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Sailing (Gendrya) by meggyd99
Sailing (Gendrya)by meggyd99
Arya Stark had left her home of Winterfell and left the one man she didn't despise to sail as far west as she could and discover new land. Five years later, Arya returns...
the world keeps turning (it's us that just stands still) by olivemartini123
the world keeps turning (it's us olivemartini
The first time Gendry walks through the gates of Winterfell, Arya didn't even talk to him. She had her reasons for that. Mostly because it was an overwhelming sight, all...
The Hidden Secret by Safiathefirst
The Hidden Secretby Safiathefirst
This takes place after season eight It's been eight years since arya seen gendry, now she has to face him with a secret she's been holding against him for years.
The Long Winter by theshimmerfairy
The Long Winterby theshimmerfairy
My take on season 8 of #GameofThrones. Winter is coming to Westeros as Daenerys and Jon go North to fight the great threat. The Night king's army grows larger and strong...
Arya Snow and Gendry Waters: Just Two Bastards by grabsa
Arya Snow and Gendry Waters: no one
What if Arya Stark was a bastard instead of her brother Jon? This story continues after Arya arrives in Winterfell. She's had the same childhood and adventures as Arya...
Gendrya by grabsa
Gendryaby no one
Gendry and Arya traveling with Yoren and the brotherhood but Arya is aged up a few years and she doesn't have to hide her gender (so she doesn't cut her hair or wear boy...
Game of Thrones by drunkdumbo
Game of Thronesby drunkdumbo
cast updates and stuff + memes to keep you from killing urself untill season 8 comes
Cenizas by Rociorodriguezarjona
Cenizasby Rociorodriguezarjona
¿Que hubiera pasado si Daenerys hubiera encontrado a alguien más con sangre Targaryen? ¿Y si la nombrara su heredera? ¿Que pasará cuando Arya y Gendry se vuelvan a enco...
revenge of the Starks and water's by nianna_waters
revenge of the Starks and water'sby nianna_waters
nianna waters is gendrys little sister she has been training with arya to be a faceless man. they have become like sisters and so nianna leaves with arya. to help her wi...
History Has It's Eyes On Us ~ Gendrya by ZoeK116
History Has It's Eyes On Us ~ A Wolf's Howl
I don't know why I left her. It was honestly the biggest mistake I've ever made. And not because of the leeches or the death sentence... they say you don't know how muc...
Wild Child; Gendrya AU by booxhoo
Wild Child; Gendrya AUby izzy
Gendry has way too many flannel shirts and Arya has a secret to keep. Bran won't let Sansa forget she's into older men. Robb and Jon have no idea what is going on. Hot P...
Gendrya 804 scene rewrite by gotatlasham
Gendrya 804 scene rewriteby gotatlasham
Really angry about how Arya was portrayed as a loner in this episode and how Gendry proposed so I rewrote it. Hope you enjoy! Please comment what you think
WRONG NUMBER by ethervral
; in which he texts the wrong number to get advice, he falls in love instead. (SOCIAL MEDIA)
The Beauty Is a Beast by OrangeColoredSky
The Beauty Is a Beastby Laurel
It has been two and a half years since Gendry Waters made an assisted escape from the woman in Red. He is now 19 and trying to forget about his past. However, he can't s...
Be M'Lady (Gendrya Game of Thrones Fanfic) by LaurentGutierrez
Be M'Lady (Gendrya Game of LaurentGutierrez
This is a one shot fanfic of two Game of Thrones characters, Gendry and Arya. This would have taken place between episode 1 and episode 2 of Season 8. Please be kind, t...
Wolves In The Watergardens by awildflowerisuppose
Wolves In The Watergardensby awildflowerisuppose
The Queen in the North visits Princess Myrcella in Dorne after receiving a mysterious invitation. Prince Jon accompanies, assumptions are made, and oh no, there's only o...
The Lady Of Winterfell by AriaGS
The Lady Of Winterfellby AriaGS
*It's set after the events of season 7* Sansa Stark is now the Lady of Winterfell, however there is no happy ending with the Great War coming and the Houses of the North...
HOME by danndrea
HOMEby Dannalisse
Arya y Gendry después de su maravillosa reunión.