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Nick Austin's gang by oopsitshelen
Nick Austin's gangby oopsitshelen
You are an assassin and your name is sky night. You are 19 y/o and you nickname is "shadow". Everyone knows " Shadow" (you) but they don't know its y...
She's With The Band by leilams31
She's With The Bandby 🍒𝐥𝐞𝐢𝐥𝐚🍒
There's a fine line between love and hate. And everything is not as it seems... A story in which a girl meets a boy filled with secrets and a dark story... ⚠️WARNING BEF...
The boy I kidnaped by Moormeier_stories
The boy I kidnapedby Moormeier_stories
Anna is the best in her dads gang ( the ring leaders ) but what will happen when she kidnaps the child of her dads sworn enemy.
One Life For Another by redroses12072001
One Life For Anotherby RedRoses❤🌹
Never did she expect her life to go down that quick. One day she is a normal girl like everyone and the next she is on the bad side of life. Everything seems to go wrong...
Gang-Gang by laylahluis
Gang-Gangby laylahluis
Y/n and Chase Keith ATTEMPT to run away from their parents gang when they get kidnapped. Y/n and the amazing Joey birlem become friends. But since Joey is in his dad's...
He Bad  by CamilaFtShawn
He Bad by CamilaFtShawn
Annabelle Clarks n'était pas l'élève modele ou la rejet. Assez populaire sans plus. Shawn Adams, dans la gang à son frère. Il arrive toujours en retard en cours, fidèle...
★  curse lifted  ★ by Jinx_34
★ curse lifted ★by King_Jess_78
Katie Frost. A name unknown at the moment but soon to go down in history. curse that hung heavy over the weak, was like a grain of rise in Ms frost' Palm. No man to wit...
Gang Love (Patrick Breeding) by _squad_
Gang Love (Patrick Breeding)by _squad_
Story about two gangs falling on love
One Last Kill by Nightwolf463
One Last Killby Crystal_rose463
My childhood was the average one, I had a house a family and friends. But when your born into a street gang everyone is your family and friend. My gang is a local street...
Born to Die |1D| by curlyharry1
Born to Die |1D|by curlyharry1
"Cause baby you and I, we were born to die" Being the leader of a world-wide known mafia, Harley Peterston is wanted. She is trained to hunt, steal and kill an...
Caught Up by ghostgirlAshleyf
Caught Upby ghostgirl Ashley f.
short story. One of many tales made by a gang member to one of the younger ones. this one is to depict the reason they made a change and wound up with the gang around th...
Living The Illegal Side by wastedspa-ces
Living The Illegal Sideby Wastedspa-ces
**NEW TITLE 10/01/17** Carl's work isn't exactly... Legal but he's okay with it, I mean, why wouldn't he be if he's grown up in the gang all his life? One day when put o...
Forgotten Gem by TheRealADTYOUNG
Forgotten Gemby TheRealADTYOUNG
This is a complete rewrite of the original story I wrote: 'Because of Her'. I didn't like the way it was written and I want to restart and be a better writer. I will ha...
The Queen Gangster's LoVe by BlueKillerRed
The Queen Gangster's LoVeby BlueKillerRed
The story of a girl who does nothing to protect others but in every person she save thinks a lot different about her... sakanilang mata, masama, walang galang,bbadgirl...