The Launch by MarkVictorYoungt
The Launch by MarkVictorYoung
Watson Sinclair has only been in New York for a couple of hours and already he's had a small accident in his car involving some distracting cleavage and an inconvenientl...
The Tletl Redux [Completed] by Frode92t
The Tletl Redux [Completed] by Frode92
*A Wattpad Featured Story* The death of Vice President Albert Stone heralds the beginning of a global catastrophe long prophesied by Indian mystics. Wickedly plotted a...
Smile for the Coup D'état by Sean_Cameront
Smile for the Coup D'état by Sean_Cameron
*Featured LitReads Title* Mixing the excitement and drama of pulp fiction with the nuance and lyricism of literary fiction, Smile for the Coup D'état is a story of tour...
The Sleep Part I: The Fan & The Things That Hit It by Rose_Catherinet
The Sleep Part I: The Fan & The Th... by Rose_Catherine
At sixteen, could you run the world? Could you look after the food, the water, the electricity, the government... the children? Evie Ballentrae isn't equipped to deal wi...
Second Chance Romance (Southern Nights) Completed by MercyRoset
Second Chance Romance (Southern Ni... by MercyRose
At eighteen, Jade Sampson thought she had found the one man she would spend the rest of her life with, Austin Giles. He had been a long time childhood friend and later...
New Rules NYC (#Wattys2015 Winner) by JeremyWilsonNYCt
New Rules NYC (#Wattys2015 Winner) by JeremyWilsonNYC
A real-time novel, told over the course of 2015. Two twenty-somethings navigate the new rules of dating, relationships, sex and success - all while grappling with the gl...
Educational Experience by CynthiaDagnal-Myront
Educational Experience by CynthiaDagnal-Myron
He was the "Cinderfella" story of the century: a homeless waif who inherited the fortune of the world's richest adult entertainment tycoon. But when he's sent...
Julian by LolaDomt
Julian by LolaDom
***A Wattpad-Featured Novel*** Highest Ranking: #12 in General Fiction. Read in 120+ countries. Twenty-five-year-old Calvin Leblanc traded his playwright dreams for a...
Faking It by kario12t
Faking It by kario12
"When I tell you that he hates me, you'll probably assume it's because he's a jerk...but you'd be wrong. He's not a jerk. I am." --- Several years ago tragedy struck E...
FlyGirl by LizCharnest
FlyGirl by LizCharnes
BEING UPDATED!!! NEW CHAPTERS OUT NOW!!! Quirky college student Siobhan McIver gets kicked out of her family after stumbling on a dark secret within her family's m...
Moby Dx: A Novel of Silicon Valley - Volume 1 Max Ebb by danseligsont
Moby Dx: A Novel of Silicon Valley... by danseligson
Moby Dx: A Novel of Silicon Valley is the story of the life, times, trials and tribulations, loves, families, business partners, students, and college roommates of one-t...
Common People by OllieRedfernt
Common People by OllieRedfern
Common People is a collection of flash fiction, fragments and short stories inspired by London, memories, and the works of Lynda Barry and Lydia Davis. Updated at least...
Skin Deep (Featured Version 2015) by GreyZonet
Skin Deep (Featured Version 2015) by GreyZone
Every utterance from a question at work to a compelling secret slipped at midnight is forever branded across skin. Compiling, spilling over each other, all arguing and...
Butterfly Jars by beautliest
Butterfly Jars by beautlies
[WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] "The first words people utter tells a lot about that person."
Leaving Limbo by AmyP113t
Leaving Limbo by AmyP113
What if the worst moment of your life didn’t really happen? How do you define your life without that defining moment? That’s the dilemma Harvey Fuller must face when th...
Shrinking Violet ✓ by justlydt
Shrinking Violet ✓ by justlyd
•COMPLETE• Gwyneth Tan knows flowers. Gwyneth Tan does not know love. a featured wattpad story general 32
TOO LATE - short story by ABEhrhardtt
TOO LATE - short story by ABEhrhardt
Is it my child? Can a man know? Is he even allowed to ask?
Old Flames by hmmcgheet
Old Flames by hmmcghee
Lainie Moon and Aaron Dozier have a history, a present, and a possible future. This story was the creation of many helpful suggestions by readers at the time of the wri...