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The Iron Dragon's Mark by cyouel
The Iron Dragon's Markby cyouel
Levy and Gajeel? As much as he picks on her, he builds her up as well. A/N: This takes place along the same timeline as my story, "The Dragon's Mark" (whic...
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Behind the scenes by GajeelsPocketWoman
Behind the scenesby Levy Redfox
Life from Gajeel's POV. What was it that caused him to hate Fairy Tail, and why did he target Shadow Gear? What goes through his mind, now that he's a Fairy himself? I...
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Missing Pieces, A Gale Fanfiction by Tashala1011
Missing Pieces, A Gale Fanfictionby Tashala1011
It's been a year since the guild disbanded after tartaros, and everybody is split up because of it. Levy is living by herself, just outside of Crocus, trying to get by...
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Mute By Choice by Lhappyface
Mute By Choiceby Lhappyface
Fairy Tail AU Lucy Heartfillia- A girl who hasn't spoken to anyone besides her friends since her mom died in a car crash Levy McGarden- A girl who hasn't spoken to anyon...
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A Treasured Love [GaLe] {A Fairy Tail Fan Fiction} by bookloverbria
A Treasured Love [GaLe] {A Fairy Bria
Gajeel and Levy may not have realized it yet, but they treasured each others company. They treasured each others personalities and sense of humor, knowing that no one co...
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The Alpha's missing Mate [Nalu fairytail] by lupoleopard
The Alpha's missing Mate [Nalu lupoleopard
There are 4 werewolf packs in the hilly lands of Fiore. There are the Mermaidheel, Bluepegasus, Sabertooth and Fairytail. There are many loners in the area, but most st...
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Fairytail  🍋 Lemon by smolchildlevy
Fairytail 🍋 Lemonby smolchildlevy
just a bit of lemon for ya Happy reading!
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The Next Generation ( Fairy Tail 2nd Generation Kids! ) { COMPLETED } by ctnorville34
The Next Generation ( Fairy Tail `Chrissy`
*Season 6 is the season this takes place* Don't you ever imagine what it would be like to see your future children? Well in this time, the Fairy Tail group gets sent int...
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The Red Balloon [ NaLu ] by mavisisntdead
The Red Balloon [ NaLu ]by amy
Lucy Heartifilia belonged to the powerful Heartifilia family. Her father used to ignore her and her mother. He wasn't the nicest of men. When her mother dies she is forc...
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His Arrival by Jandimaria
His Arrivalby Jandimaria
Lucy typically likes to hang out with the boys. Gray, Jellal, and Gajeel. They're her best friends, and she feels like she has anything she could ever want in the world...
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My Beloved Fake Wife -Nalu AU by _thefairytailnalu_
My Beloved Fake Wife -Nalu AUby Tiffany
Famous actor, Natsu Dragneel, hosts auditions. But for what actually? He needs a fake wife to come with him on a family gathering. Meanwhile, Lucy Heartifila, a woman wi...
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The Guardian and The Priestess by thereaper1927
The Guardian and The Priestessby シーラ (Shīra)
On the exact day of her 18th birthday, Lucy Heartfilia got pulled from the world she known and lived. Lucy was sent to an unfamiliar dimension, where her mother declared...
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Do You Remember Me? [completed ✔️] by s0ftp0p
Do You Remember Me? [completed ✔️]by s0ftp0p
Is it possible to forget the one that taught you to love? . A new threat arose in Magnolia. The guilds decided to join forces to beat this threat together. But what if t...
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Fairy Tail One-Shots by kurosaki_ichigo_
Fairy Tail One-Shotsby kurosaki_ichigo_
A book one fairy tail one shots
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The Red String of Fate [ NaLu ] by mavisisntdead
The Red String of Fate [ NaLu ]by amy
With Lucy's new view on life and her new plan to stay in this world will everything fall in place? Or will things just get worse? PART TWO OF A FANFIC. READ "The R...
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Mating Season (Mostly Chendy, Erlu, Canajane) by WolfTamer13
Mating Season (Mostly Chendy, WolfTamer13
I know that everyone does it, but I'd like to think mine's a bit different. Updates once a day (used to before I finished it that is), has good grammar, and long chapter...
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Tomb Of Time And Destiny: A Fairy Tail Fanfic by NataliaRavenX
Tomb Of Time And Destiny: A NataliaRavenX
Highest Ranking: #1 in nalu #1 in fairytail #3 in gajevy 🍜🍚🍘🍙🍥🍣🍱🍤🍛🍝🍖🍗🍟🍔 A tomb. Four Handprints. Four Girls. Four Warriors. Two Worlds. Collide. Heavily ba...
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We Live a Perfect Life-Gajeel x Levy by babbyg18
We Live a Perfect Life-Gajeel x Belle
Gajeel and Levy are still fresh into the married life, and seemed to be faring quite well. But surprises still await them, as a special gift is afoot and awaiting delive...
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TᕼE ᔕᑕᕼOOᒪ ᑎEᖇᗪ by jumiy_da_weirdo
TᕼE ᔕᑕᕼOOᒪ ᑎEᖇᗪby Jumiy
Lucy Heartfilia the school nerd and her friends are a group of nerds left in the shadows but one day, Natsu Dragneel the most popular guy at Fairy Tail high and his grou...
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Dragon Mating Season by superchimchar
Dragon Mating Seasonby superchimchar
The Fairy Tail guild has decided to take a little vacation, only to find out it's mating season for the dragon slayers! Not only that, other guilds are also present at t...
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