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•♡•Turning Point•♡• by buddha_mode
•♡•Turning Point•♡•by buddha_mode
It was a regular day after practice when Nishinoya and Hinata went into Sakanoshita's to buy pork buns. It was going well until they bumped into a man who...blew up into...
Potion by luna_malfoy_potter
Potionby confused_af
For a wrong potion Harry Potter have to stay with the Slytherins. . . . . . Disclaimer- the characters and the Picture are not mine. #No 1 on TopDraco 14th June 2021
Chosen  by MalfoyInDaClub
Chosen by Grumpy Cat Still
Cecilia Diggory: Hogwarts' very own 'It' girl. Beautiful, popular and bright, she has it all. But then one fateful night her world is turned upside down and she faces...
Unorthodox (PJO Genderbend) by ruseandmuse
Unorthodox (PJO Genderbend)by I don't know
**PERCY JACKSON/HOO GENDERBEND STORY!** Percy and Annabeth get a shock of their lives. A little gender switch might just be what it is. ##I HAVEN'T READ BOO WHEN I START...
FORBIDDEN || MarkHyuck by _taehyunized
FORBIDDEN || MarkHyuckby i do
Everything keeps us apart And I'm not the one you were meant to find
beautiful!° || j.jk + bts   by _GYMIN
beautiful!° || j.jk + bts by 🍃🌹тænnʏ。
All Jungkook wants is a whole new change in life. He even makes a wish for it. But it turns out to be completely different "When He Becomes A She''. Also now he has...
Regression device by ExtreamZack21
Regression deviceby Baller4life
Jace did not know that when Jennifer invited him over that he would now call her house home.
Male monster high x reader  by marydiva17
Male monster high x reader by marydiva17
This book will have the male characters of monster high along with the gender swap version of the female cast as well in the book. Some of the characters mention in this...
Wilted by Sitha_Isnantri
Wiltedby Sitha Isnantri
Hubungan manis Seongwoo dan Daniel akan segera memasuki tahun ketiga. Dan menjelang hari perayaan itu, mereka mengetahui sesuatu.. Sesuatu yang akan merubah alur kisah...
Sparkly by ilianasarigo
Sparklyby Ilian Sarigo
What would you do if you were randomly granted godlike power? Would you defend the world? Kill people you don't like? See the great sights of the universe? When a bunc...
The Accident That Changed Everything by Melitic
The Accident That Changed Melitic
After a freak car accident, Jake is severely damaged. Fortunately, he can be saved, at a cost. Sorry, I am not good with descriptions.
Uchiha Family by AiHaruka
Uchiha Familyby Ai Haruka
Summary: Kesalahan yang terjadi dimasa lalu bukan berarti akan memberikan keburukan untuk masa depan. Kesalahan itu bisa jadi merupakan jalan terbaik yang diberikan yang...
Just "Right" (Female Todoroki x Bakugo) BakuTodo by WoAhSweeTLemOns
Just "Right" (Female Todoroki x WoAhSweeTLemOn
A story where Todoroki has been turned into a girl by a gender switching quirk! Will it be forever or only for a short while? How will Todoroki's life be now? Will it go...
Who really is Midoriya? (Bakugou X Fem!Deku) by OrangeSlices2
Who really is Midoriya? (Bakugou OrangeSlices2
Izuku was born quirkless, but had two parents that had quirks? Not possible! There was a little mess up when Izuku was born, he doesn't know what to do when this shockin...
An Alphas Equal [Girl!Louis/Styles Twins] by stasialee
An Alphas Equal [Girl!Louis/ stasia lee
Louis Tomlinson is the daughter of an alpha, and subsequently takes place as Luna when her mother passes away. She's strong, one of the strongest in the pack, and calls...
"I said I'm fine." Male Osoro x Reader by EMOsharkie
"I said I'm fine." Male Osoro x Tom
The most feared and strongest student of akademi has returned, Osoro Shidesu. Learning that there's a new student at school named (Y/N) (L/N) who has gotten quite a repu...
Wicked Games ~ Supernatural Book 2 by StineSkar
Wicked Games ~ Supernatural Book 2by Lucifer
'Book 2' fem!Castiel story Season 6 - 8
SCP-MINUS by Anime0CC0Manga
SCP-MINUSby Anime0CC0Manga
Is there anyone, outside the world of Medaka Box, that can help/heal Kumagawa Misogi~ (Fem Kumagawa AU)
My I by Nipa5896
My Iby Nipa
one-three shot otp SVT, lebih dominan SoonHoon (Soonyoung & Jihoon) bisa bergenre GS atau BxB. -soonhoon -verkwan -meanie -jeongcheol -junhao -seoksoo -soonchan Dkk Hap...
SeeU by Nipa5896
SeeUby Nipa
CLBK? Awalnya Lee Jihoon merasa cinta lamanya kembali datang-- Tapi tidak untuk Soonyoung--- Bilah pisau dapurnya berkata 'Jangan lagi'. Jika yang gadis itu cari hanya...