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Us (gallyxreader) by anssmx
Us (gallyxreader)by Assmx
Do opposite attract? As the sweet, kind and caring Y/n arrives at the glade the boys around her start to slide their way into her loving self, but don't be fooled she w...
Soulmates Of The Glade Gally X (Y/n) by Scriptwriter___
Soulmates Of The Glade Gally X ( ScriptWriter___
This is an alternative universe of the Maze Runner series. It's basically the same except everyone has a soulmate and they can find their soulmate by a tattoo on their l...
Rose// Gally Maze Runner by fuelfox
Rose// Gally Maze Runnerby fuelfox
Being the only girl in the Glade Can be rough sometimes. You've worked hard to earn your place, but still you fear making one wrong move will reverse all the respect the...
The Scorch Trials (Gally X Reader) by Maze_Wolf_Mcu_
The Scorch Trials (Gally X Reader)by Maze_Wolf_Mcu_
After they escaped the maze. Y/n sticks with the group, but she's not the same after Gally died. But that doesn't stop her from when she finds out that her and her frien...
Captain (Gally x reader) by degree_in_simping
Captain (Gally x reader)by thats what she said
(Y/N) and her twin brother, Thomas, come up in the box together and can only remember that they are siblings and their names. They start changing the way of the Glade bu...
The Greenie is a Girl? by KintaMatsin
The Greenie is a Girl?by Kinta Matsin
Maze Runner Gally x Reader (Ok, so, I'm basing some of this on the book and some of this on the movie.)
The Maze Runner (Gally X Reader) by Maze_Wolf_Mcu_
The Maze Runner (Gally X Reader)by Maze_Wolf_Mcu_
Y/n was sent up to a mysterious place full of boys. No girls. Boys. She starts getting having dreams, of what she thinks could be memories of her life before this. Follo...
Gally's Girl {FINISHED} by Steenie20
Gally's Girl {FINISHED}by Steenie20
Here's a quick Gally imagine for anyone who loves Gally. {Reader x Gally}
Gally One Shots/imagines by MaileBear1
Gally One Shots/imaginesby Miles Loves Stiles
This book is one-shots of fluff of the character Gally from the maze runner series. These one-shots are between Gally and Y/N. I hope you enjoy :)
Ecstasy by Floriana_blegh
Ecstasyby flav
This will be a Gally fan fic because there aren't that many and my boo needs some recognition Contains smut , fluff and scenes with abuse. (read at your own risk)
TMR IMAGINES / PREFS by snapapplejo
imagines/preferences from tmr series mostly preferences, sorry about the cover :-/ but you can give me suggestions and requests also included characters from tst and tdc...
Maze Runner Imagines/Preferences by oliviaaellardd
Maze Runner Imagines/Preferencesby ollie:)
Squeeeeee!!! I LOVE TMR!!! So here are some imagines with different Gladers!!! Imagines and preferences with~ Newt Thomas Gally Ben Chuck Minho Jeff
WICKED BEINGS,  tmr oneshots by blisfvll
WICKED BEINGS, tmr oneshotsby ?
"Great, now we're all bloody inspired." (maze runner x reader oneshots) (more info inside)
The outsider's imagines and Stuff by crazefantwins
The outsider's imagines and Stuffby crazefantwins
We write imagines, headcanons, drabbles e.t.c. My twin and I accept request for the following: Darry Dally Two-bit Soda Pony Steve Tim Curly Johnny We don't write smut. ...
Promise (Gally x Reader)  by poo_poop
Promise (Gally x Reader) by poo_poop
This is a gally x reader story. I will continue the other story's. This is also my first time doing this This story started off as a short story I had to done for scho...
The Maze Runner Imagines/Preferences by cecedofficial
The Maze Runner Imagines/ cece
The Maze Runner The Scorch Trials The Death Cure... etc
The Maze Runner Imagines by armadillo215
The Maze Runner Imaginesby armadillo215
Hi, I suck at descriptions but by looking at the cover you can tell what this book is. I'm doing Gally, Mihno, Newt, and Thomas. If you request another boy though i'll t...
my maze runner (Gally x Reader, Newtmas) by simpforwillpoulter
my maze runner (Gally x Reader, Gally's wife
When Antonia and her twin brother first come up in the box they both remember nothing. Upon arrival in the glade, they discover this is totally normal. Soon Antonia find...
The Maze Runner (prefrences and requests) by Bethasaurous
The Maze Runner (prefrences and Bethasaurous
This is a temporary home for some old stuff that I wrote on quotev (if anyone even remembers that site). Eventually, this will all be under a different title and cover...
TMR Imagines by She_Wrote
TMR Imaginesby She_wrote
Thomas, Newt, Gally and Minho imagines!