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Best + Bitter = Better by vertitablybonafide
Best + Bitter = Betterby Veritably Bona Fide
I'm gonna pull a John Green, but I promise no one dies. Awsten and Geoff were roommates last year, so being roommates this year made sense. But, Awsten has a boyfriend...
hug me a little tighter // gawsten by porcelaingrave
hug me a little tighter // gawstenby kay
in which awsten runs a NSFW account that no one knows about. not even jawn. geoff meets awsten, but something seems off about the innocent boy. [fluff/heavy smut] [long...
gawsten one shots  by f0rests
gawsten one shots by Amber
a series of gawsten one shots requests are open tw will be at the beginning of one shots if necessary -amber🖤
oneshots ; gawsten by theghostofashton
oneshots ; gawstenby neha
i'm really in the mood to write gawsten and i've never really done one of these so here goes! requests open for anything except smut!
Build A Boy, Pick His Pieces // Gawsten by awstenxmoon
Build A Boy, Pick His Pieces // awstenxmoon
"Awsten, it's 1 am, why are you calling me?". "Be my boyfriend."
kik group chat by blxrryfxced
kik group chatby no. 1 alex gaskarth stan
just your average kik gc fic. not too much drama happens; it's all a joke really. //lowercase intended\\
kiss it better ; gawsten cglre by -peachawsten
kiss it better ; gawsten cglreby ⭐
"well what do you want me to do, kiss it better?" after a bad breakup, geoff is left feeling lonely and unwanted. that is, until he meets awsten; the neediest...
Hard To See (Gawsten) by outlinesmp3
Hard To See (Gawsten)by • • •
I resent the party scene with a part of me that's hard to see
Love letters; Gawsten by MikeyWayWentz
Love letters; Gawstenby Cass!!
Awsten gets a letter. Geoff gets a crush.
You Take My Silences and Make Them Less Alone // Gawsten by awstenxmoon
You Take My Silences and Make awstenxmoon
In which Geoff makes a bet that he can make the loner kid sleep with him. Number 1 in Gawsten // June 10, 2019
Turbulent [Gawsten] by dahvierox
Turbulent [Gawsten]by bullet
[Gawsten Insta AU] "Highschool is living hell"
dichotomy ; gawsten by theghostofashton
dichotomy ; gawstenby neha
"He had everything, but felt nothing. He had nothing, but felt everything." geoff is in a famous band. awsten is from a small town in the middle of nowhere. th...
Love Notes In The Kitchen (Gawsten One-Shots) by outlinesmp3
Love Notes In The Kitchen ( • • •
A collection of Gawsten one-shots! These have been sitting in my drafts for years at this point. This is my final book on this account! You can check my bio for more inf...
Here For the Credit • Gawsten (boyxboy) by airplaneconvos
Here For the Credit • Gawsten ( FLAT EARTH MFER
Awsten is a total zumiez-worker reject who's just barely skating by in his senior year; key word, barely. To get his last credit in order to graduate, he's forced to jo...
fuckboy ★ gawsten by dizzydizzyaws
fuckboy ★ gawstenby orbiting
in which awsten doesn't know how to be proper
presidential | gawsten by percussion-chick
presidential | gawstenby inactive
"if people knew that the first son was gay, my mom would lose her job!"
instagram au // gawsten by gawslut
instagram au // gawstenby gawslut
yes, ANOTHER instagram au bc there's not enough apparently
Band Cglre Oneshots by butIwantthisusername
Band Cglre Oneshotsby Tuesday Crimson
This includes age regression and ABDL (yes that does mean the adult use of diapers) if you don't like this please leave. THIS IS NOT IN ANYWAY PEDOPHILIA!!! I'm not goin...
Princess // gawsten ✓ by dizzyotto
Princess // gawsten ✓by star
a story in which fem!Awsten meets punk!Geoff and just so happens to be in need of a new skirt -------- ©️ All Rights Reserved: 2017/2018 @dizzyotto