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new kid by architarcture
new kidby Pine Needles
After moving across the country for a new life in the cool forests of Maine, desert- born-and-raised, Adyn Grey immediately finds it much more agreeable to his preferenc...
Rather be Your Nigga(BoyxBoy) by LucaWritesTingzz
Rather be Your Nigga(BoyxBoy)by LucaWritesTingzz
His face had confusion in it, but it was like everything came to his mind. "We fucked."He said "We fucked, or did you fuck me."I said "Oh no...
Scarlet Slave [SonAdow] by ArrySonic
Scarlet Slave [SonAdow]by 💮Arry💮
Every vampires must have one slave. Shadow find his own slave and something terrible happened to both of them. What happened?
The Wrong Mate (BoyxBoy) by beautiful_and_damned
The Wrong Mate (BoyxBoy)by Madeleine Wrangell
{Completed} *WATTYS 2018 LONGLIST* *Wattpad Featured Story - Oct 2017* You shouldn't date before you've found your mate. It's what all the teenagers in the small town o...
mine.||  A Kiribaku  heavy smut fanfic//Mainly erotic Parts :// Continued by moneyhoesandcheerios
mine.|| A Kiribaku heavy smut lye
WARNING! THIS IS NOT FOR MINORS- READ AT CAUTION!<3 a simple game of truth or dare can lead to so much more. there's intense smut in these with some heavy topics!! EN...
Byler oneshots  by idkhwattoputherelmao
Byler oneshots by Aiden
[SWEARING + SLURS] No smut bc im a minor + asexual I wont post like every single day so dont come at me
The Meadowwood Cowboys Book:4 Water and Wendigos by Snapeisacutebean
The Meadowwood Cowboys Book:4 Kringlez
(Art and Cover owned by artists,Story and characters owned by me) 5 years after the events of the third story,Mitch and his family move to a new place in the city due to...
Identity Crisis?! Wtffjsjsja by Sapph1re_b0n3s
Identity Crisis?! Wtffjsjsjaby Sapph1re_b0n3s
So my lifes kinda falling apart its pretty funny, So if your having a bad day and want to smile, or joke around here the book. Or if you like art theres some in here. An...
Another Cliché Love Story // S. Rogers & B. Barnes by paranormal_is_normal
Another Cliché Love Story // S. paranormal_is_nomal
Bucky had been watching Steve for years--since kindergarten. He'd become so obsessed that his friends made fun of him for it, teased him about this crush that will never...
Love Twins [SonAdow] by ArrySonic
Love Twins [SonAdow]by 💮Arry💮
Sonic and Shadow are twins and one of them is a vampire. This is another Sonic love story episode. Enjoy reading it!
♡Little Devil♡[SonAdow] by ArrySonic
♡Little Devil♡[SonAdow]by 💮Arry💮
Sonic is a little devil hedgehog who cannot control his own madness.He has been imprisoned by Shadow inside his jailhouse.Shadow will help him to control his madness fro...
Love For You [Soninfinite] by ArrySonic
Love For You [Soninfinite]by 💮Arry💮
Infinite fall in love with the blue hedgehog name Sonic!? well, this is getting interesting Enjoy!
My Android[SonAdow] by ArrySonic
My Android[SonAdow]by 💮Arry💮
After the tragedy of 50 years at the ark,Sonic discovered Eggman capsule while he find the chaos emerald.Inside the capsule is an android of the black hedgehog.Sonic did...
Vampire Boy [SonAdow] by ArrySonic
Vampire Boy [SonAdow]by 💮Arry💮
Shadow is tired of be a vampire and want to turn himself into a hedgehog.How?! Suddenly,after he save one of the hedgehog he suddenly change his mind.He fall in love wit...
Im Glad You're Mine by JCK201
Im Glad You're Mineby JCO
When closeted college basketball player is trying to go pro will his baby momma drama start causing confusion on who he really is? And will it conflict his relationship...
Gay Oneshots  by thatonegaygirl666
Gay Oneshots by thatonegaygirl666
Do you love some juicy boyxboy? Great! This book is totally for you. WARNING ⚠️: OBVIOUSLY A LOT OF SEXUAL CONTENT AND SOME CURSING AND MAYBE A FEW KINKS! IF YOU'RE NO...
This Static Gets Old (smut)(Larry) by AVeryLarryStylinsmut
This Static Gets Old (smut)(Larry)by Kay
Harry is staying in his vacation home for the summer. Louis is his pool boy.
My Strange Obsession // TFF/THE FAMOUS FILMS [DISCONTINUED] by DivideP0G
My Strange Obsession // TFF/THE Division
this is gonna be discontinued sorry Q: Will this ever be continued? A: Probably not honestly. Q: Can I adopt this book? A: uh no. Q: Are you gonna delete this book? A: M...
The feeling by furrymanyee
The feelingby Boopking
A young wolf named Alex meets a cute fox in his hometown middle school and they becomes bff's [dont wanna spoil it]