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Hamilton Gay Oneshots by TheThotPolice
Hamilton Gay Oneshotsby Gay Lord
Ok, Gay oneshots! Definitely will be smut but with warning so bye!
Geollie 30 Day Smut Challenge by Mexican_Bacon
Geollie 30 Day Smut Challengeby Gay_Panic42069
Based off Captain Sealants "You'll be back" Animatic on Youtube, go watch it! So I thought I'd do this to improve my Smut writing skills, get more comfortable...
Ask Oliver Aedeline by couqhdrop
Ask Oliver Aedelineby when the
here ya go Meet Oliver, or Ollie, the king's good friend and adorable page boy. He had agreed to take dares and answer questions, all while he crushes hard on his king...
Falling for the King [FINISHED] by WickedWyvern
Falling for the King [FINISHED]by Sarah with an H
Ollie is a small servant boy, who falls for. his king, King George III. I wrote this story together with @NeomiNiesing CREDITS TO CAPTAIN SEALANT FOR OLLIE AND THE COVE...
I'm In Love With My Servant (Geollie) by couqhdrop
I'm In Love With My Servant ( when the
Hamilton <3 King George of a secluded kingdom called Dunet has everything. Land, money, jewels, the crown... But one thing he doesn't have is somebody to love. Georg...
His Majesty's Royal Servant by schwiffty900
His Majesty's Royal Servantby maxvid and danvid trash
youtube : email : @ instagram :
The King to my Heart - A Modern day Geollie (Hamilton) by NeomiNiesing
The King to my Heart - A Modern NonoNozomi
Because I wanted to write about modern boios, here we are! Hamilton belongs to Lin-Manuel Miranda OC's Oliver D. Aedeline and Quincy belong to captainsealant; https://ww...
You'll be Back (Geollie) (hamilton) by kiijgkiig
You'll be Back (Geollie) (hamilton)by the_pitiful_children
so, this is gonna be like, modern au but not really at the same time. its not exactly now but it's also not back then. just read you fools. Basically. George is still a...
Hamilton Oneshots by couqhdrop
Hamilton Oneshotsby when the
okay yeah this exists now. this is mostly gonnna be King George stuff cuz im a loyal royal subject enjoy my trashy writing and stufffffffffffffff NO SMUT NO
(GEOLLIE) Obedient servant, Arrogant king // DISCONTINUED by ArtisticTomboi
(GEOLLIE) Obedient servant, ❤🤍owo🤍❤
How does a servant with a crush on the king turn into his husband in only a short matter of time?
Geollie oneshot  by phanpheelsphandom
Geollie oneshot by Eren the trash can
Um so yeah based on the "you'll be back" animatic by Saptain Cealant on youtube Fluff and smut because who doesn't love both ~
Non-Stop [Discontinued] by GeraldTheLlama
Non-Stop [Discontinued]by GeraldTheLlama
The immigrant with a rough past, a British man with a talent for theater, a young shy kid with a so far bumpy life, a french man who sometimes gets carried away with his...
The King and I  by WhenDaysAreGrey
The King and I by SNOW PAWS FOR EVERYONE!!!!
Oliver Dabney Aedeline belongs to Captain Sealent (Subscribe to her YouTube channel please. Shes the one that came up with King George x Ollie) This is all about a stra...
You Belong To Me  by musicaltrash2430
You Belong To Me by Elizaiscool
A Hamilton fan fiction. It centers around King George from real American history and Captain Sealant's OC: Oliver Dabney Adeline. This is inspired by Captain Sealant's a...
To Remind You of My Love// Geollie// modern day AU by Hufflepuff_Demigod12
To Remind You of My Love// Duchess Demise >:3
King George III was growing tired of endless suitors and boring servants. He just wanted to let loose, but, being the king, 'letting loose' was simply not in the job des...
Unlikely Love: a Geollie short story by Hufflepuff_Demigod12
Unlikely Love: a Geollie short Duchess Demise >:3
Oliver (more commonly known as Ollie) is a servant to the king, George III. However, to Ollie, George is more than simply his king, but he knows he can never be with him...
Hamilton texting by crossthelioness
Hamilton textingby crossthelioness
just them texting and an oc that a YouTuber made named ollie who has a crush on king george and quincy who is Ollie's best friend
Geollie Oneshots by couqhdrop
Geollie Oneshotsby when the
{Oliver Dabney Aedeline belongs to Captain Sealant. Cover art also belongs to them} ok yeah I may be rlly obsessed with these two. apologies XD I wanted to make this col...