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Ghost Hunt  (continuing cases) by MiaSopko
Ghost Hunt (continuing cases)by That_Person523
It's been 4 years since Naru left for England and left Mai broken, she was so upset about it for a year but finally gets it together. Gets a successful job, new friends...
  • horror
  • random
  • comedy
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Mai's Secret by QueenLucifer24
Mai's Secretby Sanity is Boring
Mai and Naru are expecting a baby together. It is going to be tough too because Mai is still in high school, but not to fear it will work even if it's hard!!! i am still...
  • teen
  • pregnancy
  • maitaniyama
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old friend by faymir
old friendby faymir
naru X OC fanficition. how does naru react when his old friend return to japan after so long, bringing with her, her past and dark secrets. will she be saved or...
  • naruxoc
  • spirits
  • mai
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Host of Sheets (shyan) by boojaybluejay
Host of Sheets (shyan)by Boo
"I'd say like... 30 percent of my thoughts are ones I recognize?" Shane said after careful consideration, idly tapping his lower lip. "I still care about...
  • horror
  • ghosthunting
  • ryanbergara
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Nightmare School (Ghost Hunt) (Naru x Mai) by EnglishGarden
Nightmare School (Ghost Hunt) ( EnglishGarden
One day Mai never turns up at SPR and Naru finds out it's because she is in a coma in hospital after being attacked. It's up to Naru to solve the case and to resolve his...
  • mai
  • manga
  • naruxmai
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The Forgotten one by Ashkpop
The Forgotten oneby Ashkpop
It has been three years since Naru, also known as Oliver Devis left for England, it has been three years since she had lost contact with her so called SPR family, what h...
  • romance
  • love
  • mai
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Marriage Not Dating (Ghost Hunt) (MaixNaru) by EnglishGarden
Marriage Not Dating (Ghost Hunt) ( EnglishGarden
Mai is determined to live a perfectly ordinary life after an incident when she was younger. One day her determination is ruined when she finds out that she had always be...
  • secret
  • taniyama
  • fanfiction
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Ghost Hunt: The Return by darkgenius2003
Ghost Hunt: The Returnby kira >;)
Mai and Naru deserve more character development- and so much more romance >:) × It's been 5 years since Naru left for England, and now he's coming back to what he lef...
  • romance
  • naru
  • fanfiction
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Anew (Ghost Hunt Fan-Fic)(NaruxMai) by manaphypokefan
Anew (Ghost Hunt Fan-Fic)(NaruxMai)by Mana
Oliver Davis (Naru) and Lin leave to England. One question from Oliver makes Mai Taniyama want to leave the world. But, she stays strong and decides to move and start an...
  • mai
  • naru
  • masako
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Mai's Story ( Naru x Mai) by ThatNonbinaryOne
Mai's Story ( Naru x Mai)by Aaron
When Naru starts finding out the hidden feelings he has for Mai Taniyama, what will he do? Will he simply ignore them? Or, will he act upon them and take matters into hi...
  • ghosthunt
  • naruxmai
  • spr
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Mais quiet friend (ghost hunt FF) by Anime_is_the_law
Mais quiet friend (ghost hunt FF)by Anime_is_the_law
Shadow is a girl who hangs around the most loudest nice girl (mai) she has met, shadow doesn't have friends so she only hangs around mai lives with mai too. Thats all im...
  • ghosthunt
  • fanfiction
  • anime
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Kendal Alice, Ghost Huntress: Glasgow Game by user06350486
Kendal Alice, Ghost Huntress: Bluebell Ladytwoshoes
Kendal continues her adventures in Glasgow, Scotland. Just when she starts to think that ghosts cases stopped following her, she gets a whole new level of ghost case. Th...
  • ghosts
  • game
  • fantasy
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A Whisper of Night by megswriting
A Whisper of Nightby Meg
To the people of tiny, scenic Willow's Crest, Rhode Island, the Harbinger is a beloved and hallowed legend. According to the stories, the Harbinger rises on the fall equ...
  • mystery
  • autumn
  • historicalfiction
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Ghost of a Chance by Weezie_24
Ghost of a Chanceby weezerz2490
What if Mai wasn't the only student at her school to get drafted into helping Naru and Lin solve the case of the old school house? Who is the person from Naru and Lin's...
  • mai
  • friendship
  • wattys2018
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Married Life of Mai and Naru by TheTrueAmateras
Married Life of Mai and Naruby TheTrueAmaterasu
This fan fiction is about the life of Mai and Naru. Please read & review I really want to know what you guys think of the story and criticism is welcome (Ch.1-12 is out...
  • randomness
  • humor
  • funny
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Kendal Alice, Quantum Times by user06350486
Kendal Alice, Quantum Timesby Bluebell Ladytwoshoes
Being unjustly exiled was not easy for Kendal, until she receives an offer letter from Headmistress Gardenia of Quantum Institution for the Smart and Otherwise. Kendal a...
  • kendal
  • fiction
  • ghost
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Ghost Hunt AU: Mai Lovely Ghost by hoshino_ringo
Ghost Hunt AU: Mai Lovely Ghostby Hoshino Ringo
Mai is a wandering ghost, and Naru is still our lovable narcissistic paranormal investigator. What will happen if the two of them cross paths? Join me and stay tuned...
  • madoka
  • housho
  • ghosthuntau
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Kendal Alice in Glasgow: Going Home by user06350486
Kendal Alice in Glasgow: Going Homeby Bluebell Ladytwoshoes
It had been five months since Kendal last met Barry in Quantum. Her missing him was starting to affect her life so she decided to go home. Meanwhile, Keye finally had ne...
  • adventure
  • ghosthunting
  • goinghome
Baby Gene  by Nightmare_Dreamer_
Baby Gene by NightmareDreamer
No one knows Naru's true identity yet. Mai confesses but got shot down by Naru, saying "Is it me you love or the one in your dreams?" Naru knows it's Gene but...
  • mystery
  • lin
  • ghosts
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Mai x Naru  by Nightmare_Dreamer_
Mai x Naru by NightmareDreamer
What if Mai responded to Naru's question? Me or Gene? Obviously she would pick Naru. But here's are events that would happen afterwards. Let's just say Naru's teenage h...
  • fanfiction
  • maixnaru
  • ghosthuntfanfiction
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