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Ghostly by whisperr
Ghostlyby whisperr
When Lily was five, she had a friend named Alec. He was a ghost. But they got into an arguement, so she told him to stay out of her life. And he did. What happens ten ye...
  • ghost
  • ghostly
  • love
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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark by Exploring_With_Seth
Scary Stories To Tell In The Darkby Seth Nelson
Just a whole book full of different scary stories to entertain you, the reader, none of it is my own work. Enjoy!
  • ghosts
  • spirits
  • killers
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The Mask Man In The Woods by shadow_girl16
The Mask Man In The Woodsby Emma
Who knew going to the woods could change an innocent girl's life entirely with a flip of a coin? Who knew a local legend of the masked man turned out to be true? Certain...
  • witchcraft
  • wattys2017
  • ghosts
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Antlers, Colorado by antlerscolorado
Antlers, Coloradoby Marn S.
Austin Jones, a budding medium, flees from his home in Havenwood, PA in the year 1999. He is running from a predestined position at the Department of Paranormal Research...
  • psychic-abilities
  • death
  • supernatural
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A New Take on Harry Potter by stormfan1393
A New Take on Harry Potterby stormfan1393
What would happen if someone took baby Harry from the Dursley’s before they’d even taken him in? If someone came after Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, & Hagrid had left? What if...
  • alyssa
  • hagrid
  • house
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The Awakening by BarbaraPy
The Awakeningby Barbara Insfran
Currently under re-editing because I want to be better! :) -*- "One... two... three... one... two... three... a million... is that number right?" A figure less...
  • ghosts
  • dark
  • fallenangels
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Return ↠ Argent [2] by -voidallison
Return ↠ Argent [2]by ❝ TAYLOR ❞
❛The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go.❜ In which an ex-ghost readjusts back amongst the living, along with managing a relationship with a gi...
  • grantgustin
  • afterlife
  • allisonargent
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Heaven Official's Blessing by PiercingWind809
Heaven Official's Blessingby Little Great Spade Z
In the midst of this heavenly heaven, there is a laughingstock who is famous throughout the three worlds. ~~~ For you, I'll become invincible! "Have you heard? The...
  • immortals
  • magicformations
  • ghosts
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7 short horror stories by Frank_s_11
7 short horror storiesby Frankie Smith
All these stories have been checked and Proven to be based on true events... ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bringing you the scariest h...
  • basedontrueevents
  • realstory
  • shortstories
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Jake Webber x Colby Brock- Biltmore Hotel by fuccit22
Jake Webber x Colby Brock- BIRD
*THIS MADE IT INTO REGGIE'S VIDEO IM SO SORRY JAKE AND COLBY* There's something dark inside Jake after the seance, and Colby seems to be the only one who notices. The re...
  • samandcolby
  • depression
  • boyxboy
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Changes Of the Ghostly Kind by bubblyariel
Changes Of the Ghostly Kindby Bubbly Ariel
Danny Fenton must deal with the scariest thing he's ever faced, Himself. Danny has to deal with changes that lead to him looking and sounding like his evil self. Not onl...
  • dan
  • wattys2017
  • comfort
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CONSPIRACY THEORIES ( & more ) by bhruised
CONSPIRACY THEORIES ( & more )by ˗ˏˋ paola ˎˊ˗
❛ let's get illuminaughty. ❜ highest ranking: #6 in "conspiracy theories" category, #1 in...
  • aliens
  • horror
  • shanedawson
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Scary Facts and Creepy Stories✔ by RaeStylez_16
Scary Facts and Creepy Stories✔by Raven Guthrie
{Highest Rank - #1 in Horror [October 23,2017]} {Highest Rank - #10 in Random [November 21,2017]} COMPLETED✔ [NOT EDITED!] Scary Facts that keeps you up at night wonder...
  • murdered
  • murderers
  • abducted
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387 (Completed) by _Alexis_225
387 (Completed)by Alex
He hated the state that he was in. A limbo that he couldn't escape, torn between spiritual and physical world. Generally his days were filled with wandering around the w...
  • fluff
  • kimwonshik
  • mystery
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Where it All Began//Supernatural Fanfiction by grootmorning
Where it All Began//Supernatural leo
She isn't crazy. It's just that no one believed her. So she ran away, and on that journey happened to steal a very special, black 67' Chevy Impala. And that, is where i...
  • sisfic
  • winchestersister
  • sister
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INSIDE OUT (Danny Phantom fan fiction) by TheWhiteKnights
INSIDE OUT (Danny Phantom fan TheWhiteKnights
||COMPLETED|| You all know the story about Danny Phantom's future self. During the fateful fight between Danny Phantom and Dan Phantom, Danny's friends Sam and Tucker di...
  • halfa
  • robin
  • redhood
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Stupid Little Blue Haired Boy (boyxboy) by sempiiternal
Stupid Little Blue Haired Boy ( kirby s. graff
Damian Owens refuses to take his medication. He consistently ditches therapy sessions, and won't speak a word to the living. Timothy Edward Richard McKinnon is your ty...
  • advice
  • wattys2016
  • anger
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The Maestro by MikeyLovesMe
The Maestroby 𝙎𝙠𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙡𝙚𝙨
A young woman fighting her demons finds company with the eccentric, ghostly Maestro who lives in an abandoned mansion. This story will have some mature language and a l...
  • normalvalley
  • horror
  • scary
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Creepypastas by The_j0ke
Creepypastasby The_j0ke
You are home alone, and you hear on the news about the profile of a murderer who is on the loose. You look out the sliding glass doors to your backyard, and you notice a...
  • creatures
  • ghosts
  • creepypasta
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Andrew Siwicki x reader  by user05490653
Andrew Siwicki x reader by Wannabewriter
Being in love with someone is like being on a rollercoaster.
  • tattoos
  • tessabrooks
  • youtube
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