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So Not Cliche [Yukine x Reader] by BeginningAndEne
So Not Cliche [Yukine x Reader]by trash (remastered)
This is not a cliche story. This is about a girl and blonde haired boy who can never seem to get their act together. Who knew romance could be so clumsy? [Strongly based...
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Mamiko's First Kiss by LewisStockton
Mamiko's First Kissby Lewis Stockton
Nozaki needs a plot for the upcoming February edition of his manga, so comes up with a romantic 'first kiss' plotline, however he needs inspiration. What follows is a lo...
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Pʀᴇʟᴜᴅᴇ by coloredgreen
Pʀᴇʟᴜᴅᴇby azazazures
[Mikoshiba Mikito x Reader] So cheesy you can make a pizza - Cover by winglayer - will update as much as my schoolwork will allow!
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6 Steps to Love [Hori x Kashima] by kisekiyukira
6 Steps to Love [Hori x Kashima]by hxrxkx
[Hori x Kashima] Kashima finally realized her love towards Hori-senpai. But being the airhead Prince she is, she didn't have any idea to confess to him. So what did she...
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shoujo manga ‹ gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun one-shot collection › by komiiya
shoujo manga ‹ gekkan shoujo 甲子園
ㅤ  a one shot collection of ㅤ  gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun ㅤ  characters ! requests are open (and encouraged)!
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Art [Nozaki Umetarou] by cyberidolmelany
Art [Nozaki Umetarou]by cyberidolmelany
Can you stand there while I draw you for a sec?
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we have no tomorrow by postscriptress
we have no tomorrowby Patricia Selina
I want to be there, you think, clutching the phone to your chest like a lifeline, like you were floating off into outer space and it was the only thing holding you to th...
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Inevitability Index by postscriptress
Inevitability Indexby Patricia Selina
Believe it or not, it’s really a coincidence. Well, at least that’s what Masayuki tells himself. Never mind that he actually takes the train that comes a little over thi...
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DIAMOND GIRL by postscriptress
DIAMOND GIRLby Patricia Selina
There's a lot of reasons why Chiyo "Sakura" Hori isn't supposed to get married to Mikoto Mikoshiba, some of them being, as follows: she still has to finish her...
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Dancing with Time | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Fanfic by Tsubaki_Usa
Dancing with Time | Gekkan Tsubaki_Usa
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Fanfiction Summary: Sakura Chiyo has fallen into depression when she finds out the guy she was crushing on has passed away. When she tries to co...
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De l'ombre à la lumière - NozakiXKanna by TheMissMangakaDu55
De l'ombre à la lumière - MissMangaka
Nozaki est le fils du Dieu des Ténèbres et de la Déesse de la Vie ! Mais ses parents appercoivent qu'ils n'a jamais une vrai relation et ils ont peur de ne pas avoir d'h...
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If Happy Ever After Did Exist by postscriptress
If Happy Ever After Did Existby Patricia Selina
Once upon a time, a little mermaid’s elder brother chose to become seafoam over the ocean waves, rather than kill the woman he loved. That story’s dead and gone, but the...
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