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The prank by CatLover_3695
The prankby ❤El❤
When Harry's name gets entered into the goblet of fire under a fourth school he wants to know which school it was. When he finds out he decides to have a little fun.
°our sunshine is a cute girl° (H.Harem) UP FOR ADOPTION! by properfullonbicrisis
°our sunshine is a cute girl° ( Jules
❗This story is up for adoption, if interested, please contact me❗ One day, Hinata feels dizzy and tired and is sent home to rest. The next day, he wakes up as a girl. A...
A New Swim Club Member! (TGTF) by ItzPeachySoda
A New Swim Club Member! (TGTF)by ItzPeachy!
Jack forgets his water bottle while doing football Training so he quickly goes back to the changing room to get it! Little does he know this is going to be a visit to th...
The King's Lovers by Kheliyesh
The King's Loversby BornToStanBTS2
Read to find out 😉 For Pictures credits to the real owners, I just made the cover by combining them! No cheating ------- Originally Written on my old account @BornToSta...
The Female Boys....Uh Oh. by Novasette
The Female Boys....Uh Novasette
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Silver, and Shadow try to take on a new creation from Dr. Eggman himself. The problem is, they don't know about the secret ray gun that he attach...
Jack's new experience by GammaWolff
Jack's new experienceby GammaWolff
jack is a 17 year's old high school student, he is a bully and a complete jock, he is the star quarterback who fuck's cheerleaders as a hobby and thinks that women are c...
Female Human Sonic.EXE x Male Reader by Fruit98
Female Human Sonic.EXE x Male FruitCupWriter98
You were always a quiet kid, You Didn't want too but you were forced due to The School's most popular bully who loved to make you miserable. Soon after all the kids did...
-ˋˏ  PARTNERS IN CRIME - C. DE VIL  ˎˊ by _amaranthine02
The Marigold Wilts As the Daisies Blooms by marigoldwrites09
The Marigold Wilts As the Marigoldwriter09
Boss x Secretary BL AU. Vegas Pete Fanfic from Kinn Porsche the Series. There is no similarity to the Novels or the Series except for the character names and dynamics. ...
Chronivac 4.0: The Unforeseen Changes (bro-sis bodyswap story) by AIArchive
Chronivac 4.0: The Unforeseen AIArchive
Jeff got a package what could change everything! Jeff wants to see what life is like as his older sister, but things get messy this is a story writing but lots of people...
I woke up as a girl? by IChoseADumbName
I woke up as a girl?by JohnJames894
Claret, a physics teacher from one of the most prestigious private school in the city collapses and dies from a cardiac arrest at age 32 just to wake up at his younger b...
Never Knew I Needed - Male! Tiana x Reader by FutureDiaryAyano
Never Knew I Needed - Male! Son Sakura
Book 4 - Complete " My dream wouldn't be complete...without you in it. " Ever since he was little, Tyler dreamed of opening his own restaurant with his father...
[End] JoAnna | NoMin GS by jilemonji
[End] JoAnna | NoMin GSby Lemon
// on going // Awal mula Joe yang katanya cuma nolong, tapi kok jatuh? Jatuh cinta ke Anna maksudnya. Joe lelaki 25 tahun yang rela memberikan seluruh efeksinya hanya ke...
She: A Gene Simmons Story by FoxxHawk91
She: A Gene Simmons Storyby FoxxHawk91
How far are you willing to go for love?
Female Sonic.exe Characters x Male Reader  Lemon Oneshots by DarkliteStories99
Female Sonic.exe Characters x LemonWriterBasically
Come one, come all! This book is for all your lemon needs! Revolved around Female Sonic.exe characters!
How to Save A Marriage- Yoonmin Fanfiction *myg. pjm* by maxine_jung
How to Save A Marriage- Yoonmin Miss Wei Ying
You know My Name, not my story.. You see My Smile, not my pain. You notice my cuts, not my scars You can read my Lips not my mind. Start: Nov 18,2016 End: Ma...
Scooby Doo (Genderswap!Shaggy) by Missfanfic16
Scooby Doo (Genderswap!Shaggy)by Taylor Gates
This is my first time doing a gender swap story and I hope you guys like it.
♕♢  卂𝔳𝕖ŇǤᗴ ᗰoм  💜♣ by BornToStanBTS
♕♢ 卂𝔳𝕖ŇǤᗴ ᗰoм 💜♣by BornToStanBTS
Basically a very interesting story in which BTS already have adult college going children and the story is mostly about Yoonmin's daughter being in-love with Taekook's s...
Apart of Something More: Genderbent RWBY x Fem reader by Princess_of_Heart01
Apart of Something More: Babbie
~And why is that? Hoping you'll live happily ever after?~
Teyvat's Gender Swapped Harem by Seraph_Harem
Teyvat's Gender Swapped Haremby Fallen Seraph
Just A Lewd Story Might Take Awhile To Finish