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Beautiful Disaster - PJO/Avengers + OC And Peter Parker by OurLadyOfWays
Beautiful Disaster - PJO/ OurLadyOfWays
Name: Josephine Stark Nickname: Jo/Josie/Stark Powers/Skills: Hand-to-Hand, Weapons, Genius Weapons: Swords, Knives, Axes, Bow, etc. Family: Anthony Edward Stark - Fathe...
The Tutor by roo_1410
The Tutorby roo_1410
The spoilt son of an Italian tycoon, Rafe Ferreira, is banished to a small town for his terrible behaviour. In his final year in a new school, he has one year and one ch...
Geek To Gang leader by TheRavenQueen666
Geek To Gang leaderby rianna
Elisabeth blue has always been bullied due to her appearance, she was "ugly " "fat" and well "geek" until even her own brother turned on he...
Alex Reborn by Allielives7
Alex Rebornby Allie
What if you could go back and do it all over again? What if you could have a better family? What if you could do it over it while still being able to remember all of y...
Clara and The Bad Boy by Uniquent
Clara and The Bad Boyby Uniquent
❝ Be confident. Be brave. Be fearless. You are loved either way .❞ Clara Liser is a girl with walls. She's beautiful, deeply empathetic and brave but she's also timi...
SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail (Book Four) - Preview by VeraNazarian
SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail ( VeraNazarian
The exciting conclusion to the Atlantis Grail series! ... A Limited Holiday Preview.. a special gift for my Readers...
Allisia Stark by toast_ghost_2021
Allisia Starkby toast_ghost_2021
First camera entry, my name is Allisia Stark. and I am a fifteen year old genius. I live with my dad, Tony Stark, we share his shop and we are currently working on his n...
My Girl(completed) by jerikalover24
My Girl(completed)by Jerikamydudes
This is story is like any other story. Jake paul bad boy. But he goes soft for ms. Erika. This is my version and hopefully it's a good one
Sex with the bad boy  by marissabrock05
Sex with the bad boy by marissabrock05
I'm a geek but when I'm forced to tutor and a bad boy what will happen Contains sexual content and bad language
The Secret {English} by alonelyloser007
The Secret {English}by Elena
Maria Andrews was just a girl. Until she met someone by accident. She didn't knew that person will cause her so much trouble, but she did know it was love at first sight...
The girl he never noticed by x1Starco1x
The girl he never noticedby xStarcox
It's Rachel's first year at high school, and she is sort of a geek. She starts to gather mixed feelings about the new boy who joins her class, whats happens when he sta...
The Strength of Gondor - Faramir by OurLadyOfWays
The Strength of Gondor - Faramirby OurLadyOfWays
COMING SOON Denethor, Steward of Gondor, has always played favorites with his children. While Boromir can do no wrong, Faramir can do no right in the eyes of his father...
Thoughts of an Awkward Teenage Girl by xJustABookwormx
Thoughts of an Awkward Teenage Girlby Ella
A book full of mind vomit and incomprehensible rants written when I either: a) Am pretending to be texting my many, MANY non-existant friends b) Am on public transport...
Babysitting The Bad Boys Sister  by lovely_me_22
Babysitting The Bad Boys Sister by lovely_me_22
Ally Brookes has daddy issues but her father won't tell her twin the family secret. Whenever she is around her father and brother at the same time they act like best fr...
Clash Of Prides by ShadowRuler1
Clash Of Pridesby ShadowRuler1
A clash was all for hate at first sight, more intense than the word itself. A clash was all to set the walls of pride on fire. A fire, not only burning the two formidabl...
The Flower That Blooms In Adversity (X-Men/Fantastic Four/Kurt Wagner Fanfic) by OurLadyOfWays
The Flower That Blooms In OurLadyOfWays
Most of the world has heard about the Fantastic Four. Most of the world even knows that Ben's wife left him when she found out about his new appearance and abilities. Bu...
But He's My Teacher by pastelnabi
But He's My Teacherby Pastel Nabi
(studentxteacher)"We need to talk" he said in a serious tone. He started to walk towards me but I held my ground. "I was thinking the same thing. Why are...
Jeff the killer x Reader Lemons by Jennerainex
Jeff the killer x Reader Lemonsby Savannah❤
This story has many lemons (so more then 1 and all different storys). 📖📖📖 In this story comes only a vampire reader. This small book contains depressed/abused/geek/n...
Spider-Girl; New Beginning by Koziee066
Spider-Girl; New Beginningby Anisia
Stark Technologies.. Today dad brought me to work.. let's just say I met (more like ran into) a bunch of people.. Captain America, Wanda, Black Widow..? ...
 Violet  Love (yet to be edited!) by catbeer1996
Violet Love (yet to be edited!)by catbeer1996
Is it possible to honestly love two people at once? What if the world condemns us? Why shouldn't I love them? My heat demands them as much as they demand me. Jade O'Co...