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Half Brothers by kinalhariya
Half Brothersby kinalhariya
||Featured in WattpadAsianFantasy reading list|| ☣Two different species; yet a family☣ ⚛⚛⚛⚛⚛ ✨Two best friends and A Fight✨ A fight against D...
The Conditor-Alpha Wu (IN EDITING) by BrambleWish
The Conditor-Alpha Wu (IN EDITING)by ✨Bramble✨
(Book one) "Decades ago, the werewolf kingdom was on the brink of survival, but luckily our kind was saved by the Golden Wolf. This wolf was said to be a powerful...
MATED TO THE NIGHT WOLF by mckaylachinyamaqueen
MATED TO THE NIGHT WOLFby MckaylaChinyamaQueen
SHADE SHADOWS is what the pack calls a keffer, a cursed name for a being without a wolf, and therefore without a mate. She is bullied worse than a slave or rogue could e...
Beyond the Border by plotdevices
Beyond the Borderby elle
Sage has lived her entire life sheltered inside the Borderlands, free from any mythical creatures. Taught to hate their very existence, Sage has never considered the pos...
MIDNIGHT RAIN (Mxm Mxg Mxmxm Gxg) by twilightlurkerr
MIDNIGHT RAIN (Mxm Mxg Mxmxm Gxg)by Angel Mystika
Mikkel Solar has been living his life as a drifting shadow at the borders of his pack for the past 11 years. His only companions being his parents. His 'condition' has r...
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The Skin Walker by amaraxwrites
The Skin Walkerby 𝘢𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘢
[being rewritten] "After every killing, a scar of the victim will appear on him, covering his skin until the love of his mate clears away the marks of his monstrosi...
THE LYCAN PRINCESS by Mariahelena67
THE LYCAN PRINCESSby Mariahelena67
Once a rogue, now a great warrior. Forced to live her life alone with a curse trailing her. But once she finds her mate, a strikingly handsome man none the wiser of her...
He's my reason to live by white-Dahlia
He's my reason to liveby Blueberry54
She was just as omega He was an alpha She was raised to follow rules He is known to make them When these two cross paths will they accept each other or reject each othe...
Lacrimosa (Lake of Tears) by blackcatsassin
Lacrimosa (Lake of Tears)by N. A. Aries
After causing the death of her mother, the Luna, and older brother, the future Alpha of the North Comet Pack, Freya Beaufort wished for nothing else but to join the Ecli...
EYES OF FIRE AND ICE by infernoum
EYES OF FIRE AND ICEby infernoum
His dark voice trails down her spine, lighting a path of desire that renders her breathless. "If only I were in a position of no consequence." Alia's breath wa...
Violet Moon by Fanficwriter01
Violet Moonby Fanficwriter01
Werewolf Fiction. Please respect the copyrights. Anyone caught plagerising work and passing it off as their own without prior written consent from myself, Fanficwriter01...
SON OF THE MOON by Odette_Saavedra
(Updates every week!) Adira is a warrior of the Crescent Moon Pack. As her pack starts to get threatened by a group of rogues that feed on flesh, they need help more tha...
The Alpha's Flower by Ammu8832
The Alpha's Flowerby Ammu8832
Mates are made by the moon goddess. she decides who is for whom. she decided a mate for me but he was killed. will she give a second chance. let's find out .. this m...
Elemental mermaid mates by claryxjace1234
Elemental mermaid matesby claryxjace1234
Four quadruplets Pyralis, Aura, Marine and Ela all identical the only thing you can tell them apart is their the color of their hair and eyes. They are pure and innocent...
Heart of the Pack by _lunaxeclipsx_
Heart of the Packby KIM
When all you've ever known is a lie how do you deal with it ? Talia Hale just found out she is werewolf and and the elemental at that. Her mate just showed up on the sce...
The Ultima: Caged *Part One* by That_Nigerian_Girl_
The Ultima: Caged *Part One*by Officiallysharon ♏😘
People backbite. But Werewolves bite back. Alpha...Beta...Gamma. Where is she? She is one without even knowing it. A leader and a follower. Eleanor Florence is one of a...
The Alpha's Mate by Toriizzy03
The Alpha's Mateby Tori Akin
Seventeen year old, Angel Mills and her mom just got accepted back to Blue Moon pack which means a new beginning for Angel: New school, new friends, new life, new everyt...
Eclipse's wolves by Eclipsewolf200815
Eclipse's wolvesby Eclipsewolf200815
In progress- A mysterious story about a girl named cadence and her unexpected friend from her dream turned reality🐺
The Overlord and the Eminence in the Shadows by ZdattyGames
The Overlord and the Eminence in ZdaTTy
In Yggdrasil, the Ainz Ooal Gown and Shadow Garden Guilds were rivals as far as was known. With the notice of the end of the game, only the masters of both guilds stayed...
Howling Wolves by -Sxssy_dxvxl-
Howling Wolvesby ♛|Black alert|♛
~hOwLiNg WoLvEs~ Royal wolves. Aah sounds enticing. They are made for a reason. But what if the people in that pack doesn't deserve the Alpha and Luna they had? What if...