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The Death Of A Raven (A Haunted AU) by CHPaints
The Death Of A Raven (A Haunted AU)by CH Paints
Ravens... bringers of death and sorrow, but who brings them death? This AU takes place after The Haunted and after the trio jumps through their portals.
"After The Haunted" by Wolf_Pride101
"After The Haunted"by ASHLEY へ(゜∇、°)へ
"The Haunted" has come to an end. Drake, Grayson, and Mia stood side by side to accomplish what others were too scared to do. But everything comes with a price...
Upside-Down: A Haunted Fanfiction by Endereye96
Upside-Down: A Haunted Fanfictionby Endereye96
Herobrine has always been my enemy. That was out of my control. He has haunted my best friend and me for as long as I can remember. Yet, something about his whole haunt...
Rebellion (After the Haunted FF) by Insaneobesser777
Rebellion (After the Haunted FF)by Insaneobesser777
The trio went through their respective portals, but only one made it directly home. With Grayson assumed to be in hiding, the emperor has ordered his top assassin, Luke...
Silver Lining: The Haunted by silent_artist0912
Silver Lining: The Hauntedby SpaceAce
Sequel to The Final Battle: The Haunted so read it first to understand the story better and watch the series on YouTube by Rejectedshotgun if you want to understand tha...
The Final Fight : the Haunted  by silent_artist0912
The Final Fight : the Haunted by SpaceAce
Is the battle truly over? The three enter their portals to see what awaits on the other side. Will danger lurk around or is peace finally here after so long. The Mage fa...
Haunted AU:  A Tale of Two Ender's by MeghanClover
Haunted AU: A Tale of Two Ender'sby MeghanClover
Drake had received a letter of some kind, it spoke of an urgent "incident" that would require Drake's help, it said they would prefer only his help but Drake d...
*Slow Update* ||The Haunted: R E S E T|| - [The Haunted AU FF] by CloudSorcerer28
*Slow Update* ||The Haunted: R E Cloud
Drake doesn't want to believe that his friends are gone, he is no one without them and now they are gone. The Badlands has becoming more dangerous to be at. He thought i...
The Haunted: Revelations (Sequel to Rebellion) by Insaneobesser777
The Haunted: Revelations (Sequel Insaneobesser777
Herobrine was finally defeated after years of strife. They had made new friends and lost old ones, but no death was truly in vain. Drake was brought back and freed from...
A Secret Not Meant To Surface  by FaithTremlin
A Secret Not Meant To Surface by Mehan Endernight
I haven't told drake and Mia everything about because of how much pain was done to me for this secret won't remain deep for vary much longer. Cover not mine!
Haunted High | Fanfic by CrumbOfACookie
Haunted High | Fanficby Sebastian
In the main universe, Grayson, Mia, and Drake are living a life full of hardships and journey, against The Empire, constantly on the run. Their friend, Armen, is struggl...
Ask the Ghastly Crew! by GhastlyDuck
Ask the Ghastly Crew!by Infamous Git
Ask/Dare the members of the Ghastly Crew stuff. Kim (me) Ghastly (from Quest for the Sacred Rupees) Razza (also from Quest for the Sacred Rupees) Duck (my character from...
*HIATUS* Possessed & Corruption (TheHaunted FF) *Remake* by CloudSorcerer28
*HIATUS* Possessed & Corruption ( Cloud
The Magical Library, a place that the three have been looking for. Mercenaries tried to kill them or either capture them, monsters will be appearing, summoning by a demo...
Infamous: A Haunted Fanfiction by Endereye96
Infamous: A Haunted Fanfictionby Endereye96
Grayson and Drake were apart for four years. In that time, Drake became a Mage, and Grayson became an Outlaw. But how? What exactly happened to Grayson in The Empire? Ho...
Taken By The Devil (The Haunted fan fiction)  by ICWolf
Taken By The Devil (The Haunted ICWolf
"Collin! Wake up, Collin! Please!" I heard my brother's pleads, but I couldn't move I was trapped in my own mind I heard HIS laughs echo in my ears as I watch...
The Haunted; The Journey  by Evenderfire
The Haunted; The Journey by Eve Rose
My own new version of the Haunted story. OC's are welcome please, pm me if you would like your in the story. Has Weekly-ish updates in the summer. Please enjoy, construc...
IdENTITY 303 by Skylardove111Skylar
IdENTITY 303by RockinRobin111
I'm putting my other book on hold for now, since I'm doing a project for AP Creative Writing. This is basically a book about Collin's past. I'm calling it IdENTITY 303 b...