The Hottest Woman by shinhyokyung
The Hottest Womanby shinhyokyung
All about Belina Carmela Rose!!! Pengen tau? silakan langsung Add library dan tunggui Kisahnya! MATURE CONTENT, KHUSUS UNTUK USIA DIATAS 18+ !!! BAKAL DI PRIVATE S...
  • international
  • maturecontent
  • romantis
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Blessed Or Condemned by skylooksdeep
Blessed Or Condemnedby skylooksdeep
Highest ranking #38 in general fiction No , please leave me "I said hurriedly when he tried to dug his face deeper in my neck . Just Shut up !, a slut like you has...
  • marriage
  • arrogance
  • yourstoryindia
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The Kings by jungjoonyoung5555
The Kingsby jungjoonyoung5555
I decide to publish this. This is my original story and character. The genre is smut. Because when I imagine things, most of them is... well.... yeah... you know. The pi...
  • inagination
  • boyslove
  • 5555
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Your Name ♙ supercorp by laurenuts
Your Name ♙ supercorpby laurenuts
Lena Luthor acorda no corpo de uma garota que nunca viu na vida, em uma cidade totalmente diferente da sua, após um experimento mal sucedido com Kryptonita. As coisas só...
  • ff
  • yuri
  • karlena
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Uväznení by saramichalikova
Uväzneníby saramichalikova
Netuším, či je ráno alebo večer. Neviem, či svieti slnko alebo padá dážď. Už dlho som sa nepokochala hviezdami. Jediné, čo je okolo mňa, je tma... Moje oči si po pár týž...
  • wolf
  • les
  • bojovník
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Industry 💯🦍🤞 by darealkeemoney1
Industry 💯🦍🤞by darealkeemoney1
This a made up book about neka and gee money. Gee got anger problems dat he seem to cant control and stop taking it all out on neka. Gee can't decide rather he wanna be...
  • batonrouge
  • drama
  • love
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Ten Years Are Not Far Apart by BeautyVang
Ten Years Are Not Far Apartby BeautyVang
On that fated day, Qu Xi watched the suave, young and talented Gu Yan present on the lecture theater in her high school. From then on, she grabbed on and never let go, w...
  • love-at-first-sight
  • age-gap
  • youth
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Her Game -(sql to A Players Game) by crash_romely
Her Game -(sql to A Players Game)by crash_romely
🎲 To understand this story you have to read "A Players Game" that's the beginning, just a heads up. 🎲🎲 What happens when the love of your life walks away...
  • growguide
  • gxg
  • player
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Từ hoan by tieuquyen28_3
Từ hoanby tieuquyen28_3
Từ hoan Tụ Trắc Convert: gachuaonl Link: (VIP2018-01-12 kết thúc / năm bảng kim bài đề cử ) Tổng download sổ: 2...
  • xuyênviệt
Dreams of Vision by Totally_NOT_Obsessed
Dreams of Visionby Totally_NOT_Obsessed
Poor blind boy Elliot Hearthe was given a gift on his tenth birthday, a gift giving the power to see... in his dreams that is. He had been living a normal life. What ex...
  • disability
  • somethingithoughtof
  • grammar
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Once a family always a family by redfiredragon1256
Once a family always a familyby redfiredragon1256
What if Roblox Family was changed forever? What could have been the outcome of everything? If Red stayed with Lexi and Maddie takes off. Find out in the sequel to ROBL...
  • drama
  • roblox
I'm Sorry by amandaknoche
I'm Sorryby amandaknoche
Please join me on my adventure in my book as a write creative fiction based on my childhood experiences with plenty of abuse but strength
  • help
  • lonelines
  • sexsual
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Taming the devil [boyxboy] by MadelenBlack
Taming the devil [boyxboy]by MadelenBlack
Maybe some guys are not meant to be tamed. Maybe they are supposed to run wild until they find someone, as wild, to run with. Poveste boyxboy.
  • boyxboy
  • secrets
  • drama
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Bounded By Love - Finding True Love by Believing_In_Fate
Bounded By Love - Finding True Loveby Believing_In_Fate
Sanyukta sat on the bed, clad in bridel red dress,she was looking breath taking, the room was completely decorated and the bride's beauty was giving it more beautiful gl...
  • sanaya
  • leaving
  • torture
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A Shadow in All Our Hearts by MetalSonicMania
A Shadow in All Our Heartsby MetalSonicMania
Haven't you heard? Once, there was a girl. The story says that she was beautiful. On the outside, she was beautiful. On the inside... She was full of cuts and wounds. No...
  • fiction
I just wanna be with you by Childof1998
I just wanna be with youby Childof1998
Im Glisten Race Kent. The only daughter of Summer Rain Canda and Snow Grace Kent. I have a twin brother named John Lelouch Kent. Im a happy go lucky girl. I have everyt...
  • janine
  • lovestory
  • family
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Stringless by blinddaisies
Stringlessby blinddaisies
Carter DuPont has always hated labels. From his designer suits he'd been forced into his whole life, to a miniscule booty call, and even to the brand name on a cereal bo...
  • humor
  • highschool
  • heartbreak
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