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The Dragon and Kryptonian  by wolfdagger11609
The Dragon and Kryptonian by wolfdagger11609
Y/N Ziegler. His own brother had killed him because he was a threat to his clan. He was saved by a Doctor called Angela Ziegler who took him in and raised him. Except he...
the shooting stars and i || genssidy by frostimochi
the shooting stars and i || fiona
blackwatch is offically recruited and beginning their training and missions. genji meets a former texan cowboy, cole cassidy, who surprisingly is also his roommate. thou...
Red Eyes |Genji x Reader| by Cryanide
Red Eyes |Genji x Reader|by Cryanide
Light flecks of crimson littered Genji's eyes, coloring the dark, soulful color of burnt sienna. "Why do you stare?" He asked, though no curiosity flitted into...
The Fallout of Conquest (Fallout x Overwatch) by Cmonkey512
The Fallout of Conquest (Fallout Muffin
Overwatch is looking for an edge over Talon. Winston has an idea for a teleporter that can scan radio frequencies and teleport someone to the source. It's assembled, so...
" NIGHTHAWK " genji shimada.  by belovedgenji
" NIGHTHAWK " genji shimada. by ~ 𝑀 ❥
" a story in which the infamous talon assassin known as nighthawk is forced to become a blackwatch agent in exchange for her freedom " overwatch semi-au [ gen...
Solar Storm (Overwatch Illari x Male reader) by XIXNOVAXIX
Solar Storm (Overwatch Illari x XIXNOVAXIX
With the return of Overwatch, the world entered a new era of conflict. Null sector was on the rise once again, and now working alongside Talon, people needed a force to...
p l a y b o y || Genji x Reader by dupIicate
p l a y b o y || Genji x Readerby hubba hubba
"He's so cute.", "He's gorgeous!", "I would marry him if I ever got the chance." All these comments you hear in the hallway walking to clas...
Overwatch (Gay) Oneshots by home-grown-tomatoes
Overwatch (Gay) Oneshotsby Flesh Pile ❤
All of them are gay and nobody is getting a str8tm one ever, okay? Some of this may suck. But like. I really love everyone in this game. LIKE EVERYONE IS SO CUTE AND PE...
Overwatch (Various) X Reader by Kittyhugsyou
Overwatch (Various) X Readerby 「Indo」
»〔Requests are open!〕« ★☆One-Shots with all your favorite Overwatch waifus and husbandos! I'll be doing all heroes at least once, though highly requested characters can...
Green and Brown {An OverWatch McGenji Fanfiction} by MurdocSmith
Green and Brown {An OverWatch MurdocSmith
Trust. A tool of either good or evil. Genji Shimada placed his trust on his brother. His death following shortly after. Jesse McCree placed his trust in a leader. Saving...
No Checkpoints!      x male reader by divinityforeternity
No Checkpoints! divinityforeternity
You are just a regular old college student having a normal life. Then one day you download a game that'll change your life forever. You beat the most famous streamer in...
JESSE (Mcree X Fem Reader) | Completed by ZiaGalaxaria24
JESSE (Mcree X Fem Reader) | {•Ginger•}
Really quickly: This is an Overwatch fan fiction for people who like cute romances- no lemons here. Ew. I'm *trying* to keep this appropriate for all ages of WattPad us...
Baby 76 (OverWatch x Baby!Reader) by PyroMax
Baby 76 (OverWatch x Baby!Reader)by Max
Little stories with a Baby! Reader and the Overwatch
Devastator (Male reader x Overwatch) by JackWinters115
Devastator (Male reader x Jack Winters
A painful past, a future to save and a lot of mental problems. He's him
" YUANFEN " genji shimada.  by belovedgenji
" YUANFEN " genji shimada. by ~ 𝑀 ❥
" a story in which genji shimada vows to assist dahlia blackrock in breaking whatever spell the reaper has put on her. " overwatch semi-au slowburn [ genji sh...
The Hellwalker Roams: A DOOM X Overwatch Story by After_Hours_Writer
The Hellwalker Roams: A DOOM X Austin, An Author of Stuff
A lone man, one long forgotten by all, returns to his home planet, only to see nothing but death and abandonment. Realizing the world needed him once more, he roams the...
Genyatta by joaouo
Genyattaby ugh
EDITING IN PROGRESS. currently editing, i hope it's better.
Dance of Two Colors (Genji x Reader) by RedOnBlack
Dance of Two Colors (Genji x cl
Genji Shimada was his name. Before he grew up, before he played with girls, and before his brother killed him... he was the sweet boy who approached a crying girl on the...
Genji x Reader - The Pact  by Marychan-uwu
Genji x Reader - The Pact by Marie
You had lost your family when you were really young. Thats when you met Kumo, a demon quickly becomes your only friend and companion. Searching for somewhere to stay you...
overwatch X Reader Oneshots by SpazzingCookies
overwatch X Reader Oneshotsby mel
I may do requests, but really I'm making this just to put the ideas I have down for it. (No NSFW!)