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Falling For You~ YEONBIN FF by yeonbin_lover513
Falling For You~ YEONBIN FFby Lover Yeonbin
" You are at the wrong place pretty " Soobin smirked as he walked towards Yeonjun. " Hope you find a place to hide your not so handsome face when pretty...
Truth Of The Heart (Man×Man) by blaqkorea22
Truth Of The Heart (Man×Man)by Kechi
Johnson is young man in his twenties who is madly in love with Sagar and marries him despite his abusive behaviour. How one wrong choice can lead to the unexpected twis...
Savage Heart  by Vlovers19
Savage Heart by Vlovers19
Kim Taehyung known as the ruthless crime lord and vigilante V lives his life only to get revenge on the powerful and influential Park family for the death of his parents...
Her Love Was Ineluctable - 𝙷𝚊𝚢𝚕𝚎𝚢 𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚜𝚑𝚊𝚕𝚕 by Anastasia0K
Her Love Was Ineluctable - 𝙷𝚊𝚢� Camille
When Klaus' twin sister finds herself unexpectedly in love with the mother of her brothers child. The Originals 1-5 Hayley Marshall 𝚇 OC
Fallen In love( A Vkook Fanfic) <Completed> by bloomingblue_45
Fallen In love( A Vkook Fanfic) by (≧▽≦)❤
" what happened to you suddenly?" " What do you mean?" " Acting so caring and loving?" " You happened to me" " What do you m...
AFTER MARRIAGE  by snoflxjin
What happens when CEO Kim Taehyung got into an arranged marriage with Kim Seokjin. Not a typical arranged marriage story. 💗 TOP: TAEHYUNG BOTTOM: SEOKJIN
Giyuu's Secret Lover by ElementalKitsune
Giyuu's Secret Loverby AnimeQueen
Basically giyuu has a secret lover that he has hidden from his fellow hashira's but another shocking thing is first he's gay and dating kagutsuchi kamado, the oldest chi...
Between Husband & Boyfriend by yaxdeluxy
Between Husband & Boyfriendby yaxdeluxy
[ABO THEME / OMEGAVERSE !] Sam and Yu were involved in an arranged marriage by their parents. What make it worse, Yu's boyfriend suddenly return from France. And now he...
Define Love by OT7taecookie
Define Loveby Mimi
What is love? How do you know if you still love a person? Jungkook is married to Taehyung. They have a son. Taehyung is developing his company. Jungkook wants to be a st...
For Keeps by coffee-an-flowers
For Keepsby Rae
It's a Canadian Christmas with Jon/Curt & Cary--all the warm crowded gatherings and frosty winter adventures! ❄🌈❤ In the privacy of their own home, Jon and Curt are l...
The Only One I Wanna See: Calum's Story- H.S. Fanfic  by 1Dstuffjustforfun
The Only One I Wanna See: Calum' • mel •
Calum Styles, Harry Styles' youngest son, has been keeping a secret his whole life until one fateful night at a party where everything comes to light. Follow his life th...
Lavender  by That_Perfect_Boy
Lavender by That Perfect Boy
"I am scared, Zion." "I am not." He smiles. "I do...." The priest again spelt the same words and I couldn't think straight. I looked at h...
Newsparks- Hotshot x Medix (Rescue Bots Academy) by Dangergirl64
Newsparks- Hotshot x Medix ( Danger™
(Slow updates) Book 3 of the Medshot series! Hotshot and Medix have been married for 3 years now and are excited to welcome their first sparkling into the world. But, as...
Demons in love by littledhampir04
Demons in loveby -Ivashkinator-
Naruto was now back to Konoha after his training with Pervy-Sage. There, he reunites with his friends and learns that only he is still a Genin. Later on, he is told abou...
Rosa Diaz X Fem Reader (Brooklyn 99) by _Anxiety_sucks_
Rosa Diaz X Fem Reader (Brooklyn _That_Autistic_Writer_
Summary: Y/N visits her Uncle at the 99 precinct, she has transferred from her other precinct in New York to Brooklyn, she ends up Meeting the 99 and becomes friends wit...
Roadtrip ~ Tsukihina ✔ by Koivdz
Roadtrip ~ Tsukihina ✔by Koi
"1, 2, 3.." Suga went down the line counting everyone. Me and hinata have been dating for about 4months now and if I'm being honest..I really like him and its...
The Allium From 2009 /// Tomboo Fanfic by theme8ishere
The Allium From 2009 /// Tomboo ThemeIsHere
The Allium From 2009 /// Tomboo Fanfic Two Childhood "bestfriends", oceans away from each other, no longer able to make contact of one another, before one move...
(UNDER SLOW EDITING!)(COMPLETED) Future Us Prichael Vol. 1| Pumpkin Spice🍁☕ by MamaxLegendary
The Captain My Dad (B99) by _Anxiety_sucks_
The Captain My Dad (B99)by _That_Autistic_Writer_
random oneshots for the 99, mainly focusing on Kevin, Jake and Captain Holt and them being family because I love that Jake has two Dad's now instead of none.
Notre Demeure (Boyxboy) (ziam) by ziamwestside
Notre Demeure (Boyxboy) (ziam)by ziamwestside
The one where Zayn and Liam are married. Have two beautiful kids together and a good ol' best friend. A fluff book. Tackles with the daily life of a same sex family. And...