby ˗ˏˋ ᵃⁿⁿⁱᵏᵉⁿ ˎˊ˗
。* ゚ + 。・゚・。・ « you are burried six feet under my feet, and still the flowers are crying over you» 。・:*゜★,。・゜ a park jimin story C O S V M O S ©️
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The Last Monk of Blackwood Priory by RebeccaLFox
The Last Monk of Blackwood Prioryby Rebecca Louise Fox
Jack Morris has a substantial history, but one that was not at all pleasant. 20 years have passed since the horrors at the Blackwood Estate had ended and all seemed well...
  • tension
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Barry. by ZoeKrabbe Blakeyyyy
All he wanted was a batter life... Based on a true story, Barry the fly lived a short, sticky life. Read his story to cry, tremble, and wheeze. And remember, Barry wit...
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Karen O'Neill by LadyHalf-Blood
Karen O'Neillby LadyHalf-Blood
This is the story of the girl that visits her own grave every Saturday night at 5, the girl that is there, yet no one sees, the girl that lives off of nothing- for she i...
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Wait Till Helen Comes by BrokenXamiXamihe
Wait Till Helen Comesby BrokenXamiXamihe
DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY DOES NOT BELONG TO MEH! OKAY? Okay. "Just Wait, Molly. Wait Till Helen Comes." By: Mary Downing Hahn
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Scary Stories From A Twisted Teenage Mind by ItsAshDuh
Scary Stories From A Twisted trashy ashie
Here are some tales told by a kid with a twisted past and a damaged mind. Some may be true, Some may not be, some may be based off my horrid nightmares, so beware. ...
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Rope by sketchfairy
Ropeby ✨sarah✨
Sierra is an eighteen year old misfit living in a mundane town in Vermont. When her cousins, Lucy and Diana, come to visit for Thanksgiving, everything seems normal at f...
  • creepy
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Frozen Charlotte by nightsoldier123
Frozen Charlotteby Axl
C-h-a-r-l-o-t-t-e i-s c-o-l-d When her best friend dies under mysterious circumstances, Sophie sets off to stay with her cousins on the remote Isle of Skye. It's bee...
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The ghost girl [bts ff] by yukisanne
The ghost girl [bts ff]by yukisanne
It's a story about y/n Something happend and she became a sort of ghost/spirit She wants to go back to normal but she just ends up in a strange house and nobody can se...
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Ghost story by oakleyisnotonfire
Ghost storyby oakleyisnotonfire
John Brown is a normal man. But little does he know, when he's looking over notes from last nights meeting, everything is about to change. Forever
  • england
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Halloween by SouthWarren
Halloweenby South Warren
On Halloween night, the ghosts get a glimpse of what it's like on the surface.
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Strawberry Bubble-Gum by StormyNightTales
Strawberry Bubble-Gumby Ellie Brennan
A young woman ventures out on a long roadtrip to meet her father, a troubled man who walked out of her life during her childhood. If things werent already complicated...
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History by grace543571
Historyby grace543571
The Carter family was no stranger to death, even if they didn't know it. When Eleanor Carter's father dies suddenly she, her younger sister, and her mother move from New...
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The Lady On The Cliff by 12Chloe_bug12
The Lady On The Cliffby Chloe Cheatwood
"The Lady" held out her hand and I took it. Then she gently led me to the edge and just before I fell.......I woke up. 14 year old Amelia already had proble...
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Hold Me Tight Until I Die by mayroxanneofficial
Hold Me Tight Until I Dieby mayroxanneofficial
"Cora, your not safe being with me." He said, sharply. Cora looked at him, tears coming from her eyes. I love him, even thought we are just kids, she thought...
  • undead
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Camilla Lee by Rose_Granger-Weasely
Camilla Leeby Granger_Girl
An accident that caused a haunt.
  • ghost
  • horror
  • hawaii
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The Wandering. by BillyWaugh
The Billy Waugh
Highest rank of #2 IN GHOST. "Spirits wander this town. They always have." Shari Davenport, haunted with the demons of her past, must return to the town of her...
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