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Life and Death on the Diamond Causeway by JeffreyGarris
Life and Death on the Diamond Jeffrey Garris
Tourists fall in love with Savannah as a relic of hospitality. Its residents are kind and affectionate, sweet like the tea they drink. Its live oak groves hang in histor...
Welcome to the Sky by ZTLovesToRead
Welcome to the Skyby Zahra Tagnac
Another collection of random poems I've recorded as they came to me. Please vote and comment on the entries that resonated with you. I'd love to hear your thoughts :)
Jasmine of the Fireflies by MargaretSmoke
Jasmine of the Firefliesby Margaret Smoke
The fireflies have always kept Jasmine safe in their haven. It was in this starry sanctuary that Jasmine mourned her father's death, and escaped the cruelty of the worl...
Blood Is Thicker by BrianaSauls
Blood Is Thickerby Bri Boolin
The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb... Roneisha Gibson is a young woman navigating the streets of Austin. Businesswoman by day, hustler by ni...
San Francisco by ShreddSpread
San Franciscoby Shredd Spread
A painting of a complicated city.
Eat@Zeke's by cjxzoic1970
Eat@Zeke'sby cjxzoic1970
Time, for better or worse ultimately always begets change. Zeke's Kitchen, a well-known Detroit, Michigan east-side Soul Food restaurant has been devastated by the closi...
Samson ✓ by ozthewild
Samson ✓by (⺣◡⺣)♡*
Bereft and broken, an erstwhile trophy wife searches in vain for equilibrium at the bottom of a wine bottle. A meditation on loss untempered by acceptance, told in seven...
Girl With Glasses by ZCGreenberg
Girl With Glassesby Zoeeeeee
Brooklyn, 1998. Love in the time before Facebook.
the hambone actors by SpragueThomson
the hambone actorsby SpragueThomson
The handpuppets who play their role inside the facade. Those who retreat without being responsible for their gentrification, gerrymandering, racism and fascism. There's...
Four Floors (excerpt) by SabinPrentis
Four Floors (excerpt)by SabinPrentis
This excerpt is taken from the first time collaboration between authors Ran Walker and Sabin Prentis. The original collection of short stories explores the lives of four...
It Feels As If A Spell Has Been Placed Over Izara's Neighborhood by EscritoraMia
It Feels As If A Spell Has Been Constellations
When Izara first moved to the neighborhood, the Shade felt vibrant and warm. Over the past few hundred years, it's grown cloudy and foggy, and Izara's neighbors have bec...
House of God by WilliamTorres0
House of Godby William Torres
Religion. Pain. Struggle. This is all that Jaclyn knew for most of her life growing up in her hometown of Bethany, California, where the word of God and guns were the o...
Views From The Apple/ My New York by Jay_Nique
Views From The Apple/ My New Yorkby Jay_Nique
New York is the city of dreams to some people. To others they see this city as a hell hole. This piece shows New York City from the perspective of an African American ma...
Sonny Deserved Better {Discontinued} by Hamiltrash3
Sonny Deserved Better { Sam
#1 in stories tagged with Usnavi. An In The Heights Fanfic in Sonny's POV, coping with his cousin Usnavi's decision to leave for the Dominican Republic and continues wit...
unplugged by MaximQuirk
unpluggedby Age of Aries
fading in and out of the layers of thought. 14 May 2015 2:43pm
Fighting Gravity by JtheDimitri
Fighting Gravityby J Dimitri
During the day, he's just nice calm Mihai, always looking out for the little guy and trying to find his place in the world. At night, it's more of the same, but as High...