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Reincarnated into Another World with Mecha by Ryuga711
Reincarnated into Another World Ryuga711
I died. The fucking truck driver ran me over. But a god saved me.... Sort of.... Gave me another chance to live in another world as a Hero. Is this an Isekai-trash trope...
My story ideas by Asano_Yuki002
My story ideasby Asano_Yuki002
this book made for buch of ideas on my head feell free to used that idea if you intrest but tell me first
Mazinger Zero vs Mechas  by kiryu1095
Mazinger Zero vs Mechas by Kiryu 1095
The True Devil of all mechs is put against different Mechas from Mazinger to Gundam.
La historia sin titulo by DiosgamerSSJ
La historia sin tituloby DiosgamerSSJ
aqui solo le habla de pendejadas y si quieres leer cosas sin sentidos que me parecen graciosas solo a mi,pasa a ver como me auto-humillo en muchas ocasiones.
Falls To Pieces (Attila/The Amity Affliction) by Unicorns--69
Falls To Pieces (Attila/The Unicorns--69
Its really extra and (DISCLAIMER!) $uicideboy$/ Getter appear on part 39
Ok K.O. Let's be heroes: Getter Robo Go by animefan1008
Ok K.O. Let's be heroes: Getter Animefan1008
(The first story of my first Ok K.O! Getter Robo Saga.) 9 years have passed since K.O found out a terrible secret about P.O.I.N.T and it's school and Boxman regained co...
Mecha adventure FNAFHS by DiosgamerSSJ
Mecha adventure FNAFHSby DiosgamerSSJ
No voy a hacer como mucha gente que dice que estos personajes son de Ed00chan,pues en realidad los personajes son de Scott cawthon,pues asi es solo leelo y si no te gus...