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Gravity (Male x Male) by InnerFyre
Gravity (Male x Male)by InnerFyre
Damon Miller has spent the last three years in a hospital facility after an accident revealed an anomaly in his blood. When a new young doctor turns up to run some addi...
The Otherworldly Minds Saga, Book 1: Shattered Minds by staten8808
The Otherworldly Minds Saga, Crushed Crown
In this novel, a boy named Nairobi Hassan lives a life of taking care of someone else's needs no matter what until something life-changing happens that forces him to tak...
Sons of Taldra: A Science Fiction Adventure by DuaneSimolke
Sons of Taldra: A Science Duane Simolke
In an alternate reality, an Iroquois scientist and her twin gay sons battle shapeshifting aliens. Telius wants to marry the man he loves. Argen struggles with the residu...
Erase You by AlexAnkarr
Erase Youby Alex Ankarr
Michael is a musician, Cambridge-educated but living in London. He's successful, attractive and has plenty to keep him busy and happy. So why can he still not get over...
Retro Gold by kurohorizon
Retro Goldby kurohorizon
In 1967, a boy with an unusual ability lives through his first year of college in a rapidly revolutionizing United States. As the threat of war, disease, and aliens loom...