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Darlin' [Jay Gatsby - Discontinued Until Further Notice] by OddTimeLord
Darlin' [Jay Gatsby - Queen M
Rose Carraway. The embodiment of a beautifully tainted rose, a blossoming flower, sprouting from the depths of sharp thorns, blooming towards the happy glowing sun. She...
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Mrs. Gatsby by emswim
Mrs. Gatsbyby Emily
If Emily could go back in time she would save Mr. Gatsby from death. Can she do it?
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Gatsby's Mistress. by JessikahRemmiLeckey
Gatsby's Jessikah-Remmi Leckey
"I swallowed a lump that had lodged itself in my throat" was I in danger? Gatsby has always loved Daisy but what happens when his wait is getting too long? Wil...
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Gay Implications of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby by MHeying
Gay Implications of Nick Monty Heying
This essay concludes that Nick Carraway, first-person narrator of The Great Gatsby, is bisexual, and proposes reasons why Scott Fitzgerald portrayed him this way and did...
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Reach by Tutteredboast
Reachby elisa day
Would you rather be a prisoner of your own body or dead? And when you can't love yourself, what limits are you putting on your ability to love others? A story of a paral...
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THE GREAT GATSBY ⟶ Alastor Moody by kmbell92
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Old Pearl; No Wisdom (A spin-off to The Great Gatsby) by K_Kreative_K
Old Pearl; No Wisdom (A spin-off ♕ⓚⓐⓣ♕
I began this piece of writing as a class assignment, but fell in love with the idea of becoming involved in Fitzgerald's complicated plot of The Great Gatsby, a story ba...
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Natsby modern times high school au by Whyme12w
Natsby modern times high school auby Whyme12w
Nick Carroway is a high school student. He's not very popular and he only has one friend, Jordan. But all that changes when he meets Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby introduces hi...
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The Boy Next Door ~A Niall Horan fanfiction~ by AlyssaSchneebs
The Boy Next Door ~A Niall Horan Lyssa
It was the summer of 1922. I had just moved to New York, to take over a business for my once young father. I rented a house in West Egg of Long Island, a wealthy but unf...
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Fated | ksj.kth by skylinefics
Fated | ksj.kthby c ⁷
It was supposed to be an ordinary day for Kim Taehyung, but what happens if he gets knocked out and meets the mysterious multi-millionaire, Kim Seokjin? : Hey! I'm kinda...
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Catsby: A Novel by andrewshaffer
Catsby: A Novelby Andrew Shaffer
Jay Z. Catsby throws the sickest parties on the Jersey Shore. His neighbor Dick has heard all the rumors: Catsby killed a man. He's richer than Blue Ivy. He's Hugh Jackm...
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Ms. Calvet  by kellytyrpak
Ms. Calvet by Kel
Paul McCartney, businessman extraordinaire of the 1920s, leads a double life as Ms. Calvet, a sex-appealing, mobster-helping flapper. But, when Paul meets John, Ms. Calv...
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The Mob Boss's Girl (UPDATED AND REVISED) by Belle_Bete
The Mob Boss's Girl (UPDATED AND Mary Caitlyn
"He backed me up against the wall, placing his hands on either side of me to prevent my escape. His cobalt eyes seemed to glow in the dim lighting as he leaned in. ...
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GATSBY VĨ ĐẠI by kieravu
Đại gia Gatsby hay Gatsby vĩ đại (nhan đề gốc tiếng Anh: The Great Gatsby) là một kiệt tác của nhà văn F. Scott Fitzgerald người Mỹ, được xuất bản lần đầu vào 10 tháng 4...
the great Gatsby by MahmoudBakr340
the great Gatsbyby Mahmoud Bakr
Then wear the gold
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GatsbyxNick A True Love Story by _undertheseas_
GatsbyxNick A True Love Storyby Abby and Tobie
Shipping gatsby and nick from the great gatsby!😝 This is based in the 2013 version of the movie and the book,so enjoy!
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Lift by Tutteredboast
Liftby elisa day
Read REACH, then LEAP, and finally, LIFT, in order. Otherwise nothing would make sense.... There is uncertainty for Oklahoma native Roy Walker, a former stuntman caught...
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The Great Gatsby (Re-Write) by JCoppin127
The Great Gatsby (Re-Write)by JCoppin127
In the sparkling 1920's a young man meets a mysterious millionaire of which nobody knows a thing about. Please be noted that this is my version of the book and the movie...
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Rum for the Money by fernmorrow
Rum for the Moneyby fern
Prohibition is the law of the land, but Nellie needs cash - after socking a gangster in the face, she's got ten days to make it right. Frightened and caught empty-handed...
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SALVE | l.ty + k.jn by ibiasjinah
SALVE | l.ty + k.jnby JINAH
It is 3013. It is also another year of graduating 'Lilliettes'. A lilliette is a beautiful girl who had been rooted into the nation's large institute academy, grown to...
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