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xMale!reader (oneshots) by that_anime_fan
xMale!reader (oneshots)by that_anime_fan
requests open! if you don't ask to be a seme or uke I'll probably just write the reader as a seme.
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Septiplier Smut pictures by jacksepticeyeisbomb
Septiplier Smut picturesby Robin
the title says it all
Until You're Mine | Zaniam Halloween AU [COMPLETE] by cptnrogers
Until You're Mine | Zaniam alex!!
"My state of mind has finally got the best of me / I need you next to me / I try to find a way that I could get to you / just want to get to you." Or a fic in...
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Diary Of My Fictional Aunt by RainbowSeagull
Diary Of My Fictional Auntby Wynne💎
This is the first book in the Fictional Diaries trilogy. It's the story of my fictional aunt Bellamy. It's about her life before I was born.
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Cuphead Smut Oneshots (BoyxBoy) by MariaVows
Cuphead Smut Oneshots (BoyxBoy)by MariaVows
Only BoyxBoy Sorry GirlxGurl fans
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I'll Be Waiting-- Hamilton Fan Fiction by JustCallMeHarley
I'll Be Waiting-- Hamilton Fan Harley Ryder
Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens have been flirty ever since they met, but it meant nothing. Or so everyone thought? One small crush can blossom into an obessesive, s...
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Kinky Business [STILESXISAAC]  by CringeFicsUgh
Kinky Business [STILESXISAAC] by CringeFicsUgh
A really cringe smut fan fiction between Isaac Lahey and Stiles Stilinski. {This contains heavy language and, well, kinky scenarios. Read if you wish to be cringing.}
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babygirl; fem!larry  by punkforlife
babygirl; fem!larry by a m z
[on going] Harry is Louis' kinky babygirl, and she must be protected at all costs. (girlxgirl, fem!larry,,,,,,) [credits to my baby chrissa @silvieJ for making that am...
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ment to be by ummmcamren
ment to beby idek
Dinah gets bored and adds her friend camila and 3 other strangers to the chat.Lets see how this goes
Chanoey Oneshots by spaghettiwormlets
Chanoey Oneshotsby spaghettiwormlets
this is just a little book of things I imagine Joey and Chandler from friends got up to. MAY contain smut *wink wonk*
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Winteriron High School Au by Writterfuntime
Winteriron High School Auby LOKI._.STAN <3
They're 18 years old and pretty good friends too. Bucky and Tony that is, no one thought they'd make it up. Tony was a closeted gay but Bucky was a fully out proud gay...
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Gay? | Girl X Girl by crazy_jojogirl
Gay? | Girl X Girlby JO
She kissed me. She fucking kissed me. And I might of liked it? No, I'm straight. This can't be possible. I am 100% straight and I just kissed a girl AND I liked it ... W...
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Frerard Oneshots by howdyheyimfuckinggay
Frerard Oneshotsby Lmao
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Dream daddy x Male!reader ( Fluff & Smut) by Anime_Kpop_Lover1314
Dream daddy x Male!reader ( Anime_Kpop_Lover1314
I did this because I love the game, and I also love yaoi so why not ^-^
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Lure |Taekook| ON HOLD by CrumpetsAndTae
Lure |Taekook| ON HOLDby pigeon on a mission
Jungkook was living as normal of a life that he could, until these men with colorful hair ruined it all.
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A memorable fight  by just_dragon_kitty
A memorable fight by just_dragon_kitty
Short stories of inspiring pieces. Mmmmmmmmmm basically a shit post It's a joke me and my friend did It's hella cringe worthy
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// all i want // n.s by qualitybreadstick
// all i want // n.sby macy
from learning to ride a bike to first kisses to broken promises Harry and Niall fall in love, but the 1950's was not an easy time for them. they do go against all odds...
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twice imagines by your_local_demon666
twice imaginesby ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴏᴄᴀʟ ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ
gay shit including twice ships and twice x reader enjoy the gay shit yUh
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my galary by ReddieHenclairCreek
my galaryby ReddieBenverlyHenclairMileven...
The cover is me made on Lily story just stuff in my galary by the way i have a lot of lgbt stuff so if you do not like it do not look if not good.
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drarry memes by COFFFFFFFFE
drarry memesby Just A another Emo
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