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Grindeldore // The Hallows That Divide Us by Why_SoSer1ous
Grindeldore // The Hallows That Grindeldore
Albus Dumbledore. A man hung on despair from the loss of his friend, his lover, due to differing opinions in their adolescent years, has brought himself to waste away at...
Love is greater than our cause  by Rro110
Love is greater than our cause by The summer of 1899
*Complete* Chapters 1-14: Gellert and Albus in 1899, two handsome, power hungry young adults planning to change the world...they were closer than brothers 👀 Chapters 1...
Pregnant Albus- Grindeldore by Autumn7Wind
Pregnant Albus- Grindeldoreby LemonSherbet1898
Albus Dumbledore is pregnant. Who's the father? Gellert Grindelwald. See how will Grindelwald react and take care of his lover. By the way they're about 35 years old. NO...
Grindeldore Oneshots  by Rro110
Grindeldore Oneshots by The summer of 1899
*No uploading schedule* Just some ideas I thought were funny\sad I don't own the characters. Rankings: #1 gelbus #2 grindeldore #2 gellert #1 dumblewald #53 albus
Closer Than Brothers by StripyWarrior8
Closer Than Brothersby StripyWarrior8
When Albus' plans to travel round the world after finishing his last year at Hogwarts are cut short by his mother's untimely death, Albus has to look after his wild brot...
Mind Controller  | Grindeldore | by Little_you_dont_know
Mind Controller | Grindeldore |by Deutsche ßrincess
*in correction* & *rewritting some parts* The love no one could deny. Only he can. Mature warning ⚠️ smut sometimes, so if it triggers you, than skip it please. 🖤 Enjoy...
Hallows Binding ((Grindledore)) REVISING! by mik0n0ir0
Hallows Binding ((Grindledore)) Landon B. Succo
A ship that I've recently discovered and am in love with now. Albus Dumbledore a new fresh out of Hogwarts wizard ready to travel the world, until his mother's sudden d...
Grindeldore Oneshots by kraftbrekker
Grindeldore Oneshotsby Kaz / Victor / Bee
A collection of Grindeldore Oneshots I wrote - fluff, angst, crack, and more. Most, if not all, are also posted on my Quotev in journal:
{Thirty-Five Owls} by herenowwithyou
{Thirty-Five Owls}by Lily
Thirty-Five Owls being a correspondence between Albus P.W.B. Dumbledore, Grand Sorcerer, etc., and the prisoner Gellert Grindelwald, of some decades in length. go to the...
The Exchange Student From Durmstrang (Grindeldore) by LLL_jx0209
The Exchange Student From LLL_jx0209
TRANSLATED Original work :
Hogwarts and Grindeldore by Autumn7Wind
Hogwarts and Grindeldoreby LemonSherbet1898
Grindelwald and Dumbledore when they're like 100 years old. At Hogwarts. They did not fight. They are lovers still.
Dictating Fate by gayvillain
Dictating Fateby 💜
[COMPLETED] ❝I want to show you love, but only if you let me.❞ Sequel: Dictating Death Grindeldore fanfiction - RANKED #1 IN THE TAG [??? - March 26th, 2019 | July 22nd...
For Centuries (GGAD/GRINDELDORE/GELBUS) [COMPLETED] by keyarcher
For Centuries (GGAD/GRINDELDORE/ Keynan Archer
"Some legends are told, Some turn to dust or to gold, But you will remember me, Remember me, for centuries. And just one mistake, Is all it will take, We'll go down...
Grindeldore memories  by Grindeldore1898
Grindeldore memories by Grindeldore1898
This is random and unplanned, happy and sad, good and bad, past and future Grindeldore memories
Gelbus Grindeldore Oneshots by j0_h4nn4
Gelbus Grindeldore Oneshotsby Hanna
Kissing, Sex and Love with Gelbus Grindeldore.
Grindeldore One Shots by theggadphoenix
Grindeldore One Shotsby Ryu
Auburn Hair, like fire Blue Eyes Deep as Ocean Blond hair, Like the snow Mismatching eyes, mysterious The love between two young and Powerful wizards One-Shots •°•♪Chap...
Grideldore // The loud whispers of the past II by VicJansennn
Grideldore // The loud whispers A bit of everything
Version 2! (I just rewrote some parts bc of the new movie but I didn't want to throw away the first one completely because I still think some parts are quite good...) T...
"for the gayer good" - grindeldore one shots (old) by foxxxanna
"for the gayer good" - esther
2022 update: im writing new chapters after watching the new FB movie :) ignore the first two, they're horrible haha
dear gellert, i loved you  by uhlenaa
dear gellert, i loved you by lena
'i loved you, gellert grindelwald. i loved you and i still do. the way you love a friend, and more. it had always been that way.' a short grindeldore fanfiction {lo...
OS-Grindeldore- Fucked up by Palu_12
OS-Grindeldore- Fucked upby Palu 12
Albus want to read a book. But Gellert is bored. ----- It exist a German version! I'm sorry for my bad English. Not native speaker...