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Human DISCONTINUED by theoneandonlymogeko
Human DISCONTINUEDby Mogekowantstodie
Rudy and Louise are your Average couple, life was perfect that was until Logan came to destroy it. "You think I wanted this? Rudy! I have feelings to!" Louise...
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Seventeen || louigan by desmadres
Seventeen || louiganby 백현
you see people differently when you're seventeen.
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The Best Lines From Bobs Burgers by Seashell1003
The Best Lines From Bobs Burgersby Sea
I have a slight addiction to this show and this is my book of favorite lines. ❤️
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Mille's Infatuation | Yandere!Millie Frock x Louise Belcher  by thatCutesyPie2
Mille's Infatuation | Yandere! thatCutesyPie2
(16+) Mille's obsession for Louise grew even stronger as time passed. She has fallen completely in love with the black-haired girl and wants to keep her all to herself...
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A Fine Line by xXHumanPotatoXx
A Fine Lineby HumanPotato
It was only a brush to the cheek, barely even a peck. But it was enough to make her want to slap him. A Fine Line Between Love and Hate. All Rights Reserved, I don't o...
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Bob's Burgers Fan Fiction #1 - Baby Maybe? by Shining_SHINee8012
Bob's Burgers Fan Fiction #1 - Shining_SHINee8012
Linda Belcher is pregnant and the Belcher family is working hard to prepare for the new baby! Everyone is excited except for the youngest, Louise, she will do anything i...
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Louise's First Period (A Bob's Burgers Fanfic) by LeAsiaMartinez
Louise's First Period (A Bob's LeAsiaMartinez
In this fanfic, Louise Belcher (Bob's Burgers) is 12 going on 13 years old, Gene is 15, and Tina is 17. Louise gets her period for the very first time, and handles it in...
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Bob's Burgers || One Shots SLOW UPDATES by sofialouised
Bob's Burgers || One Shots SLOW Sofia
One shots for my favorite show, Bob's Burgers. Send requests and please enjoy.
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When We Grow Up by adrienctte
When We Grow Upby Emmet
It's the twentieth anniversary of Bob's Burgers and the kids are coming home to celebrate. Except, they aren't kids. They have kids of their own!
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Bob's Burgers Headcanons + One-Shots by madamezoidberg
Bob's Burgers Headcanons + Kristina
This is exactly what it sounds like! I've seen a lot for South Park, perhaps too many, so I decided to make one based off one of my four favorite cartoons: Bob's Burgers...
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He Always Knew by VintageMadame
He Always Knewby VintageMadame
People were shocked to learn that Louise Belcher and Logan Barry Bush had started dating. They were stunned when they started living together. In disbelief when they g...
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OBSESSION. // A Louigan FanFic by dimplesftw
OBSESSION. // A Louigan FanFicby ella 😎👊🏼
perhaps death isn't the end.
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Leave It To The Matchmaker (Older Gene Belcher x Reader) by PopcornPeril
Leave It To The Matchmaker ( Mike and Ike
As Gene enters high school he finds it's not as fun as Wagstaff once was. It's stressful, and loud and he thinks the teachers hate him for some reason. After he overhear...
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Truth or SCARE!!! (Bob's Burgers Halloween Special) by imagine_fanfics_
Truth or SCARE!!! (Bob's Burgers Imagine FanFics
What will happen when a game of truth or dare goes horribly wrong...? *I DO NOT OWN BOB'S BURGERS OR ANY CHARACTERS*
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Weird In A Romantic Way (Gene Belcher X Reader) by TheGeneBelcher
Weird In A Romantic Way (Gene TheGeneBelcher
You never thought a 15 year old teen in a burger suit playing a keyboard would fall in love with you and you falling in love with him.
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My Everything (JIMMY JR. PESTO X READER) by zombiewhore69
My Everything (JIMMY JR. PESTO X Ur worst nightmare
Jimmy Jr. reached down and squeezed my butt. "What the hell, Jimmy??" I pushed him off of me. "What was that about?!" "I don't know," Jimmy...
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Rough Draft by MadamMuffins
Rough Draftby MadamMuffins
As a novelist Tina has no problem creating the trashy love scenes that played out so often in her 'erotic friend fictions' of her teenage years. She knows the formula, t...
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T X T ; louigan by thorstonton
T X T ; louiganby ☾ ✰ ☽
it was only the texts.
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Pink Hat {S/Mb} by bunny-hat
Pink Hat {S/Mb}by Geez Louise
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Family of Our Own ||Bob's Burgers|| by iiwriter_person
Family of Our Own ||Bob's Burgers||by A Person
//Bob x Linda story because there aren't much\\ This story is all about the family growing from no children to the 3 children we all know and love. So I guess this book...
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