Friends with benefits by urbanwhore
Friends with benefitsby urbanwhore
March 17,2018 ranked #1 in rising general fiction. Autumn and Killa (Jelani) always noticed one another, but Killa had his hoes and Autumn had just got out of a bad rela...
  • drama
  • drugs
  • freak
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Liêu lần toàn thế giới [ xuyên nhanh ]-Hoàn by sorina168
Liêu lần toàn thế giới [ xuyên sorina168
Tác giả: Hàn Hoa Nhất Mộng Converter: Bến Văn án: Mỗi một cái thế giới, Lộ Mạn gặp phải đều là yêu đương hard hình thức -- Vấn đề học sinh cùng tinh anh giáo thụ. N...
  • xuyênnhanh
MEDICINE by QueenSahmara
MEDICINEby QueenSahmara
24 year old, Clarence White, is living a normal but non stress-free life with his roomate, Darnelle. He is also in a complicated relationship with Winter Blanco. He is d...
  • drama
  • relationshipgoals
  • relationship
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my 12 older brothers and me  by thebluesparrow_
my 12 older brothers and me by thebluesparrow_
My name is Maddison Montgomery, but everyone calls me Maddie. I'm 15 years old and I live with my 12 older brothers and dad. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. If you...
  • brothers
  • bigbrothers
  • overprotective
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Founder Of Diabolism by WinterRose317
Founder Of Diabolismby WinterRose317
As the grandmaster who founded demonic cultivation, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos he created. In the end, he was backst...
  • adventure
  • romance
  • drama
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Roommates? || Dylmas by coupdylmas
Roommates? || Dylmasby coupdylmas
dylan has just started college and he's solely focused on being a good student. no girls. no partying. no alcohol. no getting wasted at midnight. he wants to make his pa...
  • boyxboy
  • newtmas
  • thomas
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Ten Minutes to Live by SAKrishnan
Ten Minutes to Liveby SAKrishnan
A cop stuck in a hopeless situation and knows that he is going to die in ten minutes... Thank you @undoutedlymine for the cover. The 'I love my dad' picture is from free...
  • action
  • romance
  • secondchance
Cinta Terindah by nanazuwa
Cinta Terindahby nanazuwa
" Abang dah rosakkan hidup Medinna, abang dah rosakkan angan angan Medinna. Medinna takkan kahwin dengan dia. Pleaselah think about me too " jerit Medinna Suma...
  • novelremaja
  • sedih
  • novelmelayu
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She's a bitch by BeingThatBitch
She's a bitchby BeingThatBitch
You could here the connection from China as I slapped her right across the face "You're a bitch!" she screamed I smiled at her evilly "In a way you could...
  • daddy
  • bwwm
  • richbitch
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Слёзы Бугенвиллеи by ViktoriaVladimirovn8
Слёзы Бугенвиллеиby ViktoriaVladimirovn8
Викторианская Англия. По счастливой случайности сиротку Хартли принимают в богатую семью, но от этого злой рок не перестаёт преследовать её: спор с новоиспечённым кузено...
  • обман
  • ангст
  • lovehate
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Bad Boy 2. ➳ ybn nahmir. by playgalcarti
Bad Boy 2. ➳ ybn playgalcarti
❝He's going back to his old ways...❞ PLEASE READ BAD BOY [ THE FIRST BOOK ] BEFORE YOU READ THE 2ND. - ybn nahmir story.
  • ybnalmightyjay
  • ybn
  • nicksantana
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[Đồng nhân văn Onmyoji] Phương pháp dưỡng thành con dâu nuôi từ nhỏ [CP Cẩu Cáo] by HeiharaKanra
[Đồng nhân văn Onmyoji] Phương phá HeiharaKanra
Tác giả: Miên Miên Miết Edit: Heihara Kanra Artist tranh cover: 山河草木 ...
  • đạithiêncẩuxyêuhồ
  • onmyoji
  • đammỹ
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The Resident by QueenKit13
The Residentby QueenKit13
Conrad Hawkins is a Resident Doctor at the greatest Hospital that people love name Chastain Memorial Hospital,but when many patients are dying because other doctors can'...
  • doctors
Hidden Roses  by profcheeziteater
Hidden Roses by profcheeziteater
Pax is a fifteen year old (sophomore) with no sense of self love and also with a shitty family. He grew up in a world where he hadn't heard a lot of things even existed...
  • realisticfiction
  • comingoutoftheclosetbasically
  • dontreadthis
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A Visit by smashonthestreet
A Visitby smashonthestreet
The Bar: Skye and Graham try to get information from the very difficult Halle Weiss who works in the dangerous crime syndicate named Stratos. A Visit: Skye goes on one...
  • action
  • past
  • prettycraptbh
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The Storm In Me by -cysdiary
The Storm In Meby -cysdiary
"Family is supposed to stick together no matter what. Whether it's happiness and sunshine or despair and rain, we all we got."
  • struggle
  • love
  • rihanna
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Cô Vợ Xấu Xí Của Ông Trùm by QuyMi_BaBa
Cô Vợ Xấu Xí Của Ông Trùmby QuyMi_BaBa
Truyện đang ra. Đây là ngôn tình, ngôn tình. Cho nên văn vẻ không khác gì mấy đâu! Mong mọi người đọc chap 1 không cần mong chờ chap 2. Trình viết của ta luôn thế! Hai...
  • hot
  • nuthongminh
  • namcuong
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