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flower | michael gray  by capandbarnes
flower | michael gray by ❉𝙅𝙪𝙣𝙚 ❉
And who would let such an innocent flower fall in love with the devil?
  • peakyblinders
  • adashelby
  • business
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Hidden identity by Ms_pervet
Hidden identityby Ms_pervet
ადამიანი მისი გარეგნობით არასდროს არ უნდა გაკიცხო, რადგან შეიძლება უბრალო სკოლის მოსწავლე გოგონას უკან ისეთი ადამიანი იმალებოდეს რომელსაც ვერც კი წარმოიდგენ...
  • ქართული
  • highschool
  • got7
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'She's Cold but Hot' 'She's Brave' 'She's the legendary Queen Of All Gangsters' Mata palang nakakapatay na Salita palang nakakakilabot na Sino nga ba siya? She's CAZIYAH...
  • mafia
  • legendary
  • gangsters
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B L A C K by Rinziii
B L A C Kby Rynslet Molinar
[DARK ORGANIZATION #1] Black is not just Color. Black is not just Word. So don't judge a book by its cover. Because Black can bring you to hell.. And make your life suff...
  • mystery
  • romance
  • gangsters
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Gangsters × Mafias by jenisa_manoban
Gangsters × Mafiasby jenisa_manoban
A secret gang undercover as nerds when the mafias go unidentify as Badboys. What happens if these nerds change their appearance, will the mafias recognize them?
  • romance
  • mafia
  • jimin
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Victoria Academy:Gangster's Territory by NicollageBlack
Victoria Academy:Gangster's Nicole
"I didn't expect this kind of school" wala akong ibang naiusal kundi iyan.Nakakapanibago sa pakoramdam ang mag-aral dito dahil hindi mo alam kung ano ang posib...
  • highschool
  • action
  • gangsters
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GOONSQUAD -The Twin Gangsters (99goonsquad Fanfic) by SheLovesMrDrummer
GOONSQUAD -The Twin Gangsters ( halcyon
Auburn Denvers' life is nearly perfection. She's extremely rich, a star-student, also has a good best friends. Until one day, the GOONSQUAD [The Twin Gangsters] entered...
  • goonie
  • younow
  • 99gsfanfic
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The Gangster's Swag Book 2: The Bloody Comeback by ShaiBerries
The Gangster's Swag Book 2: The Ate Shai
Revenge, they had always considered it to be a much belied concept. Knowing that they always served people what they had truly earned kept them happy and serene. They co...
  • badgirls
  • jimina
  • bts
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Тэд зөөлөн, эмзэг, үзэсгэлэнтэй харагддаг ч энэ бол зүгээр л тэдний өнгөлөн далдлалт. Тэднийг илэрхийлэх ганц л үг бий. Тэд бол ХАР ХИЛЭН. The Purge Election Year киноно...
  • blackpink
  • bts
  • blackvelvet
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Undercover by Rachaelie
Undercoverby Rachaelie
Emily is a cop, and a good one at that, well, untill she goes undercover as a gangster to get information, her boss Drake is shit worried and tries stopping her because...
  • gangsters
  • cop
  • badass
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The Gangster Queen by FionaRox
The Gangster Queenby Fiona Rocks
She is the devil of the World. She can Kill anyone even of her family and friends. Also her boy cause he is a DEVIL. "WATCH OUT. YOU MIGHT FALL AT HER TRAP." S...
  • action
  • love
  • bernadilla
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Behind The Mask by Akagi_Sherrinford
Behind The Maskby Kezhhyyy
Identity......... Sounds interesting right? What kind of identity?? Hmmm apparently unknown Well, let's all join Britney Collins in her very peculiar journey towards her...
  • fight
  • strong
  • hacking
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COMBAT HIGH by SheikaBaby8
COMBAT HIGHby Galaxy Unheard
~Prophecy~ At the 15th generation of the Assasin world two kids will be born Two kids that will bring balance to thy Assasins Two kids who holds the power and authority ...
  • elites
  • heir
  • combat
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Morwittz High:The Fall Of The Loss School by Simple_Spring
Morwittz High:The Fall Of The SimpleS
Schola Periculo,the most powerful School since it was built on 1942.Joshenbert Salvia,Hayden Calsey's GrandFather.He is the most powerful student on the year 1970 and th...
  • gangsters
  • kill
  • fanfiction
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The BillioNERDS by dReam_nix
The BillioNERDSby Angel Monique Lesaca
6 beautiful young ladies hidden behind their thick glasses for protection. Their life was peaceful before a tragic thing happened, they were kidnapped for money......peo...
  • kaizer
  • billionares
  • gangsters
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The Bad Boy Meets the bad girl by Skyler14wolffoxlovz
The Bad Boy Meets the bad girlby Skyler14wolffoxlovz
Again Alan has to switch schools because of her behavior but then...
  • wolves
  • gangsters
  • badboy
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It's Complicated by JoanneCastaneda
It's Complicatedby Joanne Castaneda
****************I'm back~**************** Jesse is an average high school boy on the verge of graduating. He's very nice and smart with a darling face. He would be very...
  • trouble
  • gangsters
  • boyxboy
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BURY ME ( PEAKY BLINDERS ) by rosebers
in a fight they're lethal, around each other they melt. peaky blinders, tommy shelby. © rosebers 2019
  • tommyshelby
  • michaelgray
  • gore
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My dear Taehyung ♤ KTH ♤ by Golden_JeonKookie
My dear Taehyung ♤ KTH ♤by RAIN♡전정국
A simple forced duty sometimes can turn into something beautiful . But beautiful things don't last that long , and we have to pay the price for all the wrong things we d...
  • parkjimin
  • jeonjungkook
  • wattys2018
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You Are The Reason by selenophilemix
You Are The Reasonby miks
date started: August 1, 2019
  • mafia
  • gangsters
  • selenophile
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