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Metals by kirra-Eculiffe
Metalsby kirra-Eculiffe
Between Lucy and Gajeel an unspoken bond had laid. The Brute was always just a call away for the fair maiden. No matter the distance. No matter the task. When one momen...
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Iron Keys by _Kiwi_Lili_
Iron Keysby Liliana Rosa
Lucy and Natus have been dating for 5 months until Lucy has had enough of Natus' bullshit! Gajeel and Gray help Lucy calm down and the three of them make a team. Gajeel...
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Lucy's Lemonade Stand by Miss_Gigi_91
Lucy's Lemonade Standby
This is my 1st fanfiction!!!! This is going to be a compilation of lemony one shots of Lucy parings. *WARNING* this is will be containing mature content: sex, cussing...
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Roommates (Lucy Harem)  by Leah-Dragneel
Roommates (Lucy Harem) by Leah-Dragneel
Lucy Ashley Heartfelia. Also known as just Lucy. Has currently moved from her fathers huge mansion and she's moved to Fairy tail Academy. On her first day she goes into...
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Lucy the daughter of chaos(completed) by _Horizonlight_
Lucy the daughter of chaos( _Horizonlight_
(highest ranking #1 in Metallicana) (Highest ranking #4 in galu) All I can say is that like most other stories in He beginning but as you read on it gets different... EN...
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Queen of Dorm T - Fairy Tail High - Lucy Harem by NaLu_Oncoming_Storm
Queen of Dorm T - Fairy Tail NaLu_Oncoming_Storm
Hey guys! I'm back with another story! Lucy has been homeschooled for as long as she can remember. But one day her father finds out about her 'secret life' and sends her...
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Drowning in guilt by RainbowBakaYuki
Drowning in guiltby BakaYuki
Fairy tail disbanded one year ago. But now they were back together. Everyone was partying, except for a blonde girl who seemed to drown in sadness and guilt. Missing her...
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Steel-Bound Love (A GaLu Fairy Tail Fan Fiction) by iiMushyxD
Steel-Bound Love (A GaLu Fairy iiMushyxD
Lucy is happy. Lisanna comes back. Natsu kicks Lucy out of Team Natsu. Lucy leaves. Typical right? Well, this story happens to be a teensy bit different. After Lucy leav...
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Lucy Broken Heart  by Majenna9
Lucy Broken Heart by Majenna Nichols
Lucy been ignored by the whole guild sence Lisanna. Other than my friends their the only ones who care about me. Natsu was the meanest to Lucy. Lucy quits and runs off...
Mating Season for the Iron Dragon Slayer by Viramonster
Mating Season for the Iron @Viradragon
It's a Galu fanfic. I'm sorry Gale fans. I decided to make a Galu Fanfic. As for Levy, she won't mind because she has a crush on someone else. I hope you guys like my st...
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The Darkest Time of Fairy Tail by Swordfighterxl
The Darkest Time of Fairy Tailby Cake-chan
Okay! Here is my third Fairy Tail FanFic! It is about Lucy. She suddenly leaves. She is basically going to be like Natsu when he leaves to train. The prologue will expla...
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A Thundering Metalic Love by AliceNoSakura
A Thundering Metalic Loveby N/A
A LaLu and GaLu, requested by FairyLucyNamiPiece. Lucy, a powerful fighter and elemental slayer. Mostly known as a Celestial mage. What would happen if a job requested L...
Shattered Stars by Literally_Literary
Shattered Starsby Literally_Literary
Lolu Fan fiction
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Lucy's "Friends" by Gabz_Bear
Lucy's "Friends"by Gabz_Bear
What do we have here? 5 Dragon Slayers, The Ice Prince, and the Dark Wizard fell in love with a lovely blonde Celestial Mage. But does she see them as the same? Could sh...
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Anime Lemons ON HOLD TILL I GET SHIT SORTED OUT by matchmakerdemon
Anime Lemons ON HOLD TILL I GET RosalineHeart
lemons all for Lucy matches and a few different anime here and there.
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My New Life by XXzzQueenofAnimezzXX
My New Lifeby Alexia Larkin
Lucy gets kick off team natsu for being too weak,but what they didn't is that Lucy was the strongest mage in fiore...... I do not own fairy tail Hiro Mashima does
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Dorm-mates by crystal-cone-16
Dorm-matesby Dom’s babe
Book one of the 'Life Is A FairyTale' series Lucy Heartfilia, a beautiful blond 18 year old girl is finally off to college. But what will she find? More like who will sh...
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Singing Contest (Galu&lalu) by Muntolove
Singing Contest (Galu&lalu)by Deathslovelife
Fairy tails love matchmaking demon is making a singing contest for the male and females and they could win 3 tickets to a resort How will Gajeel and Laxus react when th...
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Dorm S! ~Lucy Harem~ by Swordfighterxl
Dorm S! ~Lucy Harem~by Cake-chan
82 main chapters 3 special chapters 1 teaser chapter 7 authors note 3 contest chapters This is a Lucy Harem. And the book is an AU. Also, as the story goes, the chara...
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Gaining Courage: The Search for the Lost Keys (a Fairytail Galu story) by CrackFairytail
Gaining Courage: The Search for Becki Wilson
Set after the Fairy Tail Alvarez story arc with slight alterations. Lucy Heartfilia 'the light' of Fairy Tail is hiding an important fact from her guild family. With eve...
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