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The Breakfast Club by Solace_Space
The Breakfast Clubby Solace Space
You have five different types of people, all in detention on a Saturday. Frank Iero is a criminal, an anarchist. Gee Way is a spoiled girl, a princess. Daniel Howell is...
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Princess Hour by Taomio
Princess Hourby 젠동
Jika kau tidak bisa menjadi seorang putri di dunia nyata. Maka jadilah putri di dalam mimpimu sendiri. Karena semuanya berawal dari mimpi bukan? Markhyuck/Markchan GS in...
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Fantasy-Like Relationship: Mark ❤ Haechan ✅ by Taomio
Fantasy-Like Relationship: Mark ❤ 젠동
To celebrate our 'fantasy-like relationship' couple birthday. Lee Donghyuck and Mark Lee: June 6, 2000 & August 2, 1999 ❤ | This is prompt collections | Try to update ev...
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The Explosive Potion  by misunderstood_mayhem
The Explosive Potion by Loverboy
Thanks to Seamus potion malfunction, the golden trio, Ginny and the Slytherin trio, have been changed. And Harry's depressing home life might bring him closer to a certa...
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Fly me to the Sky ✈️☁️☁️ Yizhan AU ( English Version) by maxine_jung
Fly me to the Sky ✈️☁️☁️ Yizhan Miss Wei Ying
✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ A plane was flying through the clouds. and suddenly it lost the balance. everyone started shouting in fear, but a girl kept on reading a magazine. after an...
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Disney GenderBend : Beauty and the Beast  by DeathCanCome
Disney GenderBend : Beauty and DeathCanCome
An arrogant young princess and her castle's servants fall under the spell of an enchantress, who turns her into the hideous Beast until she learns to love and be loved i...
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Abracadabra ||FemHinata by Aominecchi0831 (FanFiction net by _Yaoi-Kun_
Abracadabra ||FemHinata by Yaoi-Kun
Noya was annoyed after Hinata unintentionally insulted him for being short. So, he made a silent wish, that is to be taller then his kohai. And it was a dream came true...
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Boy name | Vkook  by -holyjoon
Boy name | Vkook by ✦☽
Jeon Jungkook, female. You expected her to be a guy, right? It's her name. It's not serious, but things happened to her because of it.. things that he hated, and things...
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Together | Haikyuu Zombie apocalypse AU | x reader |  by Bokuto_is_daddy
Together | Haikyuu Zombie SoraDXNA
After loosing her whole family to the apocalypse, Nao quarantined herself in her house for two months, watching the world around her crumble, only to eventually leave he...
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The call || Harry Potter || by rivkael
The call || Harry Potter ||by T H E Y / T H E M
She hasn't stammered since she was seven, but this Merlin, this god amongst wizards, is hers.
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The Choice by monophana24
The Choiceby Classically Lovers
"Apa yang akan kau lakukan ketika aku pergi?" Tanya Kyuhyun dengan nada bergetar. (Ini hanyalah sebuah fanfiction genderswitch dari saya. Dengan main pair Kyuh...
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Just "Right" (Female Todoroki x Bakugo) BakuTodo by WoAhSweeTLemOns
Just "Right" (Female Todoroki x WoAhSweeTLemOn
A story where Todoroki has been turned into a girl by a gender switching quirk! Will it be forever or only for a short while? How will Todoroki's life be now? Will it go...
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Double trouble by oXunicornprincessXo
Double troubleby <3unicornprincess<3
----------------- Naruko was from another world where her teacher was her messy loving bestfriend Kashi, where her teammate were a tall laid back and a more loving I do...
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A Song For You- YOONMIN FF pjm.myg by maxine_jung
A Song For You- YOONMIN FF pjm.mygby Miss Wei Ying
I Never really loved the song until i heard you sing.. And SUDDENLY all the LOVE SONG were about YOU. -AGUSTINE DRAKE PARK Start: March 2017 End:-
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The Aladdin Of China  by Shivran86
The Aladdin Of China by Srijita
Yu Nuan, a hoiden living with her sick mother who wants nothing but to give her daughter away to some rich man, becomes the master of a Genie whom she can summon with th...
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My Beautiful Chingu by JeInParkJM
My Beautiful Chinguby JeInParkJM
Baekhyun yeoja ceria, pintar, dan terkenal disekolahnya. Putri ketiga dari 5 bersaudara keluarga Byun. Yang bertemu dengan Chanyeol namja tampan, dan ramah yang merupaka...
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The Accidental Change (Vampire Knight Fanfic) by Lilly_koGAYne
The Accidental Change (Vampire @Lilly_KoGAYne
When Zero Suddenly gets shot accidentally with a bullet that Kaien Cross and Yagari Toga have been experimenting with something strange happens that was not supposed to...
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Cassiopeia, The Spell Caster (Yoonmin Ff) by maxine_jung
Cassiopeia, The Spell Caster ( Miss Wei Ying
"Love is a more powerful force than magic. You can trick the mind and even the heart, but never the soul. When a person is not free to love with their sou l, that i...
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The Time || KyuMin SJ by besajoy05
The Time || KyuMin SJby besajoy
Ketika pertemuan antara Kyuhyun dengan Sungmin menjadi suatu malapetaka bagi keduanya, namun akankah anggapan itu akan berlaku untuk selamanya di kehidupan mereka? Warni...
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Say Yes by mykareien
Say Yesby M Y K A
SoonHoon (Soonyoung X Jihoon) Seventeen GS Pasangan muda yang baru saja saling menyematkan cincin di masing-masing jari manis tersebut nampak bertukar pandangan lalu ter...
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