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The Gang Leaders Girl by bellablue1410
The Gang Leaders Girlby bellablue1410
Stacey 20 never had the best childhood, she was single handedly raising her 4 year old daughter. She wanted to give Maddie the best life she could give her. She decides...
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My roomates a gang leader (COMPLETED) by bookreader00021
My roomates a gang leader ( bookreader00021
He slammed his fist into the wall beside my head "Your mine. Do you understand me!?" And with that his lips crashed into mine *** Isabella's former roomates j...
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Saved by a gang leader  by KirstyRea
Saved by a gang leader by KirstyRea
I end up in an alley way, I hear shouting and immediately stop once I see where it's coming from. Three men, two beating one up that is lying on the ground being kicked...
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His angel by SchiwiGrey
His angelby Schiwi Grey😉
She was trying to free her wrist from his grip. So instead of leaving he brought her hand close to his chest making Arya lean towards him. ''I am not letting you go this...
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The Bad Boy Saved Me  by Pentatonix21
The Bad Boy Saved Me by Autumn Billows
Do you ever wonder what life would be like if it were a movie? Or some sappy romance novel that you wish your life could be like but it's not? Sometimes you may even get...
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The Gangleaders Girl by sammybear1618
The Gangleaders Girlby sammybear1618
Ally moves into a new town. One day she meets the gangleader Jace he takes an insterest but he thinks he can never love will they fall in love or will the meet other peo...
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Jenzie The gangleader by simplylovefanfics
Jenzie The gangleaderby simply fanfics
to pay off Maddie's debt Kenzie works for him a feared gang leader Johnny Orlando, cold-hearted.
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Gangleader's Girl by Shadowofnight27
Gangleader's Girlby Shadowofnight27
(Originally called The Chase) Anya Blade is a girl who acts innocent but if you mess with the people she cares about you are done for. Her father taught her from a youn...
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Bad Boy's Girl by Neelam_r23
Bad Boy's Girlby Neelam_r23
"You're my girl and I choose you", he whispered. When the school bad boy sets his sights on you what could go wrong? Here's a clue:gangs,old flames, a creepy...
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My Scary Gangleader by ThatCoolPotato
My Scary Gangleaderby ThatCoolPotato
Dawn Hawkins has always been the out going type. She's not one to be known as the shy type. But will her out going personality and appearance help her deal with Landon...
Color of aSunset by mypaintedmask
Color of aSunsetby mypaintedmask
Scarlet Reed was a normal girl until Grant Matthews. He wants her. She's scared of him. He'll make her his girl. She'll try to escape. But will they fall in love.
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The rival gang (ON HOLD) by monkey6953
The rival gang (ON HOLD)by monkey6953
What would you do if you were stuck in a closet and then you hear " they have bombs evacuate!!!" ... well I'll tell you
Darkness and Revenge  by mysterygirl1813
Darkness and Revenge by Abbi Martin
When Anna's twin brother, Luca, is murdered, she swears revenge on her fiance's rival gang because she believes they were behind everything. Sometimes, all it takes to s...
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PRINCESS by StephanieBurgess
PRINCESSby StephanieBurgess
Damien Black, wanted by police, FBI, national security and many others, no one know his moves, where and when he'll be...... Until breaking news, Damien gets put in pris...
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The Gang Leaders Artist by Constance_mac_
The Gang Leaders Artistby Constance
Kennedy Hatfield is an artist not just an artist, his artist. She moves to New York to live out her dream. Her first show is the night she sees him. Not in person but pa...
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The gang leader wants me  by rocketshipunicorns
The gang leader wants me by Jeff the killer_❤️
Iśabèlla Martinez is a Latina she lived in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 she moved to La with her family . She can speak all languages of the world like : Spanish (obviously),sign l...
Maya Carson by SlayerDragon44444
Maya Carsonby SlayerDragon44444
Maya ends up in a situation that she'll never be able to escape. Others say that she can 'adapt.' She doesn't know what to believe. She's only just turned 21. She feels...
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