Skinny love by heels_and_arrows
Skinny loveby heels_and_arrows
Skinny love (n.) When two people love each other, but are too shy to admit it, yet they show it anyway. Allison Argent was never captivated by others easily, but the n...
  • lgbt
  • scira
  • studentxteacher
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FLOAT by heels_and_arrows
FLOATby heels_and_arrows
Somewhere, there is a small town by the ocean. And somewhere in that town lives a girl like you and me. Almost like you and me. Except that she is half siren. Dalia...
  • bisexuality
  • drowning
  • mermaid
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Halo Effect by heels_and_arrows
Halo Effectby heels_and_arrows
After the death of her wife, Lexa is convinced that love is only for the commoners. So she locks her heart away, not expecting the famous thief Wanheda to steal it. Cred...
  • costia
  • readforread
  • lgbt
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