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PRIDE MONTH 2019 by Imperfect2442
PRIDE MONTH 2019by No Hate Please
Idk I just want to post positivity each day of pride month
  • positive
  • pride
  • lgbtrights
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Behind The Mask by JilliansBookCorner
Behind The Maskby Jillian D
Bite your tongue and hide your true self. To the outside world, 18-year-old Ki Sun is just a normal university student living an ideal life. She gets good grades, has a...
  • romance
  • vigilantejustice
  • koreaninspired
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The Devil Can Be Gay Too MoodBoard by MrsDolan08
The Devil Can Be Gay Too MoodBoardby Upir
Just a MoodBoard about y'all favorite book The Devil Can Be Gay Too
  • gaypride
  • gay
  • bxblove
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Short Stories by Gay-Cult
Short Storiesby 🌈let's get one thing straigh...
A collection of short stories. Either used by prompts or whatever comes to mind. all will be centered around LGBTQ+ like the rest of the account is. please do not stea...
  • lesbianromance
  • aro
  • lesbianfiction
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Somethingelseyt x TheOdd1sOut book by Meggiepoo_UwU
Somethingelseyt x TheOdd1sOut bookby Meggiepoo
this story is full of doodles, stories, and other stuff (sorry i cant come up with a good description🤷‍♀️)
  • jadam
  • uwu
  • somethingelseyt
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Yaoi Roleplay  by vel_is_emo
Yaoi Roleplay by ×Roleplay Liam×
okay bitches! we trying this Shit again! asdfghjkl
  • slash
  • rp
  • ocs
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BTS funny memes?? by RoleplayGod15
BTS funny memes??by Kang Eun In
~Bangtan ~Funny ~Enjoy
  • loveryourself
  • unlimitedpride
  • horselaugh
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Pride Month (Thorki/Thunderfrost) One-Shot by toothlesslover098
Pride Month (Thorki/Thunderfrost) toothy
cover art- boltplumart It's Pride month and Thor meets a bisexual women he's interested in and they plan to meet up again at the Pride event. Next time comes and the wom...
  • gayfiction
  • modern
  • unlimitedpride
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Drarry  GURLLLLL by potterheaddrarry101
Drarry GURLLLLLby potterheaddrarry101
What will happen when Draco get the wrong number? What happens when he finds out who he is texting? Before when I had only done 1 chapter i was going to delete this but...
  • gayness
  • boyxboy
  • weasley
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One Thing To Love You by ObsessedDontAsk
One Thing To Love Youby Unknown
This is a FanFic of Roadtrip in a normal world with out the band roadtrip Andy a bar tender? Rye a slutty businessman? Brook a Solo singer? Jack a small town boy unemplo...
  • roadtriptv
  • compassion
  • romance
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True Love Fades to Gray (But I Still Bleed Red) by jazz_the_artist13
True Love Fades to Gray (But I Jazz The Artist
Idk what this categorizes as lmao but it may or may not be gay you know it's gonna be roMANCE BBY. I don't really know if it's an AU at this point it's more "Inspir...
  • ocstory
  • sallyface
  • unlimitedpride
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Pride Month 30 Day Challenge! by Fandomz_Fangirl
Pride Month 30 Day Challenge!by Evangeline Hisahoshi
The rules is to update once a day with as much representation as humanely possible. Why? Because Pride 2019! Woo! 1- Gay Pride 2- Lesbian Pride 3- Bi Pride 4- Asexual Pr...
  • bị
  • lgbt
  • pan
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The Way Things Are by fack4everrs
The Way Things Areby You Facking Reddie?
Jaeden wants so badly to believe he isn't gay but when his best friends cousin, Mateo moves to town he just can't help falling in love with him. The only problem is Jae...
  • truelove
  • highschool
  • gaycouple
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Fear me for I have the power of queer by the_space_queer
Fear me for I have the power of Raven
GUESS WHAT MOTHER F*%@ERS? My gay journey that's still in progress. LGBT+ song/ book/ other recommendations. Censored swearing for all you pure children out there. The...
  • 20biteen
  • closet
  • unlimitedpride
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list of all sexual orientations by namjoonieyes
list of all sexual orientationsby 《ℛιzε》
let's be honest we all get a little confused at one point or another.
  • random
  • gayrights
  • lgbtq
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Lesbians in Hollywood  by availia
Lesbians in Hollywood by Availia Scarsazay
High school senior Alyssa Barron lands the role of a lifetime in the upcoming romance movie: Miles for Violets. Just when amateur Alyssa thinks she's ready to take on he...
  • teenromance
  • gayfiction
  • teen
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Elderly | s4s  by HerCumSticky
Elderly | s4s by Vagina’
eld·er·ly /ˈeldərlē/ Learn to pronounce adjective 1. (of a person) old or aging. "she was elderly and silver-haired" synonyms: aged, old, mature, older, senio...
  • older
  • somethingnew
  • lesbianattraction
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The Beautiful Luna by StrollDownSouth
The Beautiful Lunaby StrollDownSouth
Kayleigh Shawl grew up in a very protective world. She didn't get to go out anywhere. She was homeschooled. She never even had any friends. But then one day, her mom dec...
  • broadway
  • fantasy
  • romance
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TRU Life: Freshman Year (Lesbian) by albgotwords
TRU Life: Freshman Year (Lesbian)by #teambrokebitch
Gwen Galley is in for a hell of a ride in her first year of college. Upon enrolling at Trinity Rowe University, Gwen finds herself in the midst of a dysfunctional group...
  • studxfem
  • reality
  • college
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