Killing Me Softly by jR0cWrites
Killing Me Softlyby jR0cWrites
MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY 18+ LOTS OF MATURE CONTENT, HARSH LANGUAGE, AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. When other women look at him they see the money, the fame, the charm, and undeni...
  • possessive
  • babydaddy
  • mature
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love triangle ✓ ybnnahmir/trippie redd by okokohno
love triangle ✓ ybnnahmir/ okokohno
you used to say you in love; i used to say that shit back. 4.8.18 --- in which nick santana (ybn nahmir) and michael lamar white (trippie redd) fall in love with the sam...
  • skitheslumpgod
  • lovetriangle
  • trippiered
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Hồ Ly Biết Yêu - Diệp Lạc Vô Tâm by Jenny240_loveyou
Hồ Ly Biết Yêu - Diệp Lạc Vô Tâmby Jenny240_loveyou
Số chương: 12 + 2 ngoại truyện Tác giả: Diệp Lạc Vô Tâm Người dịch: Thu Ngân Nhà xuất bản: NXB Văn Học Nàng là hồ ly, vốn thuộc về ma giới - nơi quanh năm suốt tháng...
  • holybietyeu
  • dieplacvotam
  • ngontinh
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Girlfriends by YattaRose
Girlfriendsby YattaRose
Four friends , with several different problems and many issues come together to tell their stories and receive advice from one another. Things take a turn when hidden se...
  • shortstory
  • rich
  • yatta
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In A Blink by Alisha_191
In A Blinkby Alisha_191
When a person is gone, should you miss him or remember him? If you miss him, do you look back at old pictures and cry? If you remember him, do you think of the tone of...
  • always
  • pain
  • lovestory
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BTS preferences by JennyBode
BTS preferencesby JennyBode
preferences, reactions or other things except imagines. Then you can read my BTS x Male reader for that.
  • reactions
  • fanfic
  • bts
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Focus on me  by Rblaiss
Focus on me by Rblaiss
Focus.. baby can you focus, on me? Anais is 19 trying to figure out life. After she got kicked out of her parents home at 17, she's been independent and worked hard for...
  • urban
  • black
  • houston
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world Superstar by RebirthKingBoy
world Superstarby RebirthKingBoy
every body once had the dream to become a star, so what would a normal person do when he have the chance to become the star of superstar's with the help of a mysteries s...
  • mightbebl
  • system
  • showbiz
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Run|Short Story by KamwroteIt
Run|Short Storyby KamwroteIt
A cynical teen with a troubled background, finds herself struggling to be the best sister, and the perfect daughter to a mother completely detached from her, all the whi...
  • teenfiction
  • comingofage
  • shortstory
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Consolidating Harmony by DevaDDK
Consolidating Harmonyby DevaDDK
A within contemplation, if it's FRIENDSHIP or LOVE. No. It wasn't the inner contemplation of the two souls involved, it was the contemplation of other souls that found...
  • pranushka
  • life
  • friendship
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What It Was by countryreb020
What It Wasby countryreb020
She's had a regular life. Regular parents trying to make ends meet. As a teenager she got a job part time working for a diner in town. She's just a small town girl anywa...
  • oilcover
  • two
  • oil
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[Bách hợp][Tự Viết][ABO] Tháng Sáu Năm Ấy Mưa Rơi by CmBnhTnTuyt
[Bách hợp][Tự Viết][ABO] Tháng Sá CmBnhTnTuyt
Tác giả: Nhất Bán Công Tử. Thể loại: Bách hợp, ABO văn, hiện đại, niên hạ công, giới giải trí, 1x1, ngược tâm, H văn, HE. Tình trạng: Chưa hoàn. Đôi lời của tác giả: Thậ...
  • abo
  • bachhop
Forced to Forget by Cassia16
Forced to Forgetby Cassia16
A woman named Isabella led quite the average life, that is, until she was kidnapped. As she traveled farther and farther into the twisted world of Steve and his memory l...
  • angst
  • memory
  • loss
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Adiza Jaadoo by -Rehanna-
Adiza Jaadooby -Rehanna-
Aditi and Zain become co-stars of the hit show Naamkaran, but with differing personalities comes a lot of issues. But to have chemistry, there must be some intensity, wh...
  • avneil
  • aditi
  • zain
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MY GENIUS PRINCE (ON-GOING)  by JustStupidGirl_27
MY GENIUS PRINCE (ON-GOING) by JustStupidGirl_27
  • heartaches
  • cecelib
  • idangs
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Cotton Candy Bruises  by goatdun
Cotton Candy Bruises by goatdun
Alex is a sadist and a masochist. Nicole is the all too willing sub that falls in love, and into Alex's control.
  • masochism
  • choking
  • trans
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OC of POC by seriyajones
OC of POCby seriyajones
My book of OCs, inspired by people of color. Characters will have face claims of stars and placed into my stories with a bio and what story they will appear.
  • shadesofmahogany
  • black
  • foryoueyesonly
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El Pueblo de Agua by Realismagico
El Pueblo de Aguaby Realismagico
Roque, Enrique, Jose y Edilma al ver la reacción, el sudor pasmado, el aliento estacionario y la gélida mirada de cada uno, habían comprendido que ése sueño, ésa zozobra...
  • mágico
  • conflicto
  • latinoamerica
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