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The Cursed Hero || BNHA x Male OC ||  Book 1 by ThatWeeb_MC
The Cursed Hero || BNHA x Male Bonniex
Join the journey of Ayato Naganohara as he grow up with a strange backstory. It isn't tragic like many others but he technically shouldn't even exist at this point. He w...
Summoned  by nishinolla
Summoned by rath✰
-currently being re-written- ((I have a new account if you find me ig u find me😼)) Not saying the name of new account for personal reasons(I don't want my friends find...
Princes of Gehenna by KieraSnow
Princes of Gehennaby Kiera Snow
What if Rin wasn't saved? What if he and his brother were dragged into Gehenna? What if they were raised into the demons their father always wanted? Spoilers... (duh). A...
Fully Demon by Demonic__Flame
Fully Demonby Demonic__Flame
*Rin is a demon that lives in Gehenna and is the king of Darkness and Shadows* The exorcists are killing and being more brutal than normal towards demons and the Royal F...
A mess [Amaimon X Reader] by JessPuddles123
A mess [Amaimon X Reader]by !!!
[CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS/NEW PARTS REGULARLY] -Having being forced to attend true cross Academy from enrolment by Mephistopheles your 'exorcist' journey couldn't go more...
The Boy Who Was Hated His Whole Life by Xenoxx14
The Boy Who Was Hated His Whole FUR10US
Will Rin accept Mephisto's offer to him? Or will he turn it down? If he accepts what will happen? If he turns it down what would happened?
The Secrets of Danny Fenton and a Crossing from Gehenna by greenpandi2004
The Secrets of Danny Fenton and greenpandi2004
Incomplete What happens if you bring a bunch of unexperienced teenagers, 2 mindless adults, and an English teacher to the ghost zone for the first time? Really bad thing...
When We Meet Again |Complete| by supersky1903
When We Meet Again |Complete|by Lad Zone
At the age of 11, the monastery is attacked by Satan. Her negative emotions manipulated by him, Rin is deceived into following him to Gehenna. What will five years of de...
Demons Together (A Blue Exorcist Fanfic) by sunshinestar14
Demons Together (A Blue Exorcist sunshinestar14
This is a Blue Exorcist Fanfiction! \(^o^)/ **************************************** After defeating Satan, things have been normal and well at True Cross Acadamy. Excep...
The Purple Flame (A Mephisto Pheles/Blue Exorcist Romance Novel) by jaidawson
The Purple Flame (A Mephisto Julia
Judi Rilegeki, daughter of one of the most dangerous demons of Gehenna, wakes up at True Cross Academy surrounded by the Cram School Students. Gaining friendship and pro...
Green | • 𝐴𝑚𝑎𝑖𝑚𝑜𝑛 by leslaus
Green | • 𝐴𝑚𝑎𝑖𝑚𝑜𝑛by leslaus
Description coming soon! It's not a crappy story, promise!
Betrayal of the blue flamed demon // LONGTERM HIATUS by Kurama_Kitsune
Betrayal of the blue flamed Kurama_Kitsune
I can't write descriptions but it goes something like this Rin Okumura's life was an easy one until he awoke his demonic powers in an attempt to save his Old Man. What...
Amaimon X Rin by Asteroid_Potato_33
Amaimon X Rinby Space Potato
After finding out that Rin is actually the son of Satan they all start treating him terribly. Amaimon, who has been dating Rin for quite a while offers to let Rin move i...
Hail To The King ~a Blue Exorcist Fan fiction~ by Freak_Fangirl
Hail To The King ~a Blue ✌️😔
~A Blue Exorcist Fan Fiction~ DISCONTINUED When Rin starts realizing that no matter what he does he gets in trouble, so he stops doing good things. The next thing you k...
| GEHENNA | by XStrawberryJams
| GEHENNA |by Strawbs
● Word Count: 9k ● Rin is taken to Gehenna when he is five years old by his older brother who happened to stumble across him during a meltdown. With eight older siblings...
Blue Exorcist: The Separated Twins by scaraderer
Blue Exorcist: The Separated Twinsby Yeocchi/Scara's wife
After the blue night, Fujimoto Shiro was taking Yuri and the twins to his hideout but something happened when they are on they way to his hideout and Satan brought him t...
Half-Blood || PJO x Blue Exorcist by TheNerdifiedKiwi
Half-Blood || PJO x Blue Exorcistby Kiwi
Percy has run out of options. No high school will accept him for his final year. At least, in America. Percy's surprised when he gets an invite to a prestigious private...
Depressed Rin by Makenzee5
Depressed Rinby Cheez-it girl
Rin gets bullied for all of his life.he thought friendship meant that you stick by each others side through thick and thin, but no,they betrayed him.what happens when a...
Amaimon x Rin  by Kitten1134
Amaimon x Rin by The End Is Near
After finding out that Rin is actually the son of Satan they all start treating him terribly. Amaimon, who has been dating Rin for quite a while offers to let Rin move i...
An angel from hell (Blue Exorcist) by ghosts4371
An angel from hell (Blue Exorcist)by ghosts4371
Story starts with the camping trip where amimon takes shemi, and rin reveals his blue flames to the other exwires. All photos are not mine and belong to there rightful o...