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•~Danganronpa V1 Scenarios~• by _Korekiyo_
•~Danganronpa V1 Scenarios~•by _Korekiyo_
The story cover isn't mine, credits to the rightful owner ❤️
"Maybe?" A Tokomaru/Syomaru Story by t_touko_fukawa
"Maybe?" A Tokomaru/Syomaru Storyby •Touko Fukawa•
About 1 year after the terrifying events at Towa city, the destroyed city is finally coming back together! Over that time Touko Fukawa and Komaru Naegi have become close...
No, thats wrong! by Leafshade0Shadowsky
No, thats wrong!by Leafy~meow
Basically if Makoto was the mastermind. Also, all the deaths and stuff are the same besides hifumi's. I'mma just pretend Yasahiro died instead of Hifumi cuz Hifumi is go...
Ultimate Romantic  (Byakuya Togami x Reader) by shsltogamikinnie
Ultimate Romantic (Byakuya ✧∘* ೃ ⋆。˚celeste˚。⋆ ೃ*∘✧
17 high school students are invited to an elite school known as Hope's Peak for being the absolute best at whatever they do. These students harbor talents known as "...
{The Lily Of The Night} Toko Fukawa x Female reader by uwukokichiscute
{The Lily Of The Night} Toko ꧁Tσαѕtч pσp Rσckѕ꧂
It's a rainy afternoon, you see a girl pass by with long braids, and something inside you is telling yourself that you both will meet soon...
In Our School's Garden - [ Tokomaru ] by grayscale_87
In Our School's Garden - [ Mike
Warning: angst, bullying, offensive language, self harm, and suicide [ I will not give warnings for when the options above in the warning appear, so if any of these thin...
really - naegami  by renegaydes
really - naegami by koi fish
This motive was even more idiotic than the last. Byakuya Togami had nothing to hide. He had no flaws, he was the embodiment of a perfect human being. This wouldn't matte...
DR Fanfic ❥ For You (Togafuka) by splitter--
DR Fanfic ❥ For You (Togafuka)by ─DANGANRIBS➛💕
• Please read "⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTICE ⚠️" before you start the story! • Book cover art belongs to me! Don't steal it. If you use it, please credit me. After heari...
Rating Danganronpa Ships with Junko, Toko, and Makoto by neonsherlockk
Rating Danganronpa Ships with cunt
-Author~Chan here with Junko- Junko: HI BITCHES -Toko/Geno- Toko: h-hi Geno: HIIIIII -and Makoto- Makoto: hello
"We will believe in Hope!" [Trigger Happy Havoc Male Reader Insert] by SEX-DETECTIVE
"We will believe in Hope!" [ SEX-DETECTIVE
You are Y/N L/N. You go to Hope's Peak Academy as The Ultimate Investgator. You were just walking to Hope's Peak and you were in a good mood. But that stopped when you s...
Eviction Notice 3: Danganronpa by _TheBestBoy_
Eviction Notice 3: Danganronpaby Benji
Welcome to Eviction Notice, a strategy based game where one must outlast their other housemates in a battle of wit, endurance, and power! Form alliances, build bonds, an...
Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios!!  by GermaphobicDetective
Danganronpa:Trigger Happy Havoc 𝘼𝙠𝙖𝙜𝙞 𝙆𝙖𝙯𝙪𝙖𝙠𝙞
I don't know what I'm doing but enjoy I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You can request scenarios~~ Don't worry I don't bite, I promise ;) Slow updates I'm sorry :( Characters belong t...
In this together by FoxMaster95
In this togetherby FoxMaster
This story has my OC and this is my first story also if you do not ship Tokomaru then this story is not for you. This story is about how three friends help each other o...
Miss Jack and Me by DanganLove
Miss Jack and Meby DanganLove
(Danganronpa crack pairing: Sonia Nevermind x Genocide Jill) Sonia Nevermind is the president of the serial killer fan club, well more like the only member. While scouti...
My Sunflower || Yasuhiro Hagakure X Reader by gontas_bug_box_
My Sunflower || Yasuhiro I’m on ADHD
Y/N Gokuhara was born into a rather wealthy family. When she was very young, her twin brother had disappeared, and she hadn't seen him in twelve years. She took up an in...
The Servent And Me. by Dangan_Ally_UwU
The Servent And Mizuki_light0424
Byakuya is the prince of a kingdom of well fortune and elegence. One day a poor messy boy with brown hair comes to the castle asking for shelter. The king accepts but in...
Danganronpa One-Shots by Vocaloid_Rochu_Lover
Danganronpa One-Shotsby Hiyoko's_Killer_Is_Jessie
These will be Danganronpa One-Shots between Canon characters, Canon X OC, and Canon X Reader. Maybe even OC X Reader if you'd prefer! XD Sorry if this doesn't seem like...
Genocide Jill X Reader by BroadwayMusicals25
Genocide Jill X Readerby FanfictionIsMyLife25
This is a Dangonrompa:Trigger Happy Havoc fanfic
Dancing with Danganronpa characters by azmgamii
Dancing with Danganronpa charactersby your mom
hiii i got inspired by the soong therefore you and me so this is on a whim but i hope ;) you enjoy