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Princess Hour by Taomio
Princess Hourby Frisca Bayu Melati
Jika kau tidak bisa menjadi seorang putri di dunia nyata. Maka jadilah putri di dalam mimpimu sendiri. Karena semuanya berawal dari mimpi bukan? Markhyuck/Markchan GS in...
  • jaedo
  • gs
  • mark
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Hae Chandissa! by Taomio
Hae Chandissa!by Frisca Bayu Melati
"Kalau dia memang jodohku, jodohkanlah. Kalau bukan, jodohkanlah jugak. Jika dia tidak berjodoh denganku, jadikanlah kami jodoh. Kalau dia bukan jodohku, jangan sam...
  • genderswitch
  • markhyuck
  • nctfanfic
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Disney GenderBend : Beauty and the Beast  by DeathCanCome
Disney GenderBend : Beauty and DeathCanCome
An arrogant young princess and her castle's servants fall under the spell of an enchantress, who turns her into the hideous Beast until she learns to love and be loved i...
  • fantasy
  • beautyandthebeast
  • romance
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Fantasy love -BL Otome- by Storm_Scythe_Reaper
Fantasy love -BL Otome-by 🖤S͙T͙O͙R͙M͙🖤
Lilly, an ordinary otaku... fujoshi was unfortunately targeted by the legendary truck-san! Reincarnated into the otome of her dreams, as a boy?! Follow her as she meet...
  • genderbender
  • prince
  • reincarnation
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S H O E S by Taomio
S H O E Sby Frisca Bayu Melati
Sepatu? Cinta? Dimana letak kaitannya? Pada kenyataannya, mencari sebuah cinta itu sama seperti ketika kalian memilih sepatu. Kebanyakan, orang akan mengejar yang cantik...
  • markhyuck
  • donghyuck
  • leehaechan
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My I by Nipa5896
My Iby Nipa
one-three shot otp SVT, lebih dominan SoonHoon (Soonyoung & Jihoon) bisa bergenre GS atau BxB. -soonhoon -verkwan -meanie -jeongcheol -junhao -seoksoo -soonchan Dkk Hap...
  • gs
  • jihoon
  • woozi
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Who really is Midoriya? (Fem Deku) by YourGirlOfBakuDeku
Who really is Midoriya? (Fem Deku)by YourGirlOfBakuDeku
Izuku was born quirkless, but had two parents that had quirks? Not possible! There was a little mess up when Izuku was born, but how does that effect the story? What was...
  • genderswitch
  • mha
  • sing
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ADEK JAHE (Jaedo Lokal) by Taomio
ADEK JAHE (Jaedo Lokal)by Frisca Bayu Melati
"Lu sukak ama gua donk, adek jahe. Biar kita bedua bisa pacaran gituk." - Doynna Rhea Pramesti Fic rasa lokal! Daily life|Fake chat|and others [18 Mei 2019-]
  • taeten
  • dojae
  • winkun
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The Explosive Potion  by misunderstood_mayhem
The Explosive Potion by Loverboy
Thanks to Seamus potion malfunction, the golden trio, Ginny and the Slytherin trio, have been changed. And Harry's depressing home life might bring him closer to a certa...
  • genderswitch
  • potions
  • harrypotter
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SeeU by Nipa5896
SeeUby Nipa
CLBK? Awalnya Lee Jihoon merasa cinta lamanya kembali datang-- Tapi tidak untuk Soonyoung--- Bilah pisau dapurnya berkata 'Jangan lagi'. Jika yang gadis itu cari hanya...
  • jicheol
  • kwonsoonyoung
  • gyuhoon
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Through Thick and Thin (Draco Malfoy x Fem!Harry Potter) by luciuscurls
Through Thick and Thin (Draco Lucia
Ever since Jamie Potter met Draco Malfoy back in the robe shop, her blood only boils every time Draco's presence or even his voice are in her line of senses. But, as she...
  • dracomalfoy
  • orderofthephoenix
  • draco
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Unorthodox (PJO Genderbend) by ruseandmuse
Unorthodox (PJO Genderbend)by I don't know
**PERCY JACKSON/HOO GENDERBEND STORY!** Percy and Annabeth get a shock of their lives. A little gender switch might just be what it is. ##I HAVEN'T READ BOO WHEN I START...
  • percyjackson
  • genderbend
  • heroesofolympus
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beautiful!° || j.jk + bts   by _GYMIN
beautiful!° || j.jk + bts by 🍃🌹тænnʏ。
All Jungkook wants is a whole new change in life. He even makes a wish for it. But it turns out to be completely different "When He Becomes A She''. Also now he has...
  • bts
  • comedy
  • yaoi
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Complicated (Yunjae) by Dongminchan
Complicated (Yunjae)by FangGyu
Tentang Mingyu yang mempertanyakan statusnya sebagai anak dari Jung Yunho dan juga Kim Jaejoong /kaga bisa bikin summary/ Yunjae,Meanie,GS,DLDR
  • yunho
  • yunjae
  • meanie
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Baby Baby! (NamJin) by mykareien
Baby Baby! (NamJin)by M Y K A
Hanya secuil kisah Mama Seokjin bersama enam bayinya yang lucu dan suami yang nyentrik./GS!Jin/BTS/TIDAK DIREKOMENDASIKAN BAGI PENDERITA LEMAH JANTUNG DAN DIABETES!
  • bts
  • jhope
  • suga
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In Your Shoes by _SunnRisen_
In Your Shoesby SunnRisen
Their destiny was set in stone. It would have ended either way. They were never going to cross paths again. Or, so they thought. When that dreadful event arrives six yea...
  • switchingbodies
  • body
  • genderswitch
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THE SWAP | taekook. by LUCIDTAES
THE SWAP | 𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖗.
After a spell for Conjuration class goes horribly wrong, Jungkook finds himself in the body of a girl all thanks to Min Yoongi Jungkook's roommate Taehyung isn't complai...
  • toptaehyung
  • namjoon
  • btsfanfic
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The Breakfast Club by NuclearPistol
The Breakfast Clubby Devious Devil
You have five different types of people, all in detention on a Saturday. Frank Iero is a criminal, an anarchist. Gee Way is a spoiled girl, a princess. Daniel Howell is...
  • destiel
  • danielhowell
  • basket
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An Alphas Equal [Girl!Louis/Styles Twins] by stasialee
An Alphas Equal [Girl!Louis/ stasia lee
Louis Tomlinson is the daughter of an alpha, and subsequently takes place as Luna when her mother passes away. She's strong, one of the strongest in the pack, and calls...
  • styles
  • edwardstyles
  • werewolves
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Cursed- Paul McCartney by GhostbusterMARVEL
Cursed- Paul McCartneyby Paul McCartney_Fanficgirl
(Mostly Mclennon x Starrison) I was just combing my hair in the bathroom when something strange happened to me. I never thought it could be possible, and I became frigh...
  • paulmccartneyfanfiction
  • lennonandmccartney
  • johnlennonandpaulmccartney
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