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Secrets I have held in my heart (part 1) by spiraldown_
Secrets I have held in my heart ( spiraldown_
fan fic about George Weasley and y/n Edwards. y/n Edwards arrived in her third year after transferring from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. What will y/n do when she...
Such a Hufflepuff (George Weasley x reader) by _rachel111_
Such a Hufflepuff (George _rachel111_
You were always a very kind girl. You grew up as a muggle but you were a pureblood. This story will start at the beginning of your 5th year. The first little bit May be...
One Shots - George Weasley  by georges1bitch
One Shots - George Weasley by Barnacle Boy
This is going to be mostly, if not all, fluff with Georgie. If there is anything triggering or 18+ I will put a disclaimer at the top of the chapter. There is no smut in...
His Hidden Angel by Mkc757
His Hidden Angelby Mkc757
George Weasley x Reader When running from her past as a child because of what her and her family was, Y/N gets transferred to a different world. One full of magic, peopl...
Stars | George Weasley by Amor1st
Stars | George Weasleyby Keira
❝ You make me feel like I could reach up and take the stars from the sky.❞ George Weasley x Female reader TW! Swearing/mature language, underage drinking. This book may...
Touch -George Weasley x Reader- by maributsheisntcool
Touch -George Weasley x Reader-by that's not pog
"i fell in love with the way you touched me, without using your hands," - Y/N is a muggleborn witch and has been practically part of the Weasley household sinc...
Harry Potter Imagines by WritingGirl46
Harry Potter Imaginesby 10:05
imagines based on the harry potter books [DISCLAIMER] i am not taking credit of all the lovely characters and the amazing world of harry potter
COMPLETED- Life after Hogwarts- George Weasley x reader :) by pinkpandaorg
COMPLETED- Life after Hogwarts- pinkpandaorg
It's many years after the battle of Hogwarts... You wake up seemingly alone, after having a nightmare... But someone's there to comfort you :) However, a quick turn of e...
Weasley Twin Imagines by theweasleysredhair
Weasley Twin Imaginesby chloe
just some x reader imagines for the weasley twins! uploaded from my tumblr account - @theweasleysredhair want more? i have a full imagines book on this account that inc...
In the name of love *Fred Weasley x reader* by kat_roseQuinn123
In the name of love *Fred B and K stories
Y/n L/n is a student at Hogwarts, that's where she met the twins...her best friends. On the summer of their second last year she's invited to stay with them over the sum...
Harry Potter One Shots by Anini-25
Harry Potter One Shotsby SassyCatLady99
These are just a bunch of HP one shots that I write and I promise they get better later and requests are open :) O-o *All charecters belong to Jk Rowling*
when love lasts | a george weasley fanfic by welovetheburr0w
when love lasts | a george just a random author
" I always thought home was a place, which I was yet to find. But its not- you're my home, and I'll be damned if anyone is going to try and change that." Lucie...
Maybe One Day (George Weasley x Reader) by WeasleyParker
Maybe One Day (George Weasley x Katie ❤️
Everyone kept talking about them getting married, it felt like it had been a long time coming but George Weasley had never imagined it would play out this way whilst a w...
Harry Potter Oneshots (x Reader) by legit_ari11
Harry Potter Oneshots (x Reader)by ThatPotterhead
Some oneshots of the Harry Potter characters, hope you like them!
Mischief Managed (Fred/George Weasley X Reader) Imagines by courtnivalentine_
Mischief Managed (Fred/George Courtni Valentine
Fred and George Weasley X Reader I love The Weasley twins but, I find that they don't have enough imagines here on Wattpad! Requests open :) Tell me if I should do a boo...
A collection of hp lightning era characters (harry's era) x reader oneshots I've written so far. Also includes both canon and non-canon ships (non x reader).
Platonic - George Weasley by mrmalfoysapple
Platonic - George Weasleyby Aardvark
Willow Grey and George Weasley were always platonic, until they weren't... ________________________ UPDATES NEARLY EVERY OTHER DAY
Harry Potter Imagines by vogueweasley
Harry Potter Imaginesby mere
"Well done, dragon!" - here you'll find all the harry potter characters (x reader) imagines I have written. You can also find these on my tumblr where they wi...
Harry Potter Oneshots by wastelandbabyy
Harry Potter Oneshotsby ...
x reader one shots involving the golden trio era of harry potter! mainly fluff because im a sucker for happy endings all characters are J.K. Rowlings and these stories a...
anyone else ; ron weasley by -u4iia
anyone else ; ron weasleyby maria<3
in which i believe ron weasley is criminally underrated. [ ron weasley x hufflepuff oc ]