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Grindeldore // The Hallows That Divide Us by Why_SoSer1ous
Grindeldore // The Hallows That Grindeldore
Albus Dumbledore. A man hung on despair from the loss of his friend, his lover, due to differing opinions in their adolescent years, has brought himself to waste away at...
Love is greater than our cause  by Rro110
Love is greater than our cause by The summer of 1899
*Complete* Chapters 1-14: Gellert and Albus in 1899, two handsome, power hungry young adults planning to change the world...they were closer than brothers 👀 Chapters 1...
Pregnant Albus- Grindeldore by Autumn7Wind
Pregnant Albus- Grindeldoreby LemonSherbet1898
Albus Dumbledore is pregnant. Who's the father? Gellert Grindelwald. See how will Grindelwald react and take care of his lover. By the way they're about 35 years old. NO...
What lies within? by Rro110
What lies within?by The summer of 1899
1899 Gellert Grindelwald has just come back from completing his time at Durmstrang school of wizardry to stay with his rich aunt, Bathilda Bagshot, who has cared for him...
Cock Roach Clusters  by Rro110
Cock Roach Clusters by The summer of 1899
*Uploading soon* Albus loves his candy, that's a fact, his favourite may be Sherbet Lemon but he has a little craving for some Cockroach Clusters ;) Gellert has fallen...
Hogwarts and Grindeldore by Autumn7Wind
Hogwarts and Grindeldoreby LemonSherbet1898
Grindelwald and Dumbledore when they're like 100 years old. At Hogwarts. They did not fight. They are lovers still.
"for the gayer good" - grindeldore one shots (old) by foxxxanna
"for the gayer good" - esther
2022 update: im writing new chapters after watching the new FB movie :) ignore the first two, they're horrible haha
The Summer Of 1899 by Mruganki
The Summer Of 1899by Mruganki
Seventeen year old Albus Dumbledore has a lot to deal with, what with the recent death of his mother which left him as the eldest member of the family. Distraught and fr...
GRINDELDORE ~ Of love and other demons by Cleindori83
GRINDELDORE ~ Of love and other Cleindori83
(Albus Dumbledore x Gellert Grindelwald) [ENG] 1. In your hands: "You are lying in the dark, embraced, motionless - but God knows what that broken mattress had to e...
Reckless Paradise (GGAD/Grindeldore) by Day__Dream
Reckless Paradise (GGAD/ Day__Dream
Harry Potter Fan Fiction. *** "I am in a precarious position, as you might know. With a Dark Lord out and about and a corrupt ministry, the smallest mistake could...
GGAD Aesthetics gifts by Slxuliop
GGAD Aesthetics giftsby Slxuliop
i have fun making aesthetics hope yall like emmmmm, if you want me to do one contact me ill be happy to help make imagination for your fanfics
Grindeldore Stuff by Autumn7Wind
Grindeldore Stuffby LemonSherbet1898
Grindeldore videos that I found on youtube, bilibili, and also some ao3 fics cuz they're hella gay.
【GGAD】 Vu sư tự cứu chỉ nam ( hệ thống /ABO) by user669674412450
【GGAD】 Vu sư tự cứu chỉ nam ( hệ
Trung niên GG thiếu niên ad năm thượng nhiều năm linh kém ABO/ hệ thống văn / bao dưỡng ngạnh / lạn tục cẩu huyết nội dung vở kịch Summary: tiểu đặng như thế nào đi bư...
Summer of '99 - Die Herren des Todes by sallysoul_fiction
Summer of '99 - Die Herren des sallysoul_fiction
Der Sommer 1899 stellt Albus Dumbledore vor die größte Herausforderung seines Lebens. In seinem Heimatdorf Godric's Hollow muss er sich nach dem Tod seiner Mutter um se...
Heartbeats- A Grindeldore Oneshot by sonofaSnitchhh
Heartbeats- A Grindeldore Oneshotby son of a snitch
*Oneshot about Albus Dumbledore X Gellert Grindelwald. *The Oneshot begins with the battle scene between Dumbledore and Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3. there are almo...
Phone Number  ( GGAD Part 2 ) by Heinz_Linch
Phone Number ( GGAD Part 2 )by Little Heinz Linch
'' ถ้าหลับฝันแล้วเจอนายฉันก็ยอม .. ''
Hind Love #Thesnewt #GGAD by Titanium_Snow
Hind Love #Thesnewt #GGADby Titanium_Snow
[SF] Sextet - GGAD by Gymnopediefiction
[SF] Sextet - GGADby Gymnopediefiction
เสียงเปียโนดังซ้ำแล้วซ้ำเล่าในความฝัน ทว่าฉับพลันก็หลงลืมไปในยามตื่น