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Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️ by Fr0gsSayHi
Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️by Fr0gsSayHi
{COMPLETED} Axel Miller is the smartest guy in school. Or well, he used to be. Ever since his parents left, everything's been going downhill. Jayden Williams, the school...
mending your heart [dreamnotfound] by SheNotFound_
mending your heart [dreamnotfound]by bethany
when george and his boyfriend break up due to his boyfriend cheating, he hits self destruct, causing many drunken and tear filled phone calls with dream. when one partic...
Teach Me Your Ways //DNF by TechnobladesChild
Teach Me Your Ways //DNFby Techno's Child
Dream is a single father of one, named Tommy. Tommy often got bullied in his past schools which lead to Dream having no choice but to home school him and hire a tutor na...
A Tale of a Thousand Stars (2) by TTlover21
A Tale of a Thousand Stars (2)by TTlover21
This is my version of how I want the story to go. It'll pick up right after the end of season one the next day. I hope you all enjoy!
dreamnap- break me by Issa76490
dreamnap- break meby Issa76490
(contains, gore, abuse, self harm, bullying, shipping, fluff, flirting, one smut scene but I put a warning to you can skip) What happens when you mix one bully, failed c...
Vampire and Me/ Werewolf and Me by Lbforev
Vampire and Me/ Werewolf and Meby Lauren 🖤🤍💜
My name is Edwin. I'm a vampire. My name is Cole. I'm a werewolf We were born to be enemies. We are forced to be together however. Same school and everything 🙄 We hav...
light and dark (Kaebedo Oneshots) by finnsona
light and dark (Kaebedo Oneshots)by finn
they r gay ur honer (this is my first fic so its probably gonna be shit)
The Infamous Hacker (Natasha Romanoff x OC) by CarolineTrius
The Infamous Hacker (Natasha AJM
You may not know Bryce Russell, but you will most definitely know d!s10y41, commonly referred to as Disloyal. d!s10y41 was one the most skilled hackers on the face of t...
Diari Pencinta Lelaki by Qavino
Diari Pencinta Lelakiby Qavino
Mengisahkan kehidupan peribadi seorang "Aku". Kisah benar yang membahagiakan diriku sebagai diri sendiri dan keikhlasan sebagai arjuna yang rela dicintai dan m...
Teach Me - A Camren Fanfiction (GxG) by demsprincess
Teach Me - A Camren Fanfiction ( l.
Camila Cabello, school's badass goes out one night, meets a girl and spends the night with her. What happens when she finds herself meeting the girl again at her high sc...
BRUTAL | Five Hargreeves by imaginefolklore
BRUTAL | Five Hargreevesby eliza
"god, it's brutal out here" Five Hargreeves x Male OC
Drarry Soulmates AU by DisasterChild20
Drarry Soulmates AUby Nix
In a world where everyone has a mark that represents and matches with their soul mates mark. Harry Potter, an unloved boy with no parents, feels like he will never find...
Your Neighbor, The Villain  by trulyupsetting
Your Neighbor, The Villain by oli
Max Codham is Calamity, the ruthlessly hilarious villain with the worst of luck and the coolest of BB guns. Kevin Weld is Captain Kind, the strong, humble superhero who...
EraserMic Fluff by SingingShadowFox
EraserMic Fluffby SingingShadowFox
A mostly lighthearted fluff fic of EraserMic. (Spoiler-wise, this is caught up to the anime, so if you aren't caught up: read if you dare). Super cheesy and awful and...
Another Newell Brother  by official_kokopuffs
Another Newell Brother by Bby_BoyKoKo
[Another... Collection Book #1] Anderson Daniels is a 15 year old with his life going great, he has a modelling career and an acting career to tend to. The one thing he...
He's different  by lpsjakietv
He's different by lpsjakietv
Jace and Jordan a gay couple. Jordan has some concerns about Jace, Jordan thinks Jace has depression and tries to tell him to get help but Jace rejects it. As more and m...
dreamnotfound one shots by SheNotFound_
dreamnotfound one shotsby bethany
this book is just a book which has ideas that i can't be bothered to make into full books right now cause online school is not fun for me lol there will be trigger warni...
Lost (Jikook FF) {{COMPLETED}} by JeonKookie_127
Lost (Jikook FF) {{COMPLETED}}by Comic_StoryWriter
-Park Jimin had woken up in an abandoned forest with no clue where he was. He had no idea on who he was other than his name that first moment he awoke. -Jeon Jungkook w...
kongpob has a daughter  by animelovegirl2
kongpob has a daughter by Hailey
kongpob is a teen dad before he came out gay he had a one night stand and the women ended up pregnant. After that he finds out he has a daughter now he's taking care of...
Chronicles Of Orla by sunlight_elyxir
Chronicles Of Orlaby sunlight_elyxir
Consumed by guilt and rage, Phoenix finally bring himself to stand up to the King of Mala. He must fight. Perceived as a male who kills for fun how will he make allianc...