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Elevator Music √ minjoon √ by glossyminkook
Elevator Music √ minjoon √by gloss
"H-Hi there..." "Hi." Germaphobe, Park Jimin, hates elevator rides. It's too bad he met the love of his life on one. --- Started: October 2nd, 2018 E...
The Chronicles of Barnia by GuySigley
The Chronicles of Barniaby Guy Sigley
Barney Conroy is an average guy trying to live an average life. He's just not as good at it as the rest of us. Each chapter of 'The Chronicles of Barnia' captures a pa...
The Meaning of Life, or The President's Skin Suit by dabradford88
The Meaning of Life, or The Daryl Bradford
The country is in turmoil and The President is hiding something. Discovering the meaning of life is the the last thing an unsuspecting White House intern expected after...
Gut Microbiota and How It Impacts Our Mood by NiquaDanielle
Gut Microbiota and How It NiquaDanielle
This journal discusses how our diet contributes to serotonin production inside of our digestive tract.
Germs-a single fear in a story by DaliyaWald156
Germs-a single fear in a storyby DaliyaWald156
Just a story about a girl who is terrified of something we are all born with, and no one can get rid of
Talk Dirty To Me (Larry) by anorexicdweebs
Talk Dirty To Me (Larry)by anorexicdweebs
Mysophobia: abnormal fear of or distaste for uncleanliness "Im too scared to touch you"
The night sky by DaddySunaRin
The night skyby Oya
Astumu throws a party for sakusas birthday party -angst -fluff -TW -Drunk -Rude First story
Animalia by JackieRobertWilliamJansen
Animaliaby Jackie Robert William Jansen
When young Foxy and his friends blow up a courthouse, killing a congressman, they are forced to run and become fugitives from the EUS, the Organization sent to eliminate...
I Need That Bad Boy Love - Bald suna x reader x Jem by itsnotlikeIlikeUwU
I Need That Bad Boy Love - Bald UwU OwOwOwOwOwO UwU QwQwQwQwQ...
'uwu suna senpai pls teach volleybolle....? ' 'y/n chan shuttup and learn watch' he replied huskily while gazing into my e/c orbs. 'hey- uhm..Jem senpie?' I gazed up int...
How It All Began by Soccer2210
How It All Beganby Soccer2210
The day Peeta had met Katniss was the day he swore he would do anything to get Katniss to like him. Even if it meant having to get rid of anyone he had too. (Yandere-cha...
Epidemic by tjbayer
Epidemicby TJ Bayer
Every border is closed. Everyone is trapped. San Francisco's citizens are forced to quarantine without knowing what's going on. It starts with gangrene, lost of sanity...
Contagious                 by Maxus_
Contagious by Maxus_
Xavier dude wake up looks what's happening... H..huh what's going on? What you mean? Don't you see those people... Survival was the number one thing right now if you get...