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Instagram love story [English version]  by Judithwriterrx
Instagram love story [English Judith
Louis (21) lives on the street. His parents did not accept him as bisexual, so he was evicted. The only thing he could quickly take with him was his phone. Since then h...
Enemies [Instagram story] by Judithwriterrx
Enemies [Instagram story]by Judith
Harry and Louis, the guys who hate each other. Harry doesn't like Louis because of his ego and Louis doesn't like Harry because he's too soft. The weird thing is, they'...
Real Madrid players ( boyxboy) SMUT one shots  by ilovefootballaalot
Real Madrid players ( boyxboy) ilovefootballaalot
Just oneshots of my favorite players(mostly Real Madrid players)
Female Reader X Female Characters  by Buffysworld
Female Reader X Female Characters by T
Imagines, oneshots, etc. I don't write smut!❌❌🚫 I do not write smut! 🙅🏻🚨❌ I do write angst!✅ I do write fluff!✅ And sometimes there's sexual comments and or referen...
BONER|(boyxboy)|Ein x Aaron|Aphmau by IdontknowUmhi-
BONER|(boyxboy)|Ein x Aaron|Aphmauby _YoTenGo_
This is a remake of my old Account one @MadisonDebenham <Have a look if you want.So in this Ein isn't evil (that some points) and isn't a we're wolf cause Aaron kill...
Never Again (Kou x Mitsuba) by 1CH1G0kurosaki
Never Again (Kou x Mitsuba)by Ichigo Kurosaki
Kou x Mitsuba angst [IN THE PROCESS OF BRING REWRITTEN] My first angst! Please give as much input as you can, I'll gladly accept ⚠️⚠️TW!!!!!! DEATH, WAR, MENTIONS OF SUI...
Christian and an Ally | Why Being Gay is Okay ✓ by Katherina_Michels
Christian and an Ally | Why Katherina Michels
{Book 1 in the Journey of Faith series} ❝Being gay is okay, and I think God thinks so, too. Won't you join me?❞ Of all the hot button topics in Christianity today, homos...
The System | BxB | by DesiredIdentity
The System | BxB |by DesiredIdentity
Meet a gay teenager named Andrew who has been bullied in his past, and now.. he's getting abused by his parents, so.. he eventually gets taken out of the home and placed...
Sleepover 🥴💅 by Charlotte786526
Sleepover 🥴💅by Killugon
Killua and Hon each have feelings for each other and Killua hosted a sleepover, They play Truth or dare, F^ck Marry Kill, and 7 minutes in heaven 🥴 Warning⚠️ GAY⚠️
Criscelo( Cristiano Ronaldo & Marcelo )  by ilovefootballaalot
Criscelo( Cristiano Ronaldo & ilovefootballaalot
~ I love these two so much, and they're so adorable. I just can't believe there isn't any fanfic about these two! But incase you're someone, like me, who was looking for...
ᴀᴡᴋᴡᴀʀᴅ~||BOYXBOY||Garroth x ein||Aphmau by IdontknowUmhi-
ᴀᴡᴋᴡᴀʀᴅ~||BOYXBOY||Garroth x ein|| _YoTenGo_
Like my first one, This is an remake of my odd story on @MadiMad or @MadisonDebenham or something- I just like remaking story's..I guess? This is an gay love story, thes...
Seriker ( ONE SHOTS ) by ilovefootballaalot
Seriker ( ONE SHOTS )by ilovefootballaalot
#gay #gayisokay #loveislove #mpreg #sergioramos #ikerCasillas #soccer #football #oneshots #smut #fluff #love
♡An Unlikely Pair♡ by imagine_fanfics_
♡An Unlikely Pair♡by Imagine FanFics
All good things must come to an end. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Camp Campbell is not an exclusion. Everyone is excited to go back to school and tell their friends what they did...
LGBT quotes  by littledreamer1412
LGBT quotes by lts
Quotes, jokes and body positivity for all the queers and supporters ❤️
Joshler•Oneshots by YouDunDidMe
Joshler•Oneshotsby YouDunDidMe
Idk a little bit of everything ;)
EL TUNEL - CAMREN by UnHumanoPerdido
EL TUNEL - CAMRENby Un Humano Perdido
AVISO IMPORTANTE: ESTA NOVELA NO ES DE MI PROPIEDAD. Es una adaptación de la novela "El tunel" del escritor Ernesto Sábato. Espero la disfruten. "... en...
My Wasteland (Lesbian Story) by piercetheolie
My Wasteland (Lesbian Story)by oliver spanninga
Two scene girls meet in high school. They befriend each other and then shit starts to spill.
Her by Mali_p13
Herby M 🌱
A short story about the feelings of a girl during/after a break up
Liebe kennt kein Geschlecht, keine Religion, kein Wohlstand und kein Aussehen. by ProfNachtigaller
Liebe kennt kein Geschlecht, ProfNachtigaller
Eine #Kostory FanFiction, welche wohl sehr unregelmäßig kommen wird, aber sie wird kommen - dafür brauche ich lediglich genug Zeit, kitschige Musik und einen kreativen Z...