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FADING // Dreamnotfound by flawsomekid
FADING // Dreamnotfoundby flawsomekid
„I love you George, to the moon and back, remember?" ⚠️ TW ⚠️ Suicide, panic, Death, illness,drinking(just for fun) I CRIED MULTIPLE TIMES WHILE WRITING THIS LOL Do...
You're Known //DNF\\ by _Fernabee_
You're Known //DNF\\by 𝙵𝚎𝚛𝚗𝚊𝚋𝚎𝚎 <3
When a Brunette boy named George, reunites with his old best friend, Clay, after getting bullied to the extent of self harm. Will their relationship grow, will it prospe...
Love triangle///Dream x George x Sapnap/// by ghosty_pan
Love triangle///Dream x George x Ghosty_pan
Welp anyways yea pretty much a angest and sex I guess some wholesome moments and stuff
~Galaxies Apart~ a dreamnotfound fanfic by burntl3ttuce
~Galaxies Apart~ a dreamnotfound lettuce
{Completed} "Welcome to the Dark Side." George has just been promoted by the Jedi council to become a Knight. When he is given the mission to take down Dream...
Receeding Tides (mcyt) by xxsoureixx
Receeding Tides (mcyt)by xxsoureixx
After the Waves devastated the Earth, modern society collapsed. Governments didn't know what to do, and much of the world's treaties and society's pre-imposed rules went...
The Day That Connects Us (Dreamnotfound) by coopie24
The Day That Connects Us ( coop
Gream/Dreamnotfound fanfic In a world where your birthday connects you and your soulmate, George has no idea what his birthday is. He's lost all hope in ever finding his...
my valentines //Dreamnotfound [OLD]  by im_depressed_help
my valentines //Dreamnotfound [ シ︎𝙳𝚁𝚄𝙽𝙺シ︎
[Finished!] February 14th the brunet will finally meet his best friend from online With the help of the texan and a little bit of lies then they can surprise him with...
But You promised || dnf by mcyt_talk
But You promised || dnfby
George and Dream are high school student. They aren't friends in fact they are the opposite dream only ever talks to George when he needs home work. But what happens whe...
Lemon Leaves - Dreamnotfound by Celicopter
Lemon Leaves - Dreamnotfoundby I will not sleep
His dirty blonde hair had something in it. Were those... Leaves? George reached out to pull the leaves out of his hair only for the stranger to recoil at speeds he'd tho...
Afluenza // Dreamnotfound  by im_depressed_help
Afluenza // Dreamnotfound by シ︎𝙳𝚁𝚄𝙽𝙺シ︎
[ongoing!] You had everything you wanted on your hands, jewelry, cars, gadgets, girls and everything! What a lucky man right? Well that man is named Dream, a wealthy...
DreamxGeorgeNotFound by naialmao
DreamxGeorgeNotFoundby naialmao
dnf,, you know where it's at @rileybearzz on twt for cover art
forest - dreamnotfound by embezzle
forest - dreamnotfoundby dying on a tuesday
ꕥ george was a mage, and he needed special herbs from the mountains. -unedited //lowercase intended
Without You by DreamTeamyes
Without Youby T
Dream x georgenotfound Dream finds himself thinking of George often, he thinks- no, he knows George doesn't like him back... or does he? -self harm -no smut (ew) -no dea...
remember me? by Slut_ForArmin
remember me?by dreampissesthebed 🧍🏻‍♂️
ring.ring.ring. " hello?" "is this George Davidson?" "yes, who is this?" "my names karl and i work at...
Dnf {football au} by Alocalidiot4u
Dnf {football au}by a l0cal idiot 4 you
George was just a normal boy who went to high school. He loved to play Minecraft. He would spend most of his time playing with himself because he had no friends, ever si...
A Sonnet Summary of "Text Back // Dream x Georgenotfound" by ScarletSpider18
A Sonnet Summary of "Text That One Scarlet Spider
"Text Back // Dream x Georgenotfound" is a book by defectivewolfe, and so this book here is only a summary in sonnet form to every chapter in it. I do not own...
♡I'm right here♡ by fluffy_clouds_uwu
♡I'm right here♡by fluffy_clouds_uwu
dream is an upbeat and positive person, he can look at all situations optimistically... or so it seems. in reality he pushed all the bad emotions and thoughts deep down...
Disconnected - unpublishing by Celicopter
Disconnected - unpublishingby I will not sleep
BEING UNPUBLISHED I'm only leaving this note up for a week, the chapters are all already gone. This is just to explain why your not seeing any chapters. Dream can't hand...
Roadtrip➪Dreamnotfound by Kittykaydence
Roadtrip➪Dreamnotfoundby Kaydence
Never in a million years did George see himself leaving his hometown to travel the United States. Even then, he never imagined travelling with a complete stranger, that...
From friends to lovers by fanfictionTvT
From friends to loversby not saying
Dream and george are two famous mcyt streamers who are very close friends. when dream goes off for months george gets worried and makes a surprise visit to dreams place...