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The Launch by MarkVictorYoungt
The Launch by MarkVictorYoung
Watson Sinclair has only been in New York for a couple of hours and already he's had a small accident in his car involving some distracting cleavage and an inconvenientl...
The Tletl Redux by Frode92t
The Tletl Redux by Frode92
*A Wattpad Featured Story* The death of Vice President Albert Stone heralds the beginning of a global catastrophe long prophesied by Indian mystics. Wickedly plotted a...
Smile for the Coup D'état by Sean_Cameront
Smile for the Coup D'état by Sean_Cameron
*Featured LitReads Title* Mixing the excitement and drama of pulp fiction with the nuance and lyricism of literary fiction, Smile for the Coup D'état is a story of tour...
The Sleep Part I: The Fan & The Things That Hit It by Rose_Catherinet
The Sleep Part I: The Fan & The Th... by Rose_Catherine
At sixteen, could you run the world? Could you look after the food, the water, the electricity, the government... the children? Evie Ballentrae isn't equipped to deal wi...
Nika by BG_Daviest
Nika by BG_Davies
A WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL Something happened that summer in France, and ev...
Common People by OllieRedfernt
Common People by OllieRedfern
Common People is a collection of flash fiction, fragments and short stories inspired by London, memories, and the works of Lynda Barry and Lydia Davis. Updated at least...
Shrinking Violet ✓ by justlydt
Shrinking Violet ✓ by justlyd
•COMPLETE• Gwyneth Tan knows flowers. Gwyneth Tan does not know love. a featured wattpad story general 32
Nothing Left Unsaid by RaniManohart
Nothing Left Unsaid by RaniManohar
(A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY) Actor Hans Potterman found dead in his apartment! Welma Birdie, Spl Correspondent, E! Today 01 September 2015, Los Angele...
Our Last Time (Featured Novel) by CristyMariePoplint
Our Last Time (Featured Novel) by CristyMariePoplin
***THIS NOVEL HAS BEEN PUBLISHED ON AMAZON*** #10 in General Fiction -Year of 1997- Willow Monroe and Kennedy Danes have been best friends since drawings were assign...
Moby Dx: A Novel of Silicon Valley - Volume 1 Max Ebb by danseligsont
Moby Dx: A Novel of Silicon Valley... by danseligson
Moby Dx: A Novel of Silicon Valley is the story of the life, times, trials and tribulations, loves, families, business partners, students, and college roommates of one-t...
Picturing Christmas by jasonfwrightt
Picturing Christmas by jasonfwright
New college grad Aubrey Porter is a gifted photographer ready for the world. With a degree and a dream, she's heading to New York City to start a new job and a new life...
Maybe A Savior   [Featured] #Wattys2016 by KarenWarzalat
Maybe A Savior [Featured] #Watty... by KarenWarzala
The year is 1972, decades before videos, cell phones and the internet. When a desperate person might still get lost among the busy and the uncaring. Jackie Woods is des...
Poetic Sensibility by AshumiShaht
Poetic Sensibility by AshumiShah
A round table. 5 poets. 1 teacher. May the muses be ever in your favour. Facebook Page: #Wattys2015
The Wire Hanger by laurathesaurust
The Wire Hanger by laurathesaurus
Coby is living a perfectly ordinary life. But then a bleeding woman appears on her doorstep, and her mother inexplicably knows what to do. Soon everything Coby thought s...
TOO LATE - short story by ABEhrhardtt
TOO LATE - short story by ABEhrhardt
Is it my child? Can a man know? Is he even allowed to ask?
Men of Winter by tedmorrisseyt
Men of Winter by tedmorrissey
The setting for "Men of Winter" is deliberately vague but seems to be Russia, especially Siberia, in the earliest decades of the twentieth century. The protagonist, Hekt...
Where Seagulls Fly [Featured] by mittaswt
Where Seagulls Fly [Featured] by mittasw
K-drama meets modern day Elinor Dashwood. Born out of wedlock, Su Bin's safe existence is turned upside down when she has to quit her study to fulfill her father's wis...
Shanghai Nobody by vannchowt
Shanghai Nobody by vannchow
Shanghai Nobody is the story of one young Chinese man's adventure to find love and purposes in the 21st century Chinese metropolis. Written in humorous tone, author Vann...