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• The Characters of Hayden Beth B.   • by haydenbethb
• The Characters of Hayden Beth hayden beth :)
This is the book where you can come and meet all of my characters, and get to know them a little bit better. I'll be asking them all the same questions, but feel free to...
Getting To Know You by kiwibangtanx
Getting To Know Youby niks
"I didn't choose to fall in love with you. It somehow just happened. I just can't decide if it's the best thing that has ever happened to me, or the worst."
Tags by _solace_
Tagsby Ash Brown
This is just my book of tags for those who are curious
Something There That Wasn't There Before by Julian-Greystoke
Something There That Wasn't JulianGreystoke
When The Beast frightens Belle away from the castle he thinks it's what he deserves. But then he hears the wolves and he knows he must run to her aid. Belle is faced wi...
TAGS TAGGERS TAGGING by purplemerald
I know in the past, people have been tagging me with all sorts of things but it was never my thing. but, Ill try it out to really know my true feelings. I also want to k...
Getting to Know You by PokeTrainer246
Getting to Know Youby PokeTrainer
Blah the description and just read -_-
Ask Me Anything by BJayForest
Ask Me Anythingby BJayForest
I wanna get to know the people that read my stories. You can tell me, ask me, or even vent to me. Tell me about you.
ICHS- Getting To Know You! by FlawsomeFabulist
ICHS- Getting To Know You!by Laura Kings1324
{Status - open and taking requests} ICHS- Getting To Know You! The world of books is amazing, right? Most of them blow our minds away with their characters and stories a...
The Daughter Of The Angel Of Death  by cheetahstarddxy
The Daughter Of The Angel Of Death by Christina
Hello fellow angel my name is Nova mires ...My father well he is the angel of death . I love him deeply but I can't return home to him ...not yet I'm hoping one day I wi...
Where's my meow?! by AsheirFields
Where's my meow?!by Asheir Fields
This is a children's story, with advanced vocabulary. Julian is a girl kitten that was born in a litter of 7, she goes through life living with the fact that she cannot...
LYN62000 by AmethystPen
LYN62000by Amethyst Pen
This book is where you will meet the characters of a story that has been on my mind and heart for a few years now. Morbid Gardens, and the actors which inspired my chara...
About The Authors by Arotext
About The Authorsby Ellen
Here I will have interviews with Wattpad authors!
Questions by klaroline-4ever
Questionsby klaroline-4ever
Just a bunch of questions so I can know you a little bit. I already did a few questions in my profile page but bc maybe not everyone saw it, this place is better.
The One (A Benedict Cumberbatch Story) by AnnaFitzG
The One (A Benedict Cumberbatch Anna Fitzgerald
An upset in Benedict Cumberbatch's personal life meant that Lizzie missed her chance to see him. In the end she decided to block out all the fan girls on Tumblr and cros...
Fun & Games: Engagement Weeks by AmbassadorsUK
Fun & Games: Engagement Weeksby Ambassadors of Great Britain...
A week of fun and games, introducing the @AmbassadorsUK profile to the rest of the world! Feel free to jump in and get involved, this is definitely a case of the more th...